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  2. Post IOReg file Run this, save, compress and attach
  3. Nope you need both voodooI2C and voodooI2CHID kexts for touchpad to work. If it doesn't, then it's not supported. Try moving both kexts to /L/E, not have in Clover kexts folder, repair permissions and rebuild cache
  4. Removed DSDT. I removed the I2C kexts and it didn't help at all. I also tried just each one of the kexts (I2C or I2CHID) and neither worked any better. Also tried doing each in /S/L/ and that didn't help either
  5. Remove DSDT.aml I2C is missing in IOReg file so removing it might help
  6. Okay, the busy timeout issue has stopped after a few restarts when I re-patched my DSDT, but still no trackpad. Attached new debug. Thank you both for all the help, by the way! debug_19101.zip
  7. Try adding this to /E/C/kexts/Other FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext.zip
  8. did you launch Hackintool, select all items in the USB tab. Delete and then Refresh the button. Does the selection change?
  9. okay here is my debug debug_7979.zip
  10. to Dump your un-patched ACPI tables press F4 at clover prompt. clover will store them in EFI/cloverACPI/origin folder. for more info press F1 at clover screen
  11. I found the 2 IC2 kexts and PS2 kext, which 3 main kexts are the KB/M kexts? Just realized what you meant, I misread the message. I installed all three of those and it didn't help.
  12. 7490 pack contains 3 x main kexts related to keyboard/touchpad: 2 x I2C kexts with PlugIns + 1 x PS2 kext with PlugIns.
  13. Tried the PS2 kext and it didn’t do anything on its own, however I also tried switching my VirtualSMC to the FakeSMC in that boot pack and now I get busy timeout[0], (60s): ‘TPD1’ a handful of times while attempting to boot the device.
  14. What you ask is partially incorrect so don't expect much of an answer. Once simply does not "generate" or "create" a DSDT per sé. One extracts the ACPI table from BIOS through whatever method/tools, this usually in order to consult its contents and/or patch it. With regards to SSDTs, specific SSDT tables can indeed be generated as a much cleaner and more efficient alternative to DSDT patching. It's the trend that's been followed these very last few years. If you want to engage in this, you really have to know about ACPI coding and it's for advanced programmers because it's very low-level and tied to hardware. So, if you don't even understand the basics, it's not for you yet. To give you a few pointers, though you probably won't understand much of it, look into the tables that have been posted in recent Mojave/Catalina guides for recent platforms (SKL, KBL, CFL). You'll see such things as very-specific/very-targeted SSDT tables.
  15. Thanks for the response, here are the files. The part of gen_debug that exports IOreg is failing for me, it seems to be that when it's typing the path to save, something gets missed so it tries to save to a non-existent path (path is missing some characters). So I've uploaded it seperately. Thanks debug_13982.zip IOreg.ioreg
  16. Neither the trackpad nor the buttons work. I’ll try that kext in a bit! Any ideas on the full freeze when I try to plug it in or press the brightness buttons?
  17. Hi everyone! I posted this question over on https://www.insanelymac.com/ but I haven't gotten any hits. I've been going around in circles for the last few days trying to find an up to date guide for generating DSDT/SSDT's. Everything that I'm finding 4 or 5+ years old and are meant for chameleon bootloader. Does anyone have any good links for creating proper DSDT/SSDT for Mojave/Catalina? Thanks! zog
  18. What Wifi does it have? Intel is not supported and will need to be replace with a supported device See here for list My recommendation: DW1560 or DW1820a. DW1830 requires 3 antennas. Atheros are no longer supported after High Sierra. For touchscreen, post debug file for further assistance
  19. SO i manged to get it working and detect the hdd it needed to be formated to support uefi boot and it worked tho iam still having soem issues 1st touch screen isn't working it was working in the setup tho 2nd wifi isn't working
  20. Is the entire Touchpad not functional or just the buttons? No solution to date for those but TouchPad is definitely working with the PS2 kexts available in the pack posted in my 7490 guide. Sometimes not functional until a few reboots. All in all, sounds like you simply encounter what we all do...
  21. so i used this and booted up to the installer but couldn't detect my hdd so what are your ideas CLOVER.zip
  22. Do you have AppleHDA_ALC283.kext and CodecCommander.kext in /L/E Repair permissions and rebuild cache
  23. Also, should I be using Mojave or Catalina with that 3400 Clover pack?
  24. @Jake Lo I used the efi provided by @verebes and your config.plist file. But audio is not working. Means no sound.
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    • Bronxteck recently reminded us of links Apple publish in relation to creating bootable installers for OS X and macOS from El Capitan 10.11, so here's a link to the related main page:
      Very useful as a replacement to the old AppStore method that allowed registered users to re-download an OS X/macOS installation package if they had already done so in the past.
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    • A few things are required to successfully run macOS Catalina on a Hackintosh, whether through a new/fresh installation of a direct upgrade from a previous OS X/macOS version/release.
      1/ Laptops Embedded Controller:
      Since beta #5, macOS Catalina requires Embedded Controller (EC)-related patching for many laptops. It's therefore important to check your Embedded Controller device (aka "PNP0C09" id) in DSDT/ACPI and apply the mandatory device renaming to "EC" in Clover's config (or directly in DSDT), failing what, Catalina will never boot.
      Most Dell laptops since the era of the Latitude E4x00/E5x00/E6x00 range have an Embedded Controller device called "ECDV" in DSDT; in Clover, the necessary ACPI device renaming is as follows:
      Description: Changes ECDV to ECFind:  45434456Replace: 45435F5F Other known names for the Embedded Controller include "H_EC" or "EC0". If you find no Embedded Controller device in ACPI, this patch is not necessary.
      2/ Clover:
      Clover needs to be at a minimum version supporting Catalina. Versions r503x, r504x and r505x are generally Ok. At the date of general release of Catalina, we recommend using Clover r5093 as the minimum version. Clover versions are available off Dids' Github repo.
      3/ Add-on kexts:
      Lilu and associated plugins also need to be at versions updated for Catalina. At time of writing, we recommend the following minimum versions, all available off Acidanthera's Github repos:
      Lilu v1.3.8 Whatevergreen v1.3.3 AppleALC v1.4.2  
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