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  • Hey there!


    So you want to know who we are ? 


    We're group of people passionate about running Apple OS on non-apple hardware. We started up end 2010 at a time when there were not many websites/platforms available where people could learn about Hackintoshing and contribute towards it freely and effectively. So we started this website (located/hosted in Sweden) in order to create a unique platform that people are free to join and where they're encouraged to contribute to our Hackintosh community.


    Since its inception in 2010, our team evolved and brought out some of the best people in the field who all vastly contributed to making the Hackintosh community a success.


    Our site provides such things as support for people who seek to run Apple OS on their own non-Apple hardware, fully detailed step-by-step guides, tutorials, technical information, drivers ands so on. We strongly encourage people to contribute back to what our site provides them with, whether in return assistance to others or donations for our upkeep costs.


    As a final word, you will find the members of our OSXL team here.



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