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Found 34 results

  1. Hey everyone. I'm currently running a 6420, i5, HD3000 and everything is working pretty damn well. The only issue i have is that I will lose microphone input after putting the system to sleep. I thought I saw a post on this once before but I couldn't dig it up. Anyone else run into this? Is there a fix? Should I switch VooDooHDA.ktexts out with another version? Any guidance is appreciated!
  2. My spec: Latitude E6430, BIOS A12 | i5-3320M 2.6GHz | 4GB DDR3 | nVidia NVS 5200M 1024 MB | Rebranded Dell DW1510 | Mavericks 10.9.1 I used the Extra-folder provided by Jake Lo to make it work except sleeping. Everytime the laptop went to sleep, I couldn't wake it up by pressing the keyboard and mouse. The only way to make it work is to pressing the power button to restart my computer. Is there any solution for my problem? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hello: I have a Dell Optiplex 960 running ML 10.8.5. The machine will sleep on its own, or I can put it to sleep - but it will not recover on its own. I have to force a restart. Where do I begin? BIOS sleep setting is set to S3 - is that of any value? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there guys, Just used the tutorial seen here and followed it exactly, and after replacing the wireless card with an older mini-PCI Apple Airport card I've got a pretty stable 10.9.1 fully working... Except for the sleeping and waking on the lid closing and opening, while I can still manually put it to sleep with the function key shortcut, closing the laptop will result in it functioning as it normally would. Another side note I'm also having an issue with the built-in Webcam & Mic not being picked up at all by Mavericks, which I'll admit isn't the end of the world but if I could get it working along with the sleep and wake on lid this setup would be perfect. Thank you guys so much in advance for all the pre-existing resources, and for any tips you might have on helping me out here.
  5. Thanks to the team of this wonderful site, I was able to built a triple boot system xp snow leopard and ubuntu on my D430 120GB 2GB, 1.33Gh book, about 2yrs now. Still use EDP 1.9.2 It was overall very nice that I really love it, except a few things: 1. VGA out not working, I cannot do presentation with a projector while running snow leopard. I don't know if newer os x or newer EDP's can fix that. Do think that's a big deal (#1 to me) 2. Another thing is the sleep solution. It's just fine to me setting system pwd in bios, disabling system hibernate etc to obtain working sleep function. But after awake from sleeping, screenshot hot key will not working, Also, some hot key related to non-English text input will not working. Only once for some reason which I can never figured out, screenshot and IME hot key kept working after sleep, tried again and still working. But that's gone after reboot and can never reproduce the wonder..... 3. When the system hang (very rare), hard power off is the only way out. But every time doing that will cause hard drive (partition) error, Have to use os x usb installer to repair the partition (it always repairable). By using clonezilla, I can backup the current build easily and so I'm ready to update EDP. I just wonder if the new EDP fixes some of the issues above? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hey guys. Any help at all on this would be greatly appreciated!!! I've been working pretty solidly on getting my x201 fully operational. Everything works sleep related. Beeps when going into sleep just like windows. (I think that's called ACPI sleep) And wakes just fine. EXCEPT the backlight stays off when waking back up. I was looking at the IOReg output before and after sleep and noticed a difference. (Below) Before Sleep, The IOPowerManagement for AppleBacklightDisplay only has 2 power states... Current and Max. After sleep, that same device has 3 power states. Current and Max like before. But now it has a DevicePowerState. What is happening here? And could this be the issue with the backlight not coming back on? Attaching the DSDT.aml from my system. dsdt.aml.zip
  7. I've got 10.8.4 almost fully working on an OptiPlex 960T (mini tower) except for wake from sleep. Does anyone have it working on an OptiPlex 760 or 960 and/or will help me by telling me your method and/or edit the OptiPlex 960 DSDT to get it working?
  8. Guest

    USB Disabled After Sleep

    Hey guys- My snow leopard hackintosh works perfectly, but i need help with reenabling my mouse after sleep. I have a dell d830 with intel crestline graphics. Also, Another question: can i get anything with the quake engine to run? when i boot wolfenstein: enemy territory, it crashes (look up the game) These are all the remaining issues, and thanks in advance! EDIT: i fixed it, but my main issue is the common boot0:test and error. EDP doesn't have a fix on the app does it? any help would be great!
  9. I get a "Not enough space to restore image" error message from Chameleon when I wake up from sleep and it does not restore previous windows. I did a default build using edptool.command svn revision 428.Any ideas?
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