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  2. All is working fine here. I updated through the update PrefPane offer. The difference on my 7490 is that I don't inject kext through Clover, I cache them from /L/E (as I always do). Regarding TouchPad, I have noticed that, on occasions, it just won't work after system has started/booted/rebooted and that it sometimes take a couple of reboots to be active again. Given the current state of I2C support, I live with it and use an external mouse most of the time anyway.
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  4. And you also injected the compatible tag on properties right?
  5. Actually, it's now behaving like the USB installer, where trackpad doesnt work, but external mouse works (recall we discussed this behavior). I did face some update installation issues (didnt complete successfully acoording to the error page), but a few reboots later it updated successfully. If i did indeed botch the update, how should I best retry the update? Should I: 1) download the delta update package and retry 2) download the combo update package and retry 3) time machine my data and start fresh? @Hervé is your audio out working properly?
  6. @wtv1234 in case you did anything differently, i did 2 specific steps only (via injection): 1) place AirportBrcmFixup to Clover/Kext/Others 2) add boot option brcmfx-driver=1 via clover configurator 3) Reboot If i did anything beyond this, the system would not boot... Hope this helps.
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  8. Yep using your pack. It worked great for 10.14.4, which is why I found it weird since it's fully vanilla and my kext are injected from clover. How should I begin troubleshooting?
  9. It's weird that mine doesn't work even though it also has a subsystem id of 23 this card is so quirky
  10. Are you using the pack I posted in y guide? My update to 10.14.5 was a piece of cake.
  11. Hi everyone, In an act of bravery, I decided to update to 10.14.5, and several things broke: - touchpad is no longer seen by the system (asking to connect bluetooth touchpad instead) - audiojack only outputs high pitch sound Pre-existing issue: when plugged into external display via HDMI, external display has a purple tint I've checked to make sure that the kext that previously worked in 10.14.4 are still intact If anyone knows of any help for these issues, would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
  12. Glad that you're experiencing the same as I did; it's consistent. Regarding speed, I guess it'll depend on whether your wireless network is setup for DFS, 5GHz, etc. I'm getting connections to my 5GHz network at 867Mbps consistently with the various cards I've tested, then my Internet speed tests cap at 300Mbps which is the limit of my fibre subscription. Therefore, all is well on that front. NB: Let's keep this thread on-topic. If you have other issues, please open up a separate thread.
  13. @Hervé I have good news to report. I'm seeing similar results that you're experiencing. Wifi no longer kills the laptop, and has been running pretty consistently for the past hour. I did see the same symptoms as you did - brief disconnect and random freeze occasionally, but it smoothens out pretty quickly soon after Definitely needs a little more testing and observation, but promising results at the least. The top wifi speeds are a little lower than expected though (30Mbps capped, my home network is capable of much faster speeds...), wondering if this is normal
  14. Hello everyone, some weeks ago I finally decided to install mac OS on my laptop (Latitude E7240). I followed this guide written by @Jake Lo and was surprised by how great it all worked out. After that I bought a compatible bt/wifi card, a DW1550 to be more precise and installed the required kexts. Next I decided to try my dock on mac OS. This is where the problems started, I took a look at this guide written by @Hervé and tried to adapt his changes to my setup. Since my laptop was setup with Lilu and WEG I decided to try it out this way because it was working and I just didn't want to break anything. I was able to increase my VRAM to 2048MB and IORegistryExplorer now even shows the desired outputs on the framebuffers. Now there's just one major and one minor problem to solve. The major problem is that there is no video output on the dock, no DVI or DP what so ever. The minor problem is that I get a kernel panic when I shut down my laptop while being connected to the dock. I attached a debug log, hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks again to @Jake Lo and @Hervé for their awesome guides and thanks in advance for everyone who's patient enough to help me debug_19551.zip
  15. Hello, For those who have troubles to get the bluetooth working after a sleep, a new unofficial BrcmPatchRAM package has been created by GRID-H (thanks) that should solve this issue. You can retrieve this version here : https://github.com/Grid-H/OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM. I tested the fix by going and leaving the sleep 10x. No bluetooth issue found
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  17. @voooz Latest clover should boot celeron by default. Try it. By the way, Intel HD does not work. U need to install a supported GPU.
  18. I finally decided to upgrade to Mojave (9020 tower, clover install, latest bootpacks) and everything installs. But I have two nagging problems that make the computer extremely slow: com.apple.displaypolicyd respawns every 10 seconds com.apple.mdworker.shared.XXXXXXX respawns every 10 seconds Any help please?
  19. It's a pity... Now let's wait for muttonhead411's tests feedback.
  20. Ok, all is fine; I was just wondering if "Wake for network access" was not enabled; but it is not...
  21. Behaviour is identical with or without the brcmfx-country boot option and whether declaring compatibility with Broadcom card 14e4:4353 or 14e4:4331. I've been using the CN-096JNT card for well over 1hr now and, apart from those odd brief disconnections, all is Ok.
  22. Here the SDDT I created. I tried to include the USB ports of the dock as well.
  23. Please post a screenshot of your Energy Saver PrefPane.
  24. Clearly, those USB3.0 ports are not setup properly. Maybe the XHC SSDT you use is not entirely appropriate to your model. I have not checked.
  25. Energy savings preferences are in default mode. The pmset -g command in terminal return this in attachment. I've been using Opera for a long time, probably from El Capitan and I didn't have any sleep problem
  26. You're right, seems to be a USB 2 dongle : 2.4G Wireless Mouse : Identifiant du produit : 0x4102 Identifiant du fournisseur : 0x062a (ProVision Technology, Inc.) Version : 3.21 Vitesse : Jusqu’à 12 Mb/s Fabricant : MOSART Semi. Identifiant de l’emplacement : 0x14631200 / 9 Courant disponible (mA) : 500 Courant requis (mA) : 100 Exploitation supplémentaire actuelle (mA) : 0 but why I got an issue when plugging in into an usb 3 port ? I have the same behavior with a Logitech usb 2 dongle once plugged into a usb 3 port : USB Receiver : Identifiant du produit : 0xc534 Identifiant du fournisseur : 0x046d (Logitech Inc.) Version : 29.01 Vitesse : Jusqu’à 12 Mb/s Fabricant : Logitech Identifiant de l’emplacement : 0x14100000 / 5 Courant disponible (mA) : 500 Courant requis (mA) : 98 Exploitation supplémentaire actuelle (mA) : 0 thanks
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