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  3. I don't understand what you mean means I have to replace layouts from 00 to 09 with the patch below I'm not very good at this patch because my English is very bad
  4. Updated for 10th gen Ice Lake platforms.
  5. I think this topic can be closed now as the trackpad buttons not working is a common issue. My Latitude 5400 is currently working fine except for the BT is not working at the moment. Will try mo monitor if BT will be working after a few reboots.
  6. Yesterday
  7. How long is it lasting? I have seen no difference since upgrading to 10.15.4. My battery lasts about 90 minutes on my i7 core. The battery is several years old.
  8. What I was suggesting was to try AptioMemoryFix.efi instead.
  9. Try disabling the "Prevent ADGP from loading" and maybe "eDP port ...." patch from my Config file, one at a time
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I’m already using OCQirks and AptioMemoryfix is not installed.
  11. I have not switch to OCQuirks.efi and still using AptioMemoryFix. But from what I had read you need OpenRuntime.efi, and OcQuirks.plist to the Clover drivers folder. Make sure you don't have AptioMemoryFix or other related in the same folder.
  12. I've seen some people reporting issues with Sleep/Wake, yes. But I didn't take much note of it so can't give you pointers...
  13. Try this, replace config and add ssd* to /E/C/A/Patched BatteryStat.zip
  14. Everything looks fine except 1 x aspect of your Clover config: you've opted for PluginType with regards to CPU power management so remove the dropping of SSDT CpuPm and Cpu0Ist.
  15. but weren't you saying you had problem on only one of your machines? Did you see a lot of complaints on the various forums?
  16. Well, 10.15.4 seems to break away from what we had all gotten accustomed to for years now: straight forward/troublesome updates.
  17. Hi Jake, I've attached my Clover folder to this post. Hopefully I've not done anything silly. Thanks. CLOVER.zip
  18. Ok, thanks Hervé.... strange for sure
  19. Spend a few hours trying to remove my unused connectors. Managed to remove one from the list but I can't seem to remove one of the 2 dp ports. There's always 2 ports showing when running ioreg -l | grep "class AppleIntelFramebuffer". I tried setting the portcount to 0100000 which results in none of the dp ports working but the system boots fine. I can login with vnc. I've tried following along the guide here but those patches also still leave me 2 active ports. I've also tried a plethora of Hackintool generated Device-Properties and KextToPatch patches with the same results. Is it actually possible to disable one of the two dp ports? Before spending money on a new i5 cpu with hd4600 I would really like to make sure this can't be solved or the issue is somewhere else. It would be a shame if another cpu will result in the same freezes... I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, my head is spinning from the hex editor and I feel defeated for the first time hackintoshing Small update: Tried setting the DVMT pre-alloc to 64mb in an uefi shell. It was set to 0x01 (32mb) by default. The system boots when changed to 64mb but nothing in the frame buffers changes and manually adding cursormem of 9mb causes a panic on boot. Setting the pre-alloc to 92mb results in a panic with and without cursormem set. I don't how to verify if changing it to 64mb actually did anything This is inside the A18 bios file, suggests it can go up to 1gb? I'm so confused right now lol. Any other suggestions for me to try or should I just go ahead and buy an i5 with a nativity supported hd4600 and get it over with?
  20. I had a couple of issues on wake on my old C2D Vostro desktop after the 10.15.4 update but, other than that, all is Ok. To be monitored in the coming days and weeks... Usual things to check: hibernation settings presence of sleepimage Energy Saver PrefPane settings darkwake boot parameter (optional)
  21. Hi Guys. Anyone else having issues with sleep on 10.15.4? When it wakes from sleep, the screen is either black (but OS is running - it beeps and boops if I press on the keyboard), or desktop is shown but no wifi, bluetooth (DW1820) and everything expect cursor is frozen (impossible to switch windows, ...). It looks like some kexts are not loaded/loading anymore after sleep? I upgraded my fully working Lenovo X250 from a fully working 10.15.3 yesterday and having these issues ever since (Clover 5108, all kexts updated before update, OCQirks 20.1, VirtualSMC-1.1.1). Is there a particular list of things to check when issues concerning sleep arise? Check NVRAM? Kexts? Thanks!
  22. Did a reinstallation, found out that trackpad buttons stopped working after putting any kexts in /L/E (used hackintool, did rebuild/repair kext then reboot) Even deleting the installed kexts did not return the functionality of trackpad buttons.
  23. This is a recurring question from many people who want to create an OS X/macOS USB installer but neither have a Mac nor a Hack to do this. They only have Windows and a VM can be a little daunting or not successful. Thank fully, there are tools that can be used from Windows to obtain the desired Graal! We can recommend the 2 x following tools: 1) TransMac https://www.acutesystems.com/scrtm.htm 2) Boot Disk Utility http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/bootdiskutility_exe/0-5 Those who know how to use Google may look up for tutos. Example: https://www.wikigain.com/create-macos-high-sierra-bootable-usb-installer-windows-10/
  24. Those (old) cards are 2.4GHz & 802.11b/g/n only. They work OOB (or not) in OS X/macOS as per stated in our inventories. Obviously, you need to do the needful if you attempt to use those in macOS versions that officially dropped Atheros... I can vouch for this, I still have a couple lying around so they were tested. Those cards are Wifi only.
  25. I have a ton of those AR5B93 modules and i've tried everything i could to get one to work but it just simply won't detect any wireless networks. Aren't those supposed to have bluetooth as well?
  26. Last week
  27. Ok, thanks for the tip! However I tried it already and no change. I tried to installing VoodooPS2Controller.kext to both /L/E and /E/C/k/O but no difference. The touchpad works in the clover menu before the os loads... I'll keep looking for a solution tomorrow...
  28. Farewell old girl.... she was the last bastion of our original "D" series that started the whole OSXL endeavors..
  29. No, touchpad is PS2, not USB related. You probably just need to repair permissions and rebuild cache.
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    • Bronxteck recently reminded us of links Apple publish in relation to creating bootable installers for OS X and macOS from El Capitan 10.11, so here's a link to the related main page:
      Very useful as a replacement to the old AppStore method that allowed registered users to re-download an OS X/macOS installation package if they had already done so in the past.
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    • A few things are required to successfully run macOS Catalina on a Hackintosh, whether through a new/fresh installation of a direct upgrade from a previous OS X/macOS version/release.
      1/ Laptops Embedded Controller:
      Since beta #5, macOS Catalina requires Embedded Controller (EC)-related patching for many laptops. It's therefore important to check your Embedded Controller device (aka "PNP0C09" id) in DSDT/ACPI and apply the mandatory device renaming to "EC" in Clover's config (or directly in DSDT), failing what, Catalina will never boot.
      Most Dell laptops since the era of the Latitude E4x00/E5x00/E6x00 range have an Embedded Controller device called "ECDV" in DSDT; in Clover, the necessary ACPI device renaming is as follows:
      Description: Changes ECDV to ECFind:  45434456Replace: 45435F5F Other known names for the Embedded Controller include "H_EC" or "EC0". If you find no Embedded Controller device in ACPI, this patch is not necessary.
      2/ Clover:
      Clover needs to be at a minimum version supporting Catalina. Versions r503x, r504x and r505x are generally Ok. At the date of general release of Catalina, we recommend using Clover r5093 as the minimum version. Clover versions are available off Dids' Github repo.
      3/ Add-on kexts:
      Lilu and associated plugins also need to be at versions updated for Catalina. At time of writing, we recommend the following minimum versions, all available off Acidanthera's Github repos:
      Lilu v1.3.8 Whatevergreen v1.3.3 AppleALC v1.4.2  
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