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  • Hey there!


    So you want to know who we are ? 


    We were group of people who were passionated about running Apple OS X in a non-apple hardware a decade ago. Back then there were not many website/platform where people can learn, join and contribute to this effectively and freely. So we started this website (located/hosted from Sweden) in order to create a unique platform where users are given freedom to join and contribute to this community of people of doing Research and development of Software running on non-apple hardware.


    Since its inception in 2010, our team evolved with people joining, and our team brought out some of the best people who contributed to making the Hackintosh community progress.


    We also designed our "EDP" project to provide a common OS X installation package and a unified post-installation tool. EDP basically offered a central hub for system tuning. The project went through several phase and the latest one is currently Work In Progress. We also completed some research work and developed drivers, fixes and patches for some hardware.


    During the next couple of months (as on August 2018) before end of this year we will be renewing all fronts of OSXL, and we are going to introduce some major things

    1. New version of EDP
    2. Community cryptocurrency coin integration (with the launch of our new startup)
    3. New features and services


    Here is our team at OSXL who have made this possible for you: Team



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