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  3. FYI, you shouldn't be mixing different versions of OC files. Your OpenCore.efi, CleanNvram.efi, BOOTx64.efi, Bootstrap.efi, OpenCanopy.efi are all from different dates.
  4. Thanks that did the trick. Attached is the final EFI should someone need it. Thanks for all of the help! E5540_HIRES_BI_SUR_OC.zip
  5. I didn't make any adjustment to the kext section but you could try disabling SMCDellSensors.kext. Known to disable touchpad for some reason.
  6. Thanks Jake. USB 3.0 and 2.0 now work, so does audio. My trackpad stopped working now but keyboard is working.
  7. Try this, completely hot patched without DSDT Add SDCard Reader Added Fn keys for Brightness Enable audio with IRQ fix Replace the Config and ACPI folder. I see your USB Ports have some discrepancy. You have USBPorts and USBInjectAll + SSDT-UIAC.aml and Port limit patch in the Config file under Kernel. USBPorts. kext won't work since it's hardcoded to MBP11,1, and your SMBIOS is set to MBP11,2, but not sure between SSDT-UIAC and port limit patch, which one is working. FixAudio.zip
  8. Thanks for the reply. When I added the SSDT-PNLF.aml the screen goes dark and the powers off. I removed the DSDT.aml file and that seems to have worked, but now the USB 2.0 and sound/mic do not work.
  9. Did you verify your cable was Ok? LAN card set to auto-neg or some fixed 10/100/1000Mbps settings? MAC address of your card sure is listed in IOReg. Or maybe version 2.3.0 of the kext is inadequate for Big Sur. Try version v2.4.0 posted by Mieze on her Github repo and at InsanelyMac. Also check the latest info posted on the dedicated RTL8111 thread at IM. That's where Mieze discusses her development work on the driver and where people report on their experiments. If v2.3.0 or v2.4.0 do not work, try the previous versions; I've seen people reporting issues such as yours with version
  10. The strange thing is that it does not recognize Network by cable! Any ideas that I can do to put it to work?
  11. Realtek RTL8111 driver is clearly loaded and Ethernet card appears functional. What's not working of course is the Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 WLAN card; that's unsupported under OS X/macOS and will need to be replaced.
  12. I sent the file, thanks for the support MacBook Pro de Leonardo.ioreg
  13. For screen brightness, add the SSDT-PNLF.aml table; it's missing. Please note that you should: not use 2 x SSDT EC tables, only one to keep things clean and avoid confusion. in the same respect, review the ACPI renaming patches you've configured in your OC config file; for instance, I see at least 3 x patches for EC device and I guess only one applies. Same goes for USB or audio devices. Of course, those that do not apply make no harm but it's a little messy.
  14. Hi Hervé, You were correct about the video, my finder bar was solid not translucent. I updated the parameters as per OC and had to add the device-id as well as the frame-buffer patch. The only issue is that I can't increase the brightness of the screen. Is there some kext that you are aware of that could be causing this? I've attached my modified EFI for you. Thanks E5540_OC_BIG_SUR.zip
  15. Big Sur is not known to run slower than its predecessor so I'd say that you've either lost CPU SpeedStep/power management (and laptop runs at LFM) or you've lost graphics acceleration. You should be able to verify CPU operational status through apps such as HWMonitor (if you've installed FakeSMC's PlugIns or VirtualSMC PlugIns) or Intel's Power Gadget tools and graphics acceleration through the normal checkups (About this Mac, LaunchPad, Finder's bar & Dock translucency, etc.). Ideally, post your debug files or at least IOReg extract and zipped EFI folder (Clover or OpenCore).
  16. Further to my initial install with the help of this thread, it seems that everything is really slowing down compared to Mojave. Even clicking on the HDD or closing a window takes almost a second. Is it possible that I have some invalid configuration? Is there something I can run to see if everything is running as it should? I was also running an update to 11.2.3 and browser pages were extremely slow to the point that it took 3-4 seconds to load.
  17. Can you confirm RealtekRTL8111 is loaded ? Post IOReg file with IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1
  18. @Jake Lo Hi Jake Lo I was successful creating the SSDT Battery Patch all that is left now is this "WiFi BT Boot/Sleep Status patch". I tried to insert the patch into the SSDT-XOSI.aml hoping it would work that way but it didn't unless I have done it wrong? WFBT is also inserted in " Method (_WAK, 1, Serialized)". Would I need to insert this entire code into its own SSDT and rename _WAK to SWAK for example or is there an easier way? WFBT () gets inserted in two places in the DSDT code below. The "Method (WFBT, 0, NotSerialized)" is easy since this is a new
  19. Hello, I have the same Latitude 3470 model, I used the same folder with the same system, I had problems with the network, can someone help me?
  20. Last week
  21. [Recovered backup of old article from 5th May, 2013] So, you got Mac OS X running on your favourite PC and you want to optimise performance? A bit of fine-tuning might be possible with FakeSMC kext and SMBIOS plist. Your Hackintosh needs to be running on native CPU power management of course (with P & C States set in Chameleon boot plist), not under null management. Our R&D top man Mario (aka. Bronxteck) recently played around on the matter. Moving away from our EDP-provided FakeSMC, he used one of the latest FakeSMC versions and started editing it according to
  22. Yup. Check this: https://github.com/osx86-ijb/Dell-Latitude-e5430-3rd-Gen-Core-i5-3210m-macOS-BigSur
  23. Hello angelts, can you please add missing USB Ports HP Dockingstation and WWAN Card? There are USB ports set in your SSDT-6x0G1h.aml and in USBPorts.kext Change from USBPorts.kext to USBInjectAll.kext to add the Missing Ports with USBmap tool don't work. System not boot. Here the Info with the Port Setting https://github.com/RehabMan/HP-ProBook-4x30s-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/hotpatch/SSDT-USB-6x0-G1.asl Many Thanks
  24. With the OOB bcm94360ng, make sure you disable / remove all patches and kexts related..ie BRCM* and Airport* If touchpad stops working, try disabling SMCDellSensors.kext
  25. You're gonna need to be a little more forthcoming with info if you expect assistance. Please post: system's specs zipped OC EFI folder debug info such as a zipped copy of an IOReg extract
  26. Hi, I am trying to make my HDMI to work but unfortunately it displays no signal / black screen. I've tried the opencore patching thing but no luck. My Display Port is working, please can someone assist? Thanks.
  27. For some reason, any update from Lilu 1.4.9 and WhateverGreen 1.4.6 onwards, breaks my bluetooth connection. Any suggestion about this? Thanks in advance. Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Kali with last update lilu&whatever.zip Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Kali with old Lilu&Whatever kext.zip
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