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  1. If you check my EFI bootpack attached above, you will see that I did install all UEFI drivers as mentioned including the FileVault 2 UEFI drivers. Is there a way to send you the output so we can see what the problem is? Thanks.
  2. I can assure you I installed all the UEFI files. which ones specifically do I need? maybe I missed something. I can boot Mojave flawlessly with just APFS but with APFS Encrypted it can see the preboot partition but then gets stuck from the begining. I have attached my EFI bootpack, it might help someone who needs is, HDMI + Audio work natively. Also Jake this might be off topic but I thought I'd share the following:- Clover does allow to store ACPI patches in sub folders as you see in my EFI bootpack and this makes it easy for me to have multiple systems for for multiple versions of MacOS installations in just one boot pack by having multiple Config IDs in the Clover root folder. I only attached the relevant files for E6540 and 10.14.0 In my Clover root folder I have config.10.13.6.E6530.1.plist <---- testing with version 1 for that system for that OS version config.10.13.6.E6530.2.plist <---- testing with version 2 for that system for that OS version config.10.14.0.E6530.1.plis t <---- testing with different OS version config.10.14.0.E6540.1.plis t ..... config.plist <------------- default I wish Clover could make it one step way to select which config.plist to boot from upon boot without going to options, then it would be practical to have one bootpack for any system with any version if you wanted to. Anyway I have tested the attached EFI bootpack with E6540 with 10.14.0 and it works perfectly, I am just trying to boot an enctypted APFS now and I hope I can get some help. Thanks EFI - E6540 - 10.14.0.zip
  3. Hi, I have Mojave Installed on my E6540 but I was hoping to start encypting my APFS drive and use Clover to boot it but it gets stuck. It gets stuck when I choose "Boot FileVault Prebooter from Preboot" Any ideas why please? Thanks.
  4. I tested it again without the subfolders and I am getting the same KP in the screen above.
  5. I am pretty sure I tried with a normal setup (i.e without the sub folders), I will try again and report. sorry it takes time because of our time difference.
  6. Hi, I am sorry if I don't have enough information like my EFI folder right now but will post it later on tonight if required, this is a screenshot of what happens when I use my old DSDT files for 10.13.6 and the latest Clover if you have suggested DSDT files that I could try out to ensure I am not making any mistakes, it would be appreciated. I am using the latest bios 24 Thanks
  7. Thanks Jake, I'll boot with the patched DSDT with the verbose +debug mode after a few hours from now and get back.
  8. Hi, I managed to boot and install Mojave 10.14.0 without a patched DSDT.aml but was unable to boot the OS, if I use the 10.13.6 patched DSDT.aml it will give me KP, I'll continue to look into this tonight after work. I am hoping someone has a working EFI bootpack. This laptop has the AMD Radeon HD 8790M and Intel HD Graphics 4600 Will I need a miracle to get the AMD Radeon working? Also even if it is difficult could someone please explain what I could try to do and I will try to learn it. Thank you
  9. I never created an MBR installation it was always UEFI based on a GPT partition. I am still trying to get this fixed and will keep reporting here as I get to the bottom of this. I reformatted the drive as GPT created new mac os x partition, Installed a fresh Windows copy after mac os x This created an MSR partition and was able to boot from windows and mac again but not using my windows image which I need to boot from. I restored the windows image again using Carbon Copy Cloner overwriting the existing working windows partition but leaving the MSR partition as it is it won't boot again. (I am still trying to fix this) This is another problem I would like to resolve I have Tuxera NTFS installed but when I try to restore the windows image using Diskutility on 10.13.3 it gives me an error saying :- Source image volume size is not an exact multiple of 1MiB. Even when I made sure the partition I am restoring the image to is larger than the original image size. Any ideas on this problem please? Thank you.
  10. Thanks for response. I initially created the disk partitions when I first formatted the disk as GPT under Mac OSx so the EFI 200 MB partition was HFS however I did format it as you suggest it as FAT 32 hoping it would work but it didn't. I converted it like this:- diskutil list diskutil unmount /dev/disk0s1 newfs_msdos -F 32 -v EFI/dev/disk0s1 diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1 I have 3 partitions 1- EFI 2- OSX 3- Windows This is what I did:- diskpart sel disk 0 sel par 3 assign letter=k: exit bcdboot f:\windows /l en-us /s k:all Failure when attempting to copy boot files f: is the letter of the USB which contains Windows 10 Installation Even though I've been unable to successfully copy the boot files, I still have the old boot files but I think I am a bit confused about the UEFI boot configuration in the bios, I tried to set it to point \EFI\Microsoft\bootmgfw.efi and select each of the different partitions so I created a number of different boot options to try but not working. one of them seems like it can boot but ends up saying:- Invalid partition table. I am able to boot into 10.13.3 using Clover just fine.
  11. I tried a few things yesterday specifically steps from this http://www.dell.com/support/article/au/en/audhs1/sln300987/how-to-repair-the-efi-bootloader-on-a-gpt-hdd-for-windows-7-8-81-and-10-on-your-dell-pc?lang=en When I type:- bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-us /s <boot letter>: All I get the following error:- bcdboot Failure when attempting to copy boot files Any ideas please?
  12. I will after tonight after work in about 8 hours but I suspect it won't work like that because if the windows installer repair section doesn't detect correctly created partitions it will just spit out an error. I think I know this from past experience but I will try it again anyway and report back. In the mean time if there other suggestions would be good.
  13. I was duel booting Windows 10 and High Sierra on E6540 just fine but sometimes I like to experiment and this time it fired back on me . Keep in mind that I was actually able to do the same thing in the past with Windows 7 but I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I created a disk image of the Windows partition only I don't think I need any of the other partitions that windows create upon installation. I used to be able to boot Windows 7 partition using UEFI just with the windows partition, all other partitions were deleted. The problem: I restored the windows 10 image just fine to a second partition but when I modify the bios UEFI boot sequence to point to either \EFI\Microsoft\boot\bootmgfw.efi ---> Error code:0xc000000e or \Windows\Boot\EFI\bootmgfw.efi ---> Invalid partition table I also imaged the recovery 500MB partition just in case and restored it but I don't believe I need it to boot windows. I just like to know if its possible or not and if I am missing something. Thank you.
  14. Hi, my question is it possible for Clover to detect an installation for High Sierra on an encrypted APFS partition. I've been able to install it successfully on E6540 on just an APFS system but I'd like the drive to be encrypted. Am I missing a UEFI driver or its completely unsupported?
  15. Yes and I had to keep on doing it until it registered the AppleHDA_ALC292.kext so audio can work. sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E* sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E* sudo touch -f /S*/L*/E* sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E* sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E* sudo touch -f /L*/E* sudo kextcache -Boot -U / But still static noise from the headphones
  16. Hi, I read and followed Jake's comments in this thread so now audio is working but I am getting static noise from the headphones for E6540. I already put CodecCommander.kext in S/L/E I have abm_firstpolldelay=16000 Any idea why its doing that or what do I need to do to fix it? Thanks
  17. Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to use this great tool to point to a specific partition / volume? at the moment its pointing to the default loaded system but I am booting my mac installation from an external SSD partition that I always use to test new mac installation and its a bit tricky to get the tool to work correctly with that setup. It just keeps mounting the incorrect EFI partition. I managed finally to learn what's missing and fool the app but I am hoping it should support different EFI partitions. Thank you
  18. Just wondering if anyone would share some info / bootpack / patched DSDT.aml to get this to work please. Thanks
  19. I managed to fix the black screen issue using the following: dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=0 -v [but still no No DSDT.aml and Optimus turned Off] I just need sounds and USB mouse to work now. Thanks
  20. I managed to boot a vanilla 10.11.0 using Clover with a simple EFI (No DSDT.aml) my USB mouse / Audio are not working which is a problem. But also the screen goes black unless I disable my Nvidia. I am hoping someone could help. Thanks
  21. Hi, I recently got El Capitan working on E7440 thanks to members and admin of this forum. I have the following machine as you can see from my signature and its my primary iOS development machine: Latitude E6530, BIOS A13 | i7-3740QM 2.70 GHz | 16GB DDR3 | nVidia NVS 5200M - VRAM: 1024 MB, 1600x900 | ML 10.10.2 | Yosemite | Sleep, No | Brightness, No I have tried a few things on my own but couldn't get 10.11.1 to work. I am using I'd like to know how to get it to work using Clover and I'll also try to get it to work using Enoch (which I think is a more enhanced Chameleon and has more support for El Capitan) I currently have my Bios SATA is set to AHCI and Enable Optimus is not checked but would be good to have this enabled. I have been booting 10.10.2 using DSDT.aml and SSDT.aml from Jack for a long time now but I don't know if I need to generate my own for El Capitan? If anyone has a bootpack to share, it would be appreciated. Thank you
  22. I have 10.11 installed now No Audio When I updated to 10.11.1 it reboots immediatly Could someone please let me know what do I need to do to get the Audio and 10.11.1 work. Thank you
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