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  2. iirc the M6800 has a MUX which is causing this problem on 11.3+ but the MUX also works to disable the iGPU which is why these laptops are especially good for hackintoshes due to how badly macos handles most dual gpu laptops hehe. still suggest OP to check the dGPU addresses as different chip vendors might cause differences in addresses -- at least being the case for me.
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  4. Test this ioreg if it starts EFI.zip
  5. Ok, cool! Let's dig it. This will be helpful to other 7490 users.
  6. Ioreg my EFI I need to do tests, let's start to fine-tune the basic EFI, you'll see that every problem is solved I am a self-taught user, I need time and tests to be able to solve the various problems but everything works out, it takes patience and time
  7. Thanks for your time Baio77! I just tested the EFI and the glitches still appear I am pretty new in troubleshooting so may be I am missing lot's of things there.
  8. in USB test this https://drive.google.com/file/d/10UhZHgUeyTpZ8s0u5KQuGuSioaY14IAK/view I apologize for this I write, but the purpose is to give you a very good and functional EFI, in your config I see this All those rename are NOT needed, for sure rename _DSM to XDSM is to be avoided on PCs equipped with I2C such as rename ECDV to EC and other rename EDIT SSDT PMCR only use on mobo 300+ series, older HW has PPMC in ACPI which is the same, so another duplicate
  9. Okay, I am lost here... lol. What exactly to do ?
  10. open SSDT BRT6 3° PNLF SX SSDT post Opencore whit Darwin , DX SSDT pre Opencore
  11. Thanks for the tip Baio77! Can I delete one of the SSDT entries in order to clean EFI or it's not working that way ? PS - I found that changing the resolution to 1600x900 also fix the glitches immediately.
  12. I analyzed Ioreg + EFI and I notice duplicate SSDT, things have changed over time, it needs to clean \ update the EFI, at least in my opinion Test This https://drive.google.com/file/d/10UhZHgUeyTpZ8s0u5KQuGuSioaY14IAK/view?usp=sharing ioreg
  13. I just updated my 7490 to test the latest Big Sur 11.5.1. Everything seems to work properly except I have screen glitches after boot screen. It happens everytime and the only fix I found is to put the laptop to sleep, after wake up glitches are gone. It also happened on 11.5. Back to 11.4 everything was fine. Strange... any help is appreciated. Maybe some graphics issue underneath. I used @Hervé's files from his guide. Here's my ioreg + oc. Jazzoo’s MacBook Pro.zip EFI.zip Here's the video I recorded - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tF4ZzK2j0bi6jDZK822odcQ_HTf7OYE9/view?usp=sharing
  14. @mefflecakes Hi can you upload or share your current EFI-Folder? As i have the same Latitude 5300 ..but get a Kernel-Panic when booting the Installation of BigSur from your EFI-Folder from this Thread: Maybe I am also doing something wrong
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  16. Released July 26th, 2021. Build 20G80. Looks like Apple re-opened the bugs & security flaws season! Anyway, safe to install on our Hacks.
  17. I have done with my Dell Vostro 3578 (Not Inspiron, and sorry for this) EFI with full function (Expect Wifi + Bluetooth cuz I removed it): https://github.com/quynkk5/Vostro-3578-macOS And thanks Baio77 so much :3 for i2C touchpad
  18. Thanks Jake. Apologies, I misunderstood the purpose for TYPE-C and TPDX. I have restored both files, and have confirmed the following findings: 1) your observation is spot on again! hotplug on USB C is broken. When I retried the hub with a Type C to Type A usb cable, ethernet detection works as expected like in Catalina. Is there any way to fix this in Big Sur? When using USB A port after hot plug: When using USB C port after hot plug: 2) TPDX.aml seems to be breaking touchpad functionality (once I click on a window, it can't let go). During boot, system also generates alot of repeated text on screen. Once removed, the text does not show up in verbose anymore. Also, when checked, it was still running in polling mode, instead of interrupt. Not sure if this helps, but this is what I have from an old tool: Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it very much
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  20. Use SSDT-XOSI (refer from dortania) to test polling mode and if that works manually configure your GPIO, use VoodooI2C official docs
  21. why did you remove SSDT-TYPEC? This is for the USB-C / TB port..might not be hot pluggable. The SSDT-TPDX is for the I2C touchpad. Sound like the USB-C is not hot pluggable. It only works on boot up.
  22. ioreg of my EFI is needed + DSDT origin , I'm not a magician, I can only test with this data , use a USB keyboard mouse
  23. Please approve me to access the link you give me
  24. Test This , if start ioreg, otherwise block photo, I need the DSDT of your DELL https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Gq2zZaeJrlbmCz1qFJhvqIUT2-tAsyr/view?usp=sharing
  25. This is my IOReg It shows TPD0, GPI0 quynkk5 IOReg.ioreg
  26. Can you post Ioreg? DELL trackpads usually work with these kext
  27. Pls use this Clover Folder this is working for mac 10.15.7 Clover.zip
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