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  3. Nope, still not working. With the article page open and then sign in. As soon as I sign it, the page error out.
  4. Ok, I've changed 1 permission; how about now?
  5. Hmm, odd. If I signed out, I can access it, but when I sign back in, I'll get that error.
  6. That's why I checked logged in and logged out. Made no difference. I've checked the forum/articles permissions settings and all appears in order. Tested again on my E7270: cleared Safari cache went to OSXL Home page can access both of there above articles
  7. @Hervé Could be you have different permissions, I too have the same error as viking1304. Tested on Chrome and Safari. Cache cleared as well.
  8. Thanks Jake. Did not work exactly as described but it did get me to a solution by adding a boot option. The one you suggested did not work but \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI did and gets me the clover menu. Pic attached in case anyone needs to see how to do it. Once again many thanks for the excellent support Cheers Aubrey
  9. There is a section entitled 3rd party apps or Bootloader (where you can write about OpenCore)
  10. Must be a problem at your end. Verified access from 3 x different Hacks under High Sierra/Big Sur/Monterey logged in and logged out, 2 x different Apple Macs (Ok, all 5 on same home network) and from 2 x different iPhones, each on a different 4G telco/network (wifi disabled). Not a single issue for the given pages. Try and clear your browser cache maybe.
  11. If you don't want to reinstall apps and restore data, then upgrade is better. You can also install on top without format as well without losing data and apps.
  12. Try go into the BIOS, create a new boot option, point it to /EFI/Clover/CLOVERX64.efi. Give it a name...Clover or whatever. Save it and move it to the top.
  13. Everything works great, but for some strange reason if I try to open any article on homepage I am always getting this error: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. I can't access any of those links:
  14. Is there any appropriate part of this forum to ask questions about OCLP?
  15. Hi I have had a working Dell Optiplex 7020 which was triple booting (Ubuntu, Catalina and Windows 10) using Clover without any issues. However the Windows 10 became corrupt and had to be reinstalled. After reinstall on start-up the computer goes straight into booting Windows 10 and I do not see any Clover boot options. I have the original install USB for Catalina and I can boot any operating system form there with no issues so each of the operating systems is good. I have reinstalled Clover (v5118 I think) after booting Catalina but this made no difference to booting without USB - straight into Windows 10. I guessing that the reinstall of Windows 10 has overwritten something which enables Clover to work but unsure how to fix it. I tried deleting bootmgfw.efi from EFI/Microsoft/Boot but Windows Boot Manager says there are no useable boot devices. I tried substituting EFI/BOOT/BOOT64.efi for EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi which allows Clover to display the boot options but selecting Windows 10 just hangs with flashing cursor. So how to proceed? Do I just have to do a clean install of Catalina to fix it? Cheers and thanks for your help. Aubrey
  16. @Rajganesh I'd rather do a clean install than upgrade. But it's up to you. I think it should work.
  17. Yes, if it could boot to Monterey, you can use it to upgrade to Monterey.
  18. @davidfrei7as Do you think this EFI will work for upgrade from BigSur to Monterey?
  19. Last week
  20. macOS starts loading, then the screen goes dark. But when you bring a light close to the screen, you can see that the system has loaded normally. After a few minutes the backlight returns to normal. Edit: I managed to solve the problem using bootarg "-igfxblr". Attached is my final EFI. Thanks for the help. EFI.zip
  21. Can you describe in detail the issue? Screens stays black until login? Please post IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1 only
  22. @Jake Lo yes! When i was on Bigsur it happens with the whatever green after version 1.4.5
  23. @Jake Lo It works! But the screen backlight is off when the installation screen loads. Then after a few minutes the backlight comes back on. How do I fix this problem? I managed to install successfully! all that's left is to solve this little problem. Thank you very much in advance.
  24. Hi Guys, i'm trying to install mac os monterey on my latitude 3400, but i'm stucked on "IOG flags 0x3 (0x51)" error. can someone help me? OC.zip
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