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  1. Hi, sorry for the late answer I don't remember well the patched used in my DSDT, but I definitely applied those, and by "original" I mean the one that you can find under ACPI/origin after having dumped it in Clover Attached is my DSDT in its actual state so you can try, I also had to set darkwake=no in Clover Configurator (under the Boot section) to have the screen turn on when I open the lid DSDT.aml.zip
  2. Solved it by applying patches to the original DSDT.aml, thanks
  3. The BIOS version is A19, that's why I'm using the patched DSDT for this version.
  4. These settings are kept using the A19 DSDT, and the original DSDT from the archive still suffers from the random sleep bug
  5. Concerning audio: Yup, it confuses me, I went for your first solution so I removed the AppleHDA kext, placed Lilu and AppleALC and checked the layout (12 according to the wiki for the IDT92HD93), and it's perfectly working (survives sleep/reboot, headphone switching ok) ! For the BIOS options, everything is the same as this page, except that the Boot List Option is UEFI The problem if I use the DSDT from your EFI_E6230 archive is that the system becomes unstable, it sets the screen brightness to the minimal at boot, goes into sleep mode on the login screen and randomly after I logged in, resetting the brightness too, and the lid still doesn't work That's why I've changed the DSDT to the one you've posted here Something I saw while experimenting with the lid is that it works after I manually put the computer into sleep mode, via the Apple menu
  6. Ok, I've tried to replicate your configuration: I've removed these kexts: IntelGraphicFixup AppleBackLightInjector DisableTurboBoostBattery (These 3 kexts are from the bootpack I used) AppleALC (But now the sound isn't working, same if I remove AppleHDA and leave AppleALC, and I don't get what you mean by Dummy IDT kext) I'm using IntelMausiEthernet (installed in /S/L/E as said in its installation guide) which has better performance on my network, that's why I don't have AppleIntelE1000e SSDT-PNLF also comes from the bootpack I used, should I delete it ? And if I move all the files from EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other to /L/E, the system becomes unstable (the system goes into sleep mode randomly, sometimes the touchpad/keyboard aren't working) Attached is the actual state of the EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other folder (The files with the green tags are coming from the EFI folder you've already uploaded, which I used to fix some bugs I had before the lid problem)
  7. Can you upload a copy of your EFI folder so I can try it ? Maybe I'm missing something I did some experimentations and when I boot from the Clover in my USB installation driver rather than my SSD, the lid isn't working at first but works after the computer goes randomly into sleep mode
  8. Here's what I got: The first time I executed pmset -g, I saw that the hibernatemode and hibernatefile settings were back to their default values, and i'm 100% sure I've used the 3 commands to disable hibernation I've executed the commands again and rebooted to see if it survives a reboot, and it did, so I don't really know why it has done that (And the sleep mode was working correctly when used via the Apple menu) The uploaded image is from after the reboot It didn't fixed the lid sadly
  9. Here it is, I've rebooted, then directly closed/opened the lid and ran gen_debug debug_28906.zip
  10. Still no luck, sorry EDIT: Maybe a kext problem ? I don't really know which ones can be responsible for that, I'm new to this world
  11. It doesn't work, the screen still stays on I've verified that the sensor is working and in the BIOS Setup the screen is turning off correctly If you need any log ask me
  12. Hello, i've installed High Sierra on my Dell Latitude E6230 (i7 3520m, BIOS A19) this afternoon using this post, and fixed all the bugs i've encountered, but now the lid doesn't put the computer in sleep mode (it was working after the installation) I think that the problem occured when I replaced the DSDT.aml with this one. My EFI folder is attached here, thanks in advance ^^ EFI.zip
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