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  2. i5-6200U CPU with HD520 graphics is not an issue per sé but Ventura has no native support for Skylake iGPUs. Make sure you follow the available documentation and use Kaby Lake KBL graphics settings + SMBIOS. Look at our archived Ventura beta threads if necessary.
  3. I was able to make bootable Ventura USB using Mac. But the screen is flickring a lot while installing. I have Intel Core i5 6200U. Is that an issue?
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  5. ALC3235 = ALC293 (PCI id 10ec:0293). See the AppleALC wiki. All you need are: Lilu kext (which you should already have) its AppleALC PlugIn audio layout id 11 injected against the audio HDEF device (normally located @1F,3) in your bootloader's config. This will support built-in speakers + combo jack socket. HDMI audio will be supported if you inject HDMI type (i.e. 00080000) against connector con1 of the IGPU device (located @2).
  6. Not beginner friendly? Those are complete step-by-step guides! And Clover is anything but obsolete by the way. Clover or OpenCore, it does not matter, you need to download the macOS installation app one way or another. This does not require to have a Mac if you care to search a little but, yes, those guides are geared towards users with access to a macOS platform (Mac, Hackintosh or VM). If you believe things are different with OpenCore, you're up for a surprise... I suggest you start by doing the minimum homework required. If you're looking for a method to build a USB installer from, say, Windows, I also suggest you use the forum Search facility and/or check our FAQ section. A vanilla installation requires an installation app of some sort, a bootloader and the appropriate bootpack (aka "EFI") for the target computer. In case you completely missed it, do consult the Dortania online documentation that provides complete guidance re: building an OpenCore-based USB installer. You may then apply the OpenCore bootpack posted in JakeLo's OpenCore guide so that you can properly boot the USB installer on your E7270 laptop. If you expect to find a ready-made bootable image that you'll simply restore on a bootable media, I'm afraid you won't find anything of the sort here.
  7. I need help. I'm new to hackintosh and i managed to get everything working except sound. Please help me fix my sound on my dell latitude e7470. Audio alc3235
  8. It is with Clover which requires us to download Ventura app on mac and then install to our USB. I have been noticing that the EFI that we have now is for Open Core and the open core method is a bit different. I could not find the open core method. I can boot the usb but could not reach to recovery where the installation has to take place. I know I am missing something. I tried to follow this one Dell Latitude E7x70 - Clover and OpenCore - Dell - osxlatitude.com but It does not seem to be a beginner friendly.
  9. I have recently bought a Dell E7270 6th gen. i5 (Intel wifi and bluetooth). I tried some of the guides in the articles here but could not boot. Please help me installing macOS. Need a step by step guide.
  10. Afaik, it was never fixed. OP ended up using a USB-C (DP)-to-HDMI adapter. I you need to use the HDMI port directly, you'll have to try and identify the associated connector (con1 or con2) and, probably, patch its characteristics (BusId, type, possibly flags). Vanilla characteristics of CFL framebuffer 0x3EA50009 are posted on p1.
  11. I also use the same machine as you, have you fixed the HDMI error?
  12. @Baio77 it start, Brightness does not work, Trackpad very lag/slowly. Please see my attached IOReg below. @Hervé Yes, it is my screen's EDID. My Hack works well with/without it. IOReg20230530.zip
  13. @vanquybn you inject a screen's EDID. Is it that of your screen? Did you find you needed it or else black/corrupt screen?
  14. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1i60022WsXWFj9te7OyWMvh1C4RBjcVPb?usp=sharing test this , ioreg if start
  15. I have just add rename to OC and SSDT-PNLF, the devices appear as your laptop (you can see in IOReg attached below), but Brightness control still not working. About EFI folder question: Yes, I made it myself but the SSDT I copied from Dell Precision 7650, it almost same as 7550 except the cpu. I also tried a clean EFI with all SSDT and config option described in Dortania guide, and Brightness does not work: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/config-laptop.plist/coffee-lake-plus.html#acpi IOReg20230529.zip
  16. @vanquybn woaw, what a set of patched ACPI tables! Are you sure you need all of those? Anyway, I'm tempted to say your issue could be related to conflicting ACPI info for your CML UHD630 iGPU. In IOReg, we can clearly see it registers against ACPI device "IGPU" but you inject at least 2 tables that keep referring to ACPI device called "GFX0". If you look at your PNLF device in IOReg, you'll see that its ACPI path refers to "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]": Now, You're gonna say "so does my IGPU device in IOReg": I do things quite differently on my Hackintosh laptops and: rename iGPU device "GFX0" to "IGPU" in my Clover configs; I think you should do the same in your OC config. use a SSDT-PNLF patched table that refers to PCI0.IGPU and PCI0.IGPU.PNLF, not to GFX0 in any way. I think you should do the same in your SSDT-PNLF & SSDT-GFX0 patched tables. Bu I must say that I don't quite understand why you use the latter; it injects stuff you got in your OC config and it probably causes conflicts too. Here's my E7270 IGPU and PNLF IOReg data in comparison: At present, iGPU device appears under the name of IGPU but that's probably just renamed by WhateverGreen. I would suggest you apply the above 2 suggestions and disable that SSDT-GFX0 table of yours. Where did you obtain your OC EFI folder from? Or did you make it yourself?
  17. @Hervé Thank you for your reply, Yes it is Precision 7550, I have just updated the post #1. Please have a look. @Baio77 Thank you for your advise. It is not start. Please have a look my EFI and IOReg at post 1.
  18. What system is this? What iGPU? Are you referring to the Precision 7550 listed in your signature? Screenshots are next to useless, what you need to post are zipped copies of bootloader's EFI folder and IOReg. Copy of saved SysInfo always useful too. Also, you mentioned OC boot arguments but forgot to specify them so that's not useful neither. Please be specific if you want proper assistance. Ice Lake video settings would be useless too since they apply ICL platforms with Iris Plus graphics. Comet Lake graphics are fully supported with Coffee Lake (CFL) drivers. For references, I suggest you consult our dedicated thread about supported graphics available in our Technical Info forum section and the WhateverGreen user manual. In all likelyhood, you use incorrect CML settings and/or an unsuitable SSDF-PNLF table. Impossible to say more until you post the required troubleshooting material.
  19. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bttb_aHUCHJb7_asDMIMQuL4l3P7kFBQ?usp=sharing If start ioreg my EFI . I looked for info , I guess you are talking about your Dell Precision 7550 , test the EFI I passed you , updated OC 0.9.2 + kext , I modified some SSDT , see I2C and I added others respecting the SMBios used (MacbookPro 16.4 the most suitable , see CPU characteristics , https://www.intel.it/content/www/it/it/products/sku/201897/intel-core-i710850h-processor-12m-cache-up-to-5-10-ghz/specifications.html )
  20. Hello, My internal LCD: 15.6", UHD 3840x2160, 60Hz, Anti-Glare, Non-Touch, 500 Nits. What I have tried: - with or without SSDT PNLF - with or without OC boot arguments - all the ig-platform-id for CometLake/IceLake for each SMBIOS MBP16.3 and MBP16.4 The brightness bar appears but brightness cannot be adjusted. Can you advise? Please see my images attached. EFI.zip 7550-ACPI-FROM-LINUX.zip MacBookPro.ioreg.zip
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  22. We have and old dedicated guide for brightness keys on these Latitude models. Look it up in our Technical Info->DSDT/SSDT forum section. It's got nothing to do with he version of macOS, it's an ACPI matter. Do think of using the forum Search facility before posting, you'd have found it with a simple search on "brightness keys"...
  23. I have a Dell Latitude E6430 on Catalina, and the brightness keys should be Fn+Up arrow to make the screen brighter, and Fn+Down arrow to make the screen darker, however instead it's Fn+Insert to make the screen brighter, and Fn+F3 to make the screen darker. I also had the same issue when I was using Big Sur (I downgraded to Catalina due to poor performance in Big Sur). EFI is attached, specs in signature. EFI - https://files.catbox.moe/sati71.zip
  24. Great that you got your touchPad working. Removing forbidden link (please read our published rules) and renaming your thread since you're now engaging in sorting out new issues. Re: backlight control, you'll need to add a SSDT-PNLF to your folder for patched ACPI table. Affix, you could not require that ACPIBacklight kext you got in your Clover setup. Re: Bluetooth, it's an Atheros module so I don't believe you'll get that supported under Monterey. Only Broadcom devices are these days... Given that your Wireless card is an Atheros AR9485 model, something that was always fairly poorly supported and not natively so, I recommend you ditch it and replace it by a fully supported Broadcom card, ideally of apple origin. Given that this is an Ivy Bridge laptop, I guess it uses mini-PCIe cards (not NGFF/M.2) so you may want to consider an Apple BCM94360CD on a mini-PCIe adapter. Such card uses the same antenna connectors as regular mini-PCIe cards but it requires 4 antennas (3 for full 5GHz/867Mbps wireless and 1 for Bluetooth). It remains fully and natively supported to this day in current macOS Ventura. See our old dedicated thread on the matter for details.
  25. Hi @Hervé. I appreciated your advice before. Now I have got trackpad worked (got 2 fingers and 3 fingers) using VoodooPS2Controller from here: https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2. I did some DSDT patches (layout id 12 and IRQ fix for audio, "0D-zero" for instant wake, battery patch). Now I still got problems with buletooth and backlight. The bluetooth (AR 3012) can be displayed in USB3.0 port, but cannot find other devices actually. Hope you would give me some advice. Thanks a lot. CLOVER.zip
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