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  1. Just for the record - after having completed this article - when I fire up the Lacie with the prepared disks, the box ends up with the two disk backlights solid blue - which is good. However the big frontlight blinks blue - forever. I think that means the box is still running its startup procedure. And it cant get out of it. Maybe the box itself is broken? I can not find the box on the network with the Lacie software tool.
  2. Hi, I had the same problem - both disks in my Lacie 2Big crashed at the same time. So both were replaced. I followed this blog post to the letter, but was not able to make it work. The old disks were 2TB disks. The new ones were 4TB disks. So maybe this was the reason? I only used 2TB when I partitioned, to get the partition table identical to the one in this article. They must have used a different fdisk version in the original article, because the partition table is totally different. And they list the Block size, not the Sector size, in the fifth column. What is a block anyway? And how big is it? And the Start and End in the original article partition table must be the cylinder? I think the numbers in the Sectors columns in this osxlatitude article are wrong from the fourth line and down. sdd6 should be 50M, not 10M, right? 102400 sectors x 512 kB/sector = 52428800 kibi-B. Divide by 1024. You get: 51 200 mibi-B. Which is approximately 50 MegaByte. If anybody has any input as to how to get my Lacie 2Big v2 up and running, I would be very grateful.
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