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  1. I know these are very old versions of Mac OS X. I just wanted to do this for nostalgic reasons. What kexts would I need? Do I need to modify the dsdt from this site? Thank You!
  2. I have a DELL Optiplex 755 and I have an Nvidia GeForce GT 630. The model that is in EDP is a GT 210. how can I modify it to work with my GT 630. And I have to type PciRoot=4 in Chameleon boot flags. How do I modify the DSDT to work with PciRoot=4. Thank You
  3. I have it working on my DELL Latitude E6500 with Nvidia but, no USB support. I read most of the other articles saying you need to change EHCI to EHC1? how do I do that? I will attach my DSDT file. The way I got it working was I installed OS X Yosemite. Then I upgraded Clover to v3228. Then I installed El Capitan as an Upgrade. It work but, no USB as I said before. Thank You! dsdt.aml.zip
  4. I can't make the USB stick for my DELL latitude without the bootpack. If I don't use the DSDT from OSXLatitude, it freezes after 5 minutes of being up. That is not enough time to install OS X. Can you send me a bootpack for the NVIDIA Model of the D630? Thank You! P.S. Cant wait to try EDP 7 (BETA).
  5. I have a Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz. How can I make mac show up in the System Profiler as 2.0 GHz?
  6. I have a DELL Latitude D630 I installed Mac using the myHack and EDP Method. My CPU shows up as 1.09 GHz but, is really 2.0 GHz. Why? and how can I make it 2.0 GHz? I think that is why it is so slow. By the way my D630 is the Nvidia Model.
  7. So, I had a theory... I have a DELL Latitude D630 and D830. They both have NVIDIA GPUs. My theory was... the D630 and the D830 are not that different. The only difference is the clock speed on the processor, the model of the graphic card and the amount of VRAM in the graphics card. Both processor are compatible with Mac OS X and both graphics cards are compatible with Mac OS X. So, my theory is maybe the DELL Latitude D830 would work with the extra folder of the D630. Therefor, I tested my theory. It worked like a charm. Then I install EDP on the D830 with the configuration of the D630. Every thing works. The only thing that doesn't is the Mac System Profiler pick up the graphics card as a NVIDIA 135m with 256 MB but, there is no more black screen issues. I hope it helps. Thank You to OSXLatitude for Making this possible. I really appreciate it.
  8. I have a DELL Latitude D830. The specs are: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro NVS 140m with 256 MB RAM: 4GB HDD: 320 GB 5400 RPM It is really weird. Install OS X with myHack USB. Then installed the extra folder to the HDD. It works Great. Then I used EDP to finish it. That is where the problem starts. I doesn't have the Black Screen until you run EDP. It is really weird because the black screen doesn't happen all of the time just every other or third time you boot it up. I followed the guide on how to setup the Bios on the page on this forum. Is there any thing I can do to not get this black screen? I am willing to try anything.
  9. I have a Dell Latitude D630 with Nvidia Graphics. It will not go to sleep. I tried every version of OS X that EDP supports. I tried Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite. None of them let the computer go to sleep. I installed OS X with myHack and I used the Extra Folder from the compatibility chart. Then, I ran EDP and built from model database. Then Rebooted. It will not let the computer go to sleep. What can I do? I am open to anything. I am currently running lion. I switch the OS X version frequently. It depends on what I want to do with the computer. I only have a 120 GB HDD. I fill it up so fast I need to reinstall every month.
  10. How can I fix the color of the screen on DELL Latitude D630? Does anyone have a Calibrated color profile that I can use? I have been trying to fix this for a while. I need one for Mac OS X. Thank You! The colors seem off to me.
  11. I was wondering if my Graphics Card is compatible with Snow Leopard? I have an Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS. I plan on putting in my Dell Optiplex 755. I was wondering if it would work? If yes what do I have to do to get it working. I know Snow Leopard is an outdated OS but, I really need to run a PowerPC app for work. So, I need to run Snow Leopard. Thank You
  12. I tried voodoobattery.kext I put it in /Extra/Extensions then I ran myFix.
  13. I managed to get Mac OS X Yosemite installed on my DELL D630 with NVIDIA Graphics. I ran myHack to install Extra. Then I ran EDP. The battery is not recognized in Yosemite. What can I do?
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