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  2. My displays are not 4K, they also don't have DP ports. The most I have done testing the onboard video is just plug in with a DP to HDMI adapter, and ran that for about an hour. I couldn't get dual displays to work, and I don't remember testing sleep. After that very brief test I went back to using my Nvidia GT710 video card. It's plug and play, and runs dual monitor. I bought a couple of those cards for another Desktop hack, and only used them for a year or two. I didn't buy the cards specifically for my 9020's, I had them on hand and decided to get some more use out of them. I'm assumin
  3. Thank you for the info. I will try harder to post to the correct section now on. I'm going to follow your advise and go back to big sur and continue to complete my oc efi. Thanks again!
  4. -> moved to Monterey beta section where this thread belongs; please make sure to post in the forum's relevant sections. Thank you. With regards to your observations and experiments: 1) Monterey is at initial 1st Developper Preview stage at this point of time 2) Monterey carries no native support for HD4000 graphics that have now been officially dropped from macOS 3) HD4000 can only be supported after patching Monterey beta1 with tools such as OCLP v0.1.7 and later 4) Automatic login must be enabled after 1st boot and until you patch Monterey, failing what you
  5. So I just installed Monterey beta using Opencore on my E6430. The install went fine and even the first boot was good but a few minutes into the first boot, after loading the desktop, it restarted and gets stuck in a white pinwheel loop. The mouse pointer is frozen as well. This happens now everytime I try to boot Monterey. I did search the interwebs and found that out it may be a result of it being in a beta stage. I was hoping someone here may have found out how to resolve this issue. I also read that a patch needs to be run to get it working again but not one at the time no one had created s
  6. I have deleted everything after the "showing menu ..." message opencore-2021-06-22-140431.zip
  7. Are your displays 2k and above? I get the large stretched boot screen. Seems only way to fix is disable Legacy Option ROMs, but that break sleep / Wake. With Clover, there's csmVideoDxe.efi, wonder if there's an OC equivalent.
  8. I am using an Acer monitor. Tested with a DP to HDMI adapter, works fine on 2 different Acer displays. Now I switched back to the GT710 video card and 2 Acer monitors.
  9. Last week
  10. Looking at your posted IOReg, I see that your SD card reader is a PCIe Realtek RTS525A (10ec:525a). As such, I expect the new beta driver recently offered by Firewolf to bring life to yours. Just try and inject it. On the brightness keys front, I would not expect much out of that kext mentioned at Dortania. To me, the existing solution of combined ACPI + SSDT patches is spread wide enough to pretty much vouch for it across the Latitude generations. I would therefore also expect that applying the documented method should work on your 7310 laptop too. But post your extracted BIOS tab
  11. you can try layout id 13 and 29 they seem to be for a asus x55 system
  12. Thanks Herve, Jake. I've got more progress updates to share, and some help needed - Solved screen brightness issues upon boot with WhateverGreen boot args: - igfxblr, and device property as follows: - Solved WIFI connectivity stability issues by shifting to itlwm and Heliport - Mapped USB ports, instead of USBInjectAll, and removed XHCIPortLimit patch in config - Solved Trackpad functionalities with older versions of VoodooI2C kext - [email protected] USB C/Display Port output work! Where I am stuck at: - VoodooI2C stuck at polling mode, wo
  13. There's renewed interest on the development of drivers for Realtek PCIe card readers and it's fantastics news! Last year, we reported here on Cholonam's work that, building on the original work of developper Sinetek, gave a new life to some of our Realtek card readers. It was pretty good stuff and allowed many of us with, say RTS525a card readers, to finally be able to use SD cards under macOS. Performance was however pretty limited. This year, Austere.J (aka Firewolf) has embarked on writing a brand new driver and, my God, is it good! The driver is under active develop
  14. @morpheousman I finally had a chance to convert to OC and tested your files but updated to 0.7.0. For some reason sleep/shutdown and restart doesn't work. I switch back to your 068 version and still same issue, resetting NVRam...nothing works. Getting frustrated, I switch the Lenovo display to the Dell display which was working previously with Clover. To my amazement, with the Dell all was working perfectly even with the update 0.7.0 files. Both displays are 1440p capable, but why Lenovo is causing such issue? Curious...
  15. *WORK IN PROGRESS* With this guide we are going to setup a crouton buster-core chroot and setup sommelier - this allows us to run linux apps on chromeos with graphics accel. - this guide is not perfect and its a work in progress. (Running Brave, firefox and Microsoft Edge at native speed on chromeos) Resources: https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton/wiki/Sommelier-(A-more-native-alternative-to-xiwi) Crouton installation Download crouton from: https://goo.gl/fd3zc Open a
  16. For the trackpad, if you want to try to fix it put this EFI debug in USB, boot from it and at the end of the verbose pass me the extracted files You have Gen 6 CPUs likely to need special fixes EFI Debug 0.7.0.zip
  17. I understand that ALC3236 codec is ALC233; look that up in the AppleALC wiki and experiment with the various layout ids listed. https://github.com/acidanthera/applealc/wiki/supported-codecs Re: AR9565 wireless, those were never natively supported and required a specifically re-written Atheros40 kext. Then, performance was not great. Knowing that you'll probably have trouble getting this card to work under Big Sur, it'd be far better to replace it with a fully supported M.2 model. You can check these out in our wireless cards inventories and our M.2 wireless cards inventory, al
  18. hello AudioRealtek ALC 3236 Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565/AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (802.11 a/b/g/n) Please help and tell me how I can solve it and install
  19. @Jake Lo 21 Worked, now Everything is working except : Bluetooth ( I will wait for upcoming kext and MacOS Updates) Touchpad Gestures (Not a Big Deal but it is the reason why I could never make this Latitude 5480 a perfect Hackintosh) Thank you so much Guys @Jake Lo @Hervé @Bronxteck
  20. You're using an EFI made for a different model that may not have the exact same hardware specs as your own particular laptop. You need to identify your audio codec and specify the make & model of your wireless card. Don't hesitate to open up your laptop to look at the label of the wireless card. Failing that, post an IOReg extract saved from IORegistryExplorer app.
  21. hello Asus X555LJ Broadwell i5-5200U HD 5500 Graphics 8GB RAM (4Gb DDR3 soldered on the motherboard + 4Gb DDR3 DIMM) Realtek RTL8168GU/8111GU PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet 500GB Samsung 860 SSD ... audio + Wifi not work
  22. Hello I've use the EFI posted here and install big sur 10.2.2 done .. but no audio and wifi please help my machine Asus X555LJ
  23. When I was on Catalina, I tried both 13 and 56 and I noticed no difference, I went for the 13 because, well Idk
  24. hmm, I thought you're using layoutid =56 in that case, try 56 as well
  25. Okay, I will Try to, I've been using 13 since Catalina
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