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  1. Wow-w ! I've never once seen anything like this one. I've got Mountain Lion on a D630 w/ X3100 GPU using MLPF. My magicJack app says "no telephone found. Please replug your magicJack". Works perfectly in Lion and Windows. The people at magicJack are children and clueless - never seen a network quite as awkward. The mJ device is detected at the USB port but not at the sound part of the menu. No doubt, a glitch in the FakeSTAC9205 kext that provides HD Audio for the Dell. The headset mode works and the phone rings but no dial tone whatsoever. This will defeat 9 of 10 Pros. What to do ? I don't wanna go back to using Lion. I like ML but, I need my magicJack to be fully functional. One of the best glitches I've seen in my entire life. Probably between JakeLo or Bronxtech, I might have a fighting chance. You guys are good - what's next ?
  2. Gentlemen: Good afternoon. I have an impressive Blue Inspiron 1545 made in 2008 with a Cantiga GMA 4500MHD Integrated GPU and, I was curious if this chipset was considered obsolete and would add tons of woe, grief and misery in installing Yosemite onto it. It has an Intel Dual Core T4400 CPU and, I was wondering if being pre i-3 would make for added incompatibility. A solid performer on Windows, but will it pony up and run with Apple specs ? Might be fun to install Yosemite on this unit if possible without gangs of patches. Get back to me with added Tech specs at your convenience. Goodday.
  3. Good morning. Does anybody have copies of the 5 kexts required to enable my obsolete X3100 Hi-Res GPU to have FrameBuffer support from 10.6.2 on my proud D630 unit ? Can't find any offerings on the Bay of Pirates. I'm Testing Yosemite Public Beta for the first time and find myself challenged by the fact that I can't use myHack to create a USB stick to begin the process. Feels like old age is creeping in the backround. Is there anything else I need to do besides reinstalling these 5 kexts into S/L/E ? Or, would they be a better fit for E/E ? And, as always, your wisdom and expertise is greatly appreciated.
  4. Good afternoon. I've installed Mavericks 10.9.2 onto my D630 and was hoping for a normal 144MB of Acceleration that would enable my X3100 to full potential. No such luck ! To begin, I used myHack to install the Extra folder that points to the Nvidia 135 GPU since it seems to be the only Extra for the D630 that's specific to Mavericks. And, it gets detected as an Intel GMA 965 with only 3 MB of Memory. Tried using the new MacPost Factor App that is the successor to the famous MLPF App to fool the system to use a 32 bit mode. Major disappointment - this new hack doesn't seem to be Hackintosh friendly. Consequently, there seems to be no reasonable answer. What to do ? Flash an Apple BIOS to replace the Dell A19 BIOS ? Still, won't get Graphics Acceleration. Seems as if I've reached a dead-end. However, I'm sure that either Jake Lo or Bronxtech has found a creative way around this impasse. And, if so, I'll be standing by and await a fresh, sound idea for something that has me by the gonads. Find it rather pathetic that the new MacPostFactor isn't going to work with a Hackintosh . Won't get a straight answer from the fine folks at MacRumors on this one. And, somehow, I'm not surprised !
  5. I've gotta admit that this is a major Apple glitch. In the second part of the Install cycle with Mavericks, they ask you to configure your Internet while you establish your account. A remarkable mistake ! I've correctly entered EVERY string of data for creating an Ethernet connection and, the program won't run with it at this point. Your only recourse is to continue and set it up after you've completed your Install. Are there any surprises here - it CANNOT be done at this point, either. I'm in sheer awe of this glitch, it's a major design defect. Noobs will crash very quickly on this one. You get to the Network menu and, there's virtually nothing there. And, no way to get it into place. Awesome. I feel like a Pansy on this one. Seems to be a rather pathetic Setup protocol.
  6. Good afternoon. I've installed Mountain Lion 10.8 onto my D630 w/ X3100 Hi-Res unit using a combination of myHack and MLPF prowess. And, noticed that, from the Apple logo in the upper left corner, I'm unable to either Restart or Shutdown the unit . In both cases goes to a bright grey screen with an arrow. In the Chameleon Boot P-list, the Restart Fix IS checked but doesn't change when I remove the checkmark. An interesting glitch - and, it beats the Hell outta me. My best guess is that it's a MLPF effect and something to do with the 32-bit kernel adaptation. Possibly something having to do with the Sleep function that I haven't dabbled with (yet) . I'll try sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 a try and see if it'll correct the situation. In the meantime, any/all feedback is graciously welcomed. Have a goodday !
  7. Problem solved. Needed to go into EasyBCD and change the mode of the Lion addition to MBR instead of EFI (default) . Started right up but uses the old style Vista Boot Manager. A known deficiency in EasyBCD . A plain black/white simplified Boot Manager instead of the Blue W8.1 style. A sad testimonial.
  8. Wow-w ! Almost every step of the way with Lion is a difficult move forward. I'm using a single Intel X-25M SSD to attempt to run Lion along with the 200MB GPT Protective partition together with W8.1 Pro w/ WMC ( no System Reserved partiton, strange) . Laid Lion down first, created a partition on Disk Utility for W8.1 and installed it without using BootCamp. Went and used EasyBCD to add an unrecognized Lion onto the W8.1 Boot Menu and, in doing so, Easy BCD apparently created Chameleon RC4 v684 to try and Boot the Lion. If I didn't know better, something as old as an RC4 v684 isn't capable of booting into Lion. It says in a split second (too fast to read) that the Hibernate image is too old by apprx. 250,000 secs. and then defaults back to the Windows Boot Menu. I don't think it's possible to make a Chameleon Wizard Installer that can update the RC4 to RC5 v 2538 which is totally current on Windows NTFS . Interesting how this is an Automatic with Ubuntu and other Linux-based OS's . But, not with BSD. I've never once seen an Operating System as peculiar and by itself as BSD . Sum totally remarkable. And, I'm sure if I had laid W8.1 into place first and then tried to install Lion on top of it, that would be stone cold impossible. Phew - I started learning about Mac OS X early in 2015. Six (6) months later, I still don't know spit. No common ground between the two OS's . Somehow, I'm not surprised. What to do to get the Lion to Boot ?
  9. Zanzibar


    Ah-ha ! No wonder why it didn't work ! After the SFOTT Installer had finished, when opened all that it had to offer was the ML Installer.app and other Applications. Thanx for the heads-up - I guess that I hadn't read enough to be making a sound decision. Even though that I'm a Pro in the real world, I'm pretty much still a noob when it comes to Mac OS X . Thanx again for your time and patience and, by all means, have a very goodday !
  10. Zanzibar


    Administrators and Gentlemen (ladies, too) - was curious to get your professional feedback on something that's seldom seen and heard around here - using Sixty-Four on Thirty-Two as an option to install Mountain Lion on my D630 w/ X3100 Hi-Res Graphics. Was tired of bypassing the obligations associated on MLPF and tried what some seem to think is a much better answer. It's my understanding that ML needs to be a Golden Master (GM) which, fortunately, it is. By the time I laid it all into place, it couldn't find the mach_kernel. What's up with THAT ? I have ML on another partition , obviously without QE/CI, LauchPad and the New Notifications etc. I'm wondering what I've missed ? I had the same problem trying to install Mavericks, and it also couldn't find the mach_kernel. Oh,well - I will continue to read until my eyeballs pop, and then, pop them back in and continue reading. Thanx and, by all means, have a nice day.
  11. No, Sir - an amazing memory for as much variable data this hobby requires that you maintain. You remove or delete the plugin VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext and the TrackPoint comes to life and the TrackPad retains its function. However, if you go into System Preferences and open the TrackPad, you obviously won't find any data because its identity has technically been deleted. But, another glitch has been solved and I offer you sincere thanks.
  12. Good afternoon, gentlemen. This one's a chuckley-poo - is there a Kext for the Tracking Point on a stock Latitude D630 Keyboard ? Interesting how this one goes - if I could access the Device Manager on the Windows 8.1 that I had before I erased my Intel X25-M SSD, this would be an Automatic. But, now that I lean in the direction of Mac OS X Lion, I went into System Info and didn't find a place to begin. So, for you Administrators and Members who are perfectionists, what's the Kext for this Bad Boy ? When the Keyboard was recognized shortly after a successful Install, it didn't enable the Tracking Point for the first time since acquiring the D630 from EBay for $50. And, it's spotless, only one mild scratch on top front cover. And, now that this D630 has an Intel X25-M 160GB SSD under the Hood, the unit is WarpSpeed fast. But, for the time being, if any of your Crew ( like Bronxteck) had the drop on this so that I* can tie the loose ends together and master this laptop, I would appreciate it. Thanx from Phila. and, by all means, have a very goodday.
  13. Interesting. It's a SuperBug that the Code writer needs to address. Reformatting isn't the answer. Been there, done that. The tool is Out of Order.
  14. Good morning from Philadelphia PA. Attempting to install the Hi-Res bootpack for the D630 Intel X3100 and, using the new version 7 EDP, both Clover and Chameleon bootloaders are detected and so, no Install. You'll excuse me but this is an obvious Bug - there is NO Clover bootloader on this Legacy BIOS and, if there is, I'm ready to eat my Yankees Ballcap with some seasoned salt. I've never seen so much futility in attempting to run Lion 10.7.5 Retail without using VirtualBox. I had a Pro here in Philly say that it can't be done and that I'll need to replace the T7500 Merom CPU AND flash another BIOS to have any remote chance. Just to support the fact that building a Hackintosh onto the popular Dell D630 is beyond the awareness of local Professionals. I guess that this is what Apple and BSD bring to the table. A cold bowl of potato soup (Vichyssoise). Tastes terrible. What first started out as a challenge has turned into a virtual impossibility. No amount of either skill or luck will put you where you need to be. Absolutely incredible coming from a CET (Certified Electronics Tech).
  15. Zanzibar

    EDP v7

    Good morning from Phila PA . I've been attempting to load my Bootpack for my Dell Latitude D630 w/ 1440 by 900 high resolution X3100 graphics into this app but, have noticed that, as the Installer moves forward that it gives me a disclaimer that both Clover and Chameleon bootloaders have been detected and, as a result, the Installer cannot continue. I find this fascinating - without a shadow of doubt, the Clover bootloader is NOT present unless it is hidden within the Code of the myHack app. I don't even think that Clover cooperates with Legacy BIOS, it's my belief that Clover is geared for UEFI applications. Nevertheless, I've been attempting to master putting Lion 10.7.5 onto my Dell Latitude D630 without needing to use VirtualBox as a platform and, finding it completely impossible in the truest sense of the word. I've seen challenges come and go as a CET (certified Electronics Tech) but, nothing comes close to this debacle. Assuming Clover is actually present, how would I go about deleting it so that the EDP can complete the process ?
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