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  3. post IOReg file with ioregistryexplorer.app
  4. Hi, you should try to look at dortania's opencore guide section related to DRM issues. If nothing get solved, use a browser: there shouldn't be any problem there
  5. you'll need to set DVMT with EFI shell as Bronxteck said above
  6. Is very a tricky... Read Here ( Purchase Date not Validated )
  7. After reading the opencore guide several times, I was able to install Big Sur. Everything works fine, but I can't configure 4K @ 60 in my monitor. The maximum resolution I can get is 1440p. what do i need to do to get 4K @ 60? thanks for helping ... follow my EFI and config ... Optiplex_3080_Micro_EFI.zip
  8. Got it, trying that right now on my modified EFI, and if it fails on that ill try my old EFI and get back to you on that, thank you for the help. That didnt seem to work, sending over my EFI folder to you Current EFI.zip
  9. @joelhanducky According to his IOReg file it's not disable at all. It's still loaded. To disable, add this SSDT . Make sure to have Switchable graphics enabled in the BIOS
  10. Quick side question, but it looks like your were able to disable your NVIDIA Quadro graphics in the DeviceProperties of your EFI and enable the iGPU only, how did you do that? I've tried many different solutions and none of them seem to work.
  11. 1) You disabled USBPorts_E6530 but enabled USBMap that is hardcoded to MBP9,1, your smbios is MBP11,1, so it's loaded Either enable USBPorts_E6530 or change info in USBMap to MP11,1, or smbios to MBP9,1 2) you need to enable /add AirPortBrcm4360.kext under plugins of IO80211Catalina.kext
  12. Thank you, Jake! I will check them out.
  13. It is a full subscription. I did some online research. It seems the issue appears to be something with the graphics unit ID locking down by the DRM protection. When I try to play something you click play, you see how it starts to opening the window in immediately closes again. Some suggest to use a different SMBIOS but since it's opencore its obviously not that easy? Beside apple tv app everything else is working, FT, imessage etc..
  14. Two issues have emerged... 1. Keyboard does not work (internal usb seems to be off)... 2. No WiFI.. was using the patched kext from https://github.com/khronokernel/IO80211-Patches in an effort to make it work, but still no positive result. I got a BCM94360CS2 card as in the picture (advertised as working OOB on Ebay... But wanted to get the existing card working... I tried optimizing my EFI folder using Open Core sanity utility, but I think I might have done something wrong. Somewhere along the line, I lost an internal USB
  15. Hi, Thanks to Jake Lo post for OpenCore for HP EliteBook 840 G3, I managed to get macOS Big Sur 11.1 plus working Continuity / AirDrop over AirportItlwm and IntelBluetooth kexts for Intel WiFi chips. The question is did anyone manage to run iMessage for this model specifically? Since I doubt something wrong with SN or something I miss, here are listing steps below followed by useless 3 clean installations with different SN, UUID, MLB and fixed ROM (my eth0 MAC address) This is what I exactly did in order to let iMessage work with no luck: 1. Use
  16. @tanya I have typically the same configuration but for HP 840 G3, you got any luck to get it work finally?
  17. EC is actually ECDV in DSDT.aml, so it needs the rename and SSDT-EC.aml. I've made the changes using SSDTTIme to generate new files from the latest BIOS. New bootpack has been added to the guide.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Do you use a valid payable subscription or one of those free offers with the purchase of an Apple device? If latter, could be the reason...
  20. Good evening, I used the search but did not find anything. When trying to stream with the Apple TV+ the app does not play actual episodes or movies but trailers. Is there any solution to this available? Thank you!
  21. Hi, Jake Thank you so much for checking my files! Attached is what I get when using this EFI. Not sure which one of the two is the real problem. Your files don't have these issues and can launch the installer. I found there is another name difference in SSDT-HPET.aml. I used SSDTTime to create this SSDT and the device name is (confirmed by manually checking the device manager as well): \_SB.PCI0.LPCB.HPET Your file has a slightly different name: \_SB.PCI0.LPC0.HPET For SSDT-EC.aml, I found my E7440 already has the correct
  22. Hi Herve, looking at the bios there is no wifi or bluetooth, it has a Dell optiplex 3040 micro Intel i5-6500T @2.5GHz, 16gb ram (8gb DDR3L SDRAM x2, 500gb SSD Bios 1.12.3 (recently updated) Audio: RealTek ALC3234 Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 System was working fine in Catalina and clover, but not dual monitors. I actually would like Mojave so I can use older apps, so I'm going to try that now. Ideally having Big Sur and Mojave working with dual monitors would be great. Any Help to reach my goals is appreciated
  23. Check your specs (and ideally post them!) in case you have an incompatible hardware element or a missing config parameter that causes this reset. For instance a DW1820A wireless card without the necessary property injection.
  24. Hi there, this is my first post,... I'm trying to achieve the same as you Tanya, I have an i5 in my 3040m, I'm using your EFI and I got to the Big Sur install screen, but once the bar finished it just keeps kind of rebooting after about 20 lines of -v text, any ideas how to get it to the next stage? Many Thanks
  25. thats zipped from my usb ioreg is from extracted runme.app last time i have generated
  26. No need to quote me on responses. The files on the 1st post, can that still boot? I am confuse about where you get the IOReg file since it shows MBP13,1 while all your Config file shows MBP13,3. Did you use different files to boot when you extracted the IOReg file?
  27. As I said, the installer always comes up with the same boot, and I used to install Big Sur, but now it doesn't come up anymore! Unfortunately I will try to do the installation anyway and fix the current problem, then I will attach the new file here
  28. what I mean is can you boot to Big Sur successfully with the files you last posted? YOu said that's what you have on the USB, but can it boot your Big Sur on the 7520? If not, then post the files that can
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