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  2. So I was able to get OSX installed, but upon restarting the second time I no longer have the option to boot to the installed OS in Clover.
  3. Are you using HDMI video output? You could be in a similar situation to that experienced with the Latitude 7490 laptop which required a patch of the (KBL) graphics framebuffer as described here. That patch consists on injecting the proper HDMI connector-type (0008 0000) into the framebuffer.
  4. Many Thanks, my iGPU is now accelerated, but the Desktop is pink ( and green ). This is the state of my preinstalled catalina 10.15.1. By the way, am using the BIOS 1.11.0. Not relevant , or not so good? Just now I'm about to install mojave but it seems, the color problem will be the same. Maybe you know, what's going wrong.
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  6. @Hervé thank You for help. SSD spec: KBG40ZNS256G (Toshiba NVMe BG4 256GBTB} EFI_r5096_2019-11-17 12:52:56.zip
  7. thanks for post bro me also need my e5540 with i7 cpu plz gudie me setup bu setup thanks
  8. Please post a compressed copy of your Clover EFI folder. There must be something wrong with your settings, most likely in the Clover config. Can you also specify what NVME SSD you have since some models still prove to be incompatible with macOS or troublesome.
  9. Hi friends I got a fresh Dell 5400 with i7-8665u / 32GB Ram / UHD Graphics 620. I wanted to install macOS Catalina. I used clover from dennisc's post and bios settings from Hervé's post. It stopped on such errors: ApplePS2Contoller: Notification consumer published: ApplePS2Mouse
  10. My 0VW3T3 works fine on Thinkpad t480s with your config, thanks!!
  11. Hello everyone, what i wanna know is which laptop should i buy with the intend to install macOS on it From what i can see the thinkpad is easier and seems to be able to make touchpad gestures (up to 3) work, also is any ope for the vga port? and to change the wifi adapter is it needed to flash a new bios? Thank you so far
  12. USBInjectAll.kext didn't work. Same issue. Also, can I use the bootpack in the guide Hervé sent me?
  13. Try this, goes into /EFI/Clover replacing the old Maybe make a backup of your Clover folder first 3050_HD630.zip
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  15. It' s really not my first Hackintosh but I've come to the point to give up. What's my problem? Since 2 weeks I own the Optiplex 3050 MFF. Wit 4GB ( in between 16GB) RAM and preinstalled Windows 10 pro. The Computer works without any problem (Windows) The CPU is a i3 7100T (Kaby Lake) wih HD630 iGPU. SSD is only a 128GB but not a subject of my problem. Own first experiments with clover - witout success ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and freeze. O.k. you have to learn - it's my 1st CPU of a higher generation than Haswell. No problem I take for the first help working EFIs bzw Clovers from others. I found five examples and they all failed. Booting is not my Problem anymore, it has to do something wih the CPU Powermanagement ( Clover Flags or generating special ssdt for the i3 7100 ). Sadly not one of the example configurations were able to make my iGPU working to be honest all ends in KP ( memory panic stackshot ). Only the boot variable -igfxvesa works without accelleration and at this moment I've no clue to come a step forward. I've read many hours how to solve the problem. The more I read the more the confusion is growing. I try to reduce the variables leading me into this state. 1. Witch Bios shoud I use. I've a Collection of all published Bioses for the 3050 from DELL. 2. Have I possibly to patch something/anything with the grub shell? 3. and/or is this obsolete and lilu and whatevergreen will do all things (incl. DVMT patch) for me. Are other kexts and Clover flags now obsolete and should all? be removed? Before I forget it, My Plan is, to install MOJ and possobly CAT. My last question - can anyone help me? Many Thanks.
  16. On the chip it says: CN-096JNT BCM94356ZEPA50DX_2
  17. What's the exact model of your DW1820a? From your Ioreg, the subsystem ID = 106b, 0022
  18. Wow!!! Jake you are the man. Thank you so much. It worked with DSDT.aml + SSDT-xx. Haven't tried DSDT-slice.aml to see if it works too. I am super happy now. Everything works - sleep, wake, restart, shut down, battery, etc.
  19. I was reading this: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11256-os-x-mojave-on-precision-3510/ Have you got any further down the road with this @nattcrawler? I've been doing a catalina install on an identical machine to the OP. I've installed it on the Nvme, but I get the same kernel panic as your youtube video when booting from it. It maybe down to the Sabrent nvme I'm using which I'm planning to swap out for a Samsung 960 EVO (not plus) in case that is the problem.
  20. Since Thursday, I did not use my hackintosh. Now, I've just turn it on and for my surprise, everything is working fine. I did not do anything different, just can't understand what is going on. Sound is ok - internal speakers and internal microphone. Brightness, keyboard shortcuts also.
  21. I can only provide the following information. Maybe I bought a fake card or a problem card. I'm going to return it tomorrow. Thank you very much for your support.
  22. I can confirm HDMI works but I don't have a DP device to test. For DW1820A, I used AirportBrcmFixup_v2.0.4.kext; added "brcmfx-country=#a" under config.plist - boot; and in config.plist - devices - properties: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1c,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) -> attached photo. Reference (in Chinese): https://blog.daliansky.net/DW1820A_BCM94350ZAE-driver-inserts-the-correct-posture.html
  23. Trying to get my touchpad working on MSI GL63 9SDK. It shows up in ioreg as PS2M and that's why I'm assuming it to be a PS2 touchpad and also its model number seems to be SYN1509 from device manager. So here's the thing: the tracking works fine with just VoodooPS2Controller.kext but neither do the physical buttons work nor the tap to click. It doesn't show up in the preference pane as well. But when I use VoodooPS2 and ApplePS2SmartTouchpad.kext the tracking also stops working. Need help. Attached 2 archives, one with ApplePS2SmartTouchpad.kext injected w: smarttouchpad.zipand the other is withoutw:o smarttouchpad.zip. The archives contain DSDT, ioreg and system info.
  24. Thanks so much jmj662!! I'm so glad to help you and another people's... Thanks and congrats.
  25. Have you tested if both HDMI and DP are working before trying anything
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    • Bronxteck recently reminded us of links Apple publish in relation to creating bootable installers for OS X and macOS from El Capitan 10.11, so here's a link to the related main page:
      Very useful as a replacement to the old AppStore method that allowed registered users to re-download an OS X/macOS installation package if they had already done so in the past.
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    • A few things are required to successfully run macOS Catalina on a Hackintosh, whether through a new/fresh installation of a direct upgrade from a previous OS X/macOS version/release.
      1/ Laptops Embedded Controller:
      Since beta #5, macOS Catalina requires Embedded Controller (EC)-related patching for many laptops. It's therefore important to check your Embedded Controller device (aka "PNP0C09" id) in DSDT/ACPI and apply the mandatory device renaming to "EC" in Clover's config (or directly in DSDT), failing what, Catalina will never boot.
      Most Dell laptops since the era of the Latitude E4x00/E5x00/E6x00 range have an Embedded Controller device called "ECDV" in DSDT; in Clover, the necessary ACPI device renaming is as follows:
      Description: Changes ECDV to ECFind:  45434456Replace: 45435F5F Other known names for the Embedded Controller include "H_EC" or "EC0". If you find no Embedded Controller device in ACPI, this patch is not necessary.
      2/ Clover:
      Clover needs to be at a minimum version supporting Catalina. Versions r503x, r504x and r505x are generally Ok. At the date of general release of Catalina, we recommend using Clover r5093 as the minimum version. Clover versions are available off Dids' Github repo.
      3/ Add-on kexts:
      Lilu and associated plugins also need to be at versions updated for Catalina. At time of writing, we recommend the following minimum versions, all available off Acidanthera's Github repos:
      Lilu v1.3.8 Whatevergreen v1.3.3 AppleALC v1.4.2  
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