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  1. @Jake Lo


    The result still same, it might be the setting inside the clover

    I replace with my EFI Mojave all is working but hdmi, once the cable plugged in can display external but blank for laptop display, it like the signal is lost to the internal display. Even if hdmi disconnected, the internal display still blank & causing crash

    My another 3480 with Mojave is working fine with same EFI

    Is it possible for you to tweak my Mojave EFI so it would works with High Sierra?






  2. Yes am on Latitude 3480, Mojave 10.14.6

    I applied the 3rd patch in my clover only as i already have the first two

    I put the attached ssdt into Efi/ Clover/ ACPI/ Patched

    Remove the appleps2controller from Efi/ Clover/ kexts/ Other & installed voodoops2controller in Efi/ Clover/ kexts/ Other

    But still the fn + f11/ f12 key not working

    Is there anything i could do?

  3. Oh really? That would be great to know


    Ok now i just acquired a Dell 1280a wifi chip, based on bcm94350zae

    I read somewhere it was plug & play supported

    But once i fitted mine, the whole system seems having slow response & i cant connect to wifi

    The wifi logo (at the taskbar) is there but once i click to the wifi logo the mouse turn to waiting icon (spiral colorful)

    How do i fix this?


    Thx again

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