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  1. Rhyker2U

    SSD benchmark results

    HP EliteBook 2570p (i5-3320m, 4GB RAM) with Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA-III 2.5" SSD (SATA-III connection @6.0Gbps) APFS on MacOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra):
  2. Where to find more info / download location about that mentioned "Atheros40" kext ?
  3. Rhyker2U

    WLAN card replacement

    Which HP laptop model are we talking about?
  4. Rhyker2U

    Kext for Atheros AR946x/AR9485/AR9565 wireless cards

    LILU? I do. However, where can I see which version I'm using? Is there a tool for that?
  5. As I couldn't get my BCM94360CD to work in a HP 2570P due to a WWAN white-list issue and the WiFi slot being half-size, going to give this a spin first with an AR5B225 in High Sierra 10.13.6: Are there any other pre-made kexts I can try before diving into the method described in 1st post / patching? Pretty sure I found some last night while googling on the internet, but forgot to save the the tabs
  6. Rhyker2U

    Cover photo on new forum

    As you probably all know -- due to extensive media coverage (Britannica case / USA senate (?) hearing, etc.) -- there have been some changes to FaceBook's privacy rules and use of their API / dev Apps. More specifically: unrestricted access for new FB apps was closed after May 1st, 2018. All Facebook apps created after May 1st, 2018 require review and approval from Facebook before August 2018. Sounds easy ... but haven't quite wrapped my brain around how to make the necessary modifications. Hence why OSXL's Facebook authentication and cover photo syncing has been disabled (for now). OSXL's Twitter / Google+ / e-mail registration & authentication still works like a charm of course. Including how anyone can stillmanually upload their cover photo; what this forum thread is about
  7. Rhyker2U

    Airdrop on 10.11.6 Not working HELP!

    Don't have experience with airdrop myself, but found this through Google: https://www.imore.com/how-to-fix-airdrop-iphone-ipad ... might help?
  8. Rhyker2U

    Install ubuntu on Samsung Chromebook 3

    So is FreeBSD, and your point is what exactly? What I was trying to say is ... it ain't offtopic. Lately been messing with https://docs.brew.sh/ which closes the gap between MacOS and Linux (Debian based distro's) even more. And found my ZOC (MacOS) app alternative in Secure Shell App (Chrome). Windows is the only thing that's very different with their .NET shit.
  9. Rhyker2U

    Install ubuntu on Samsung Chromebook 3

    You seem like the right person to ask About: how so? I see debian package manager syntax. The same kind of syntax when Jailbreaking iOS. And doesn't MacOS have its roots in UNIX too?
  10. Rhyker2U

    Windows 10 "April Update 1803"

    New Ubuntu?! Oh sweet! Finally a new LTS! @Leon when are you going to upgrade? @Allan: Only thing I experienced is how any Win10 -- compared to Win7 (and all prior versions)-- is already 'light'; as in runs faster and more efficient on lower entry resources (which includes VirtualBox / Parallels Desktop ). Which makes sense as most convertibles / 2in1s are powered by sluggish Atom/Celeron N and MMC memory. Used to run a version for RPI / ARM architecture, but the only 'Win10' about that was branding. Of course we can play with https://www.ntlite.com ... however if you got a link somewhere with more intel about an official light version of Win 10 that ain't about a "N" or "KN" version? All ears!
  11. Rhyker2U

    Windows 10 "April Update 1803"

    Nice! As its isn't featured yet at http://windowsiso.net ... my favorite site for all the (legal) ISOs, all versions, 32- & 64-bit, and ... multilingual (if not Pro). BTW whats the official version number? v1610 I presume? And any idea when this will be streamed out through Windows update? *edit* oh doh! 1803 my bad.
  12. Rhyker2U

    OSXL Site feedback Poll

    And in case of choosing "Yes, but still need some improvements" ? Don't hesitate to let us know here in the comments either submit it directly to https://osxlatitude.com/bugtracker/website/ how we can make it better.
  13. Rhyker2U

    Cover photo on new forum

    My our pleasure! Still exploring all the new features myself. And I just found there's a shorter way to authenticate with FB, including how to sync cover photo (and even have it update automatically when changing FB cover in the future), or how to 'Disassociate Facebook' from one's OSXL account . See: https://osxlatitude.com/settings/facebook/
  14. this feature has been added btw and works since April 6th, 2018. Turned out to be part of the new posts editor by default. And its as easy as double clicking any uploaded picture and change the dimensions (with or without aspect ratio support) and supports aligning too! In the next forum update -- due for release before 25th of May 2018 -- we will might also add custom features. Things like grabbing an 'edge' or corner of a picture and resize 'on the fly'.
  15. Rhyker2U

    Cover photo on new forum

    Works now. Had to be enabled per user group (of which we have a lot). Any member of OSXLatitude can now upload a cover photo by going to their profile and uploading one. OR .. sync cover from a FB profile (when using FB authentication login / next to or instead of a normal password protected login). That works a little different though. You then first have to click edit profile icon below your profile picture (step1). And even though it might already have synced the profile picture before (step2)? Just save it again (step3), and then it will auto-parse the cover photo from FB. You can then reposition the cover photo -- like any other cover -- by pressing "Cover Photo" dropdown menu topright (step4) of the cover and then "Reposition Photo". Attached a screenshot to clarify the 4 steps: