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  1. thanks for the replies guys chasmataz: just read your reply - didn't realise u had replied, i would have replied earlier i googled for "leppy400 iso" and it doesn't come up with anything can u give me a link? thanks
  2. The guide to installing Snow Leopard is VERY easy - too easy The bit I get stuck on is: "Note: you need to format your harddisk as GUID, and install OSX on the first partition" Erm... isn't that the holy grail: installing OSX on the first partition?? SO: 1. How can I format as GUID? Importantly, can I do this using a PC? 2. Erm... now th ehard part: how do I install the OSX!!!! Thanks in advance Omar
  3. Need some help installing for the Dell Inspiron 1525 I created a bootable Lion USB stick After many wasted hours, I've found out that I need specific kext's and one or 2 other things I paid a friend to upgrade to Lion But now, I don't have the use of his mac - all I have is the Lion USB stick (I also have the original Snow Leopard installation retail disc pack - but I don't think it's of any use to me without a Mac!) I borrowed a Snow Leopard laptop from someone else and tried to edit the USB stick All I could see was just one single file I don't have use of this laptop either any more now though QUESTION: is it possible for me to edit the Lion USB stick using a PC? I've seen one program (I forget what it's called) that allows you to edit mac files/drives Will that help me? But... should I even follow this route?? Or... instead... should I just download the USB stick image? Let's say I do this... how can I know if I'm not wasting my time again!! Is there anyone else that can confirm my Dell Inspiron 1525 is OK for Hackintosh? (I've seen in other websites that it is compatible) Thanks in advance Omar
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