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  1. So after a few months of trying I finally make it work, battery life is not bad I get around 2 hrs on full charge I have external GPU I don't know if that is the issue of the battery life I get around 3.5 hrs on windows 10,the only problem is sleep I don't know how I can fix that, the fans are still running when I close the laptop also the volume is very tinny on built-in speakers. HDMI output audio also not working (not a big deal but yeah that doesn't work) I successfully updated to 10.14.4 Mojave (from 10.14.3)
  2. Could someone provide me help I am stuck at this panic error or whatever it is "Please go to https://panic.apple.com to report this panic". I don't know how I can edit .plist files nor .kext but I tried different ones 4/5 times same error, once it showed the apple logo when I change the .plist file but got stuck 3/4 ths at loading screen also I borrowed a MacBook from a friend and made clean usb with clover but no luck same error pops up. I am sure that my hardware is compatible but don't know how because I am unexpirieced hackingtosher Here are some screen log, one error caught my eye that is abnormal code:1(see screenshot) Also I provided my CLOVER folder (after the 2 images): CLOVER.zip
  3. What about the .plist file,.I just copied from the attached zip (EFI.ZIP/Clover/config.plist), when I try to select this into the clover menu it shows apple logo with loading bar goes like 3/4 and sits there, where can I find .plist file for i3 6006u or should I generate one? I don't know how does .plist file work and what is the use for it (I think its like a manifest file for kexts but idk).
  4. Can you explain how I can make bootable usb without mac for i3 6006u cpu, I tried multiple raw images (Mojave) but all of them give me some panic error or explain how I can inject the kexts into the usb
  5. @lemo1029 Have you tried Mojave on this laptop?
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