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  2. Thank you! Those were very helpful suggestions. Thank you! I used these suggestions for matching the AirportItlwm to version. Thanks to baio77 for suggesting disabling HPET and duplicate XPET injected. Thanks to Herve for suggesting MinDate/MinVersion == -1 for older systems Thanks to Hecatomb for suggesting MinKernel/MaxKernel for selecting Kext by range of kernel versions Please refer to contents of attached 'oc83-7480-current.zip' to understand what I write next. Big problem: Ventura beta 4 downloads 1.2GB beta 5, but freezes at the 25 minute mark. Attachments: oc83-7480-current.zip has current ACPI and config.plist, ssdt listings, porting status ioreg-7480-i5-7300u-i2c.ioreg.zip is current as of Ventura Beta 4 prior to upgrade attempt ioreg-7480-i5-7300u-i2c.ioreg.zip oc83-7480-current.zip
  3. Hervé

    Hello !

    Welcome to OSXL. Don't hesitate to post requests for assistance in the relevant section.
  4. 28weekslater

    Hello !

    Hello, I'm new here and I discover this new world of Hackintosh ! I'm trying to install MacOS on my Dell Latitude 5401 but actually, it's not so easy ! Have a nice day ! Y
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  6. here you go, just change the serial, MLB, ROM and UUID. I've never use OC Configurator but from just trying it out, I noticed it upgrade the config file to OC 0.8.3. So if your OC files is still O.7.9, you will encounter error. So either update the rest of your files to OC 0.8.3 or whatever version OC it shows when you launch OC Configurator, or just use OC configurator to generate the serial, MLB, ROM and copy them to your Config file manually. Personally I use Plistedit Pro. You can use Xcode or maybe ProperTree as well. config.plist.zip
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  8. ive tried but i get something about no vault provided when bboting up on the black screen can you work your magic config.plist.zip this is my 1st attempt editing config.plist , im sure ill work it out soon tho' reason being, ive three E5470s, 1 im selling , i need the other 2 to syc when using messages
  9. mine is a macbook pro13,2 yeah ? can this all be canged using opencore configorator i mean macbook pro13.1,
  10. there's 3 areas that you need to change System Serial number, MLB & ROM You can use Hackintool.app as well to generated for the model you're emulating
  11. im using propertree , scrolled along way down and bingo , changed it ! didnt work and i tried your way , getting there , thanks herve
  12. I've no idea what you're doing or what you're talking about with programs for AMD and programs for Intel. I think you're completely off track here, most likely not knowing what you need to do and/or what you're doing. If you use OpenCore, follow the Dortania Guidance, at least read it. Or you may simply use OpenCore Configurator app or Clover Configurator app, go to the PlatformInfo or SMBIOS tab, select your target SMBIOS model and click on the Generate buttons a few times to regenerate random numbers. Copy/paste those numbers in your existing config on the relevant Hack and you'll be good to go after an NVRAM reset and a reboot. As simple as that. We've a dedicated thread on this very matter for years in our FAQ section, may be you should consult it too... At least next time you have a query.
  13. i didnt know, how do i change the serial number then Herve ?? thanks for replying i done a search on google and downloading 2 programs, ill give it a try one for AMD and the other for Intel obviously Intel i will use downloaded but corrupt , wouldnt run what be the next step
  14. It should be obvious that if you re-use the same EFI on several Hacks, you should change the serial numbers so that you use a unique one on each of them. Think of it like the postman trying to deliver mail in a street where several physically identical houses have the same number! Just plain common sense, really.
  15. both the same ??? both the same EFI, SSD amd RAM , although different OS, one monterey and this one Big Sur, this mac doesnt upgrade or wont upgrade to monterey im really puzzzled as to why ????
  16. how do i find/do that ? i know where to get the serial number from......about my mac but how come its different from my other mascs ?( ive yet to check as i just read this, ill check later)
  17. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CdEAQxiMPaP4yCdK-5ct00ZWVStOOdrQ?usp=sharing test this efi in USB , if start new ioreg . The normal USB ports are not working in your EFI, I have changed various things, if it starts test your Hack well with my EFI and tell me what is wrong yet
  18. Looks like the SMBIOS and Platform IDs in that config are both ones i've already tried, but good to know which is known to work on that model. I've been messing with all sorts of combinations of settings and so far i still can't seem to get anything to help much. I am beginning to think perhaps this machine is just a dead end, but who knows.
  19. After upgrading from BigSur to Monterey, both my bluetooth and external usb keyboards and mouse no longer working. I'm using BCM94360NG WLAN + BT model. Any guidance that you guys can provide, would be appreciated. I have attached below my EFI folder for review. EFI_DELL_5401.zip
  20. did you make sure it has unique serial #, etc..
  21. I've 3 dell latitude E5470s' 256gn SSD , 16gb RAM ,DW1820a 2 running macOS Monterey and this one Big Sur (im on now) all signed into my apple account but one pc this one , I’ve no history of messages, only messges that ive sent since this problem occured ,I’ve logged out and back in (5mins later, tried to sync it and no messages like the on my other E5470s ,
  22. Released Aug 8th, 2022. Build 22A5321d. Ok on my Skylake/HD520 Latitude E7270 with exact same/unmodified Clover r5148 setup previously used for 13.0 beta 3 & 4. Everything working as before.
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