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  1. Can you clarify the situation regarding this Big Sur attempt? Your system freeze whilst booting the USB installer? You have completed the 1st stage of initial installation and system freezes on 1st reboot? You have fully completed the installation and all subsequent reboots freeze as per screenshot? To be honest, I don't even know if it can be succesfully installed on a Wolfdale platform; I only briefly tried on my own Vostro 200 and failed. Big Sur won't support your Telsa card for sure, it'll have to go...
  2. No, no, no, that won't work. 1st I don't even know why you'd use the El Capitan pack for Sierra but, most importantly, you just can't take a bootpack tuned for a Dell Latitude D830, apply it to a totally different computer and expect things to work. There's far too much stuff specific to the D830 in that pack that's neither relevant nor suitable for your Acer computer. I only made reference to the Dell guides for the general steps involved with regards to the installation process, not to use their bootpacks! Go for High Sierra and we'll try to work out a dedicated Clover pack for you. Do not use any Clover version from r5123 to r5126, these are troublesome.
  3. You're gonna have to tell us more. You're trying to install Sierra but with what? What bootloader (Enoch? Clover?)? What pack? Can't see why you'd use boot arg nv_disable=1 on a laptop with a Tesla dGPU expected to be natively supported...
  4. Don't hesitate to post your OpenCore EFI (Config, ACPI + kexts folders) for the benefit of the community.
  5. MacBook9,1 SMBIOS + SKL framebuffer 0x191E0000 for Intel HD515 graphics, it would seem; correct ?
  6. It would really be appreciated if people who use OpenCore would take the time to read the documentation posted at Dortania's. These people must have spent hours to write it and it is excellent. Common courtesy would be to refer to it.
  7. Yes, see our FAQ section. To verify cache update, check presence of CodecCommander kext in Sysinfo->Software->Extensions; it should show there...
  8. CodecCommander always required to be cached before, it never injected. Try to cache it from /L/E as per previous macOS versions.
  9. I would never recommend nor encourage to use the patched DSDT of the E6230 on an E6530 nVidia. Quite the contrary. With regards to dead internal-USB devices or freezes upon wake, it's likely to be a consequence of inadequate settings on USB ports definition and associated power + side effect of injecting SSDT tables that may clash with patches present in the E6230 DSDT (EC, PNLF, etc.). I'm myself to post a further refined E6230 OC pack in the next few days, the aim being to get rid of the patched DSDT and use SSDTs only. I can have a look at your EFI folder & DSDT but I would need you to: run on latest BIOS post your extracted raw set of ACPI tables (the thing obtained by pressing [F4] at Clover main menu)
  10. Looks more like a corrupt installation; try a fresh one on a separate disk or partition. Failing that, investigate eventual faulty hardware somewhere.
  11. You'll need to zip contents before attaching and posting.
  12. If you have an Intel wireless card, the Broadcom-related kext is obviously of no use at all...
  13. You meant Latitude 5480, right? If so, I don't believe anyone has found a solution to date.
  14. Core2Duo P7350 is Penryn-3M and GeForce 9300M GS is Tesla G98. This kind of platform should fully support El Capitan but also Sierra and High Sierra since the CPU has SSE4.1 instructions set. I'd go for the latter. You could even push for Mojave with Tesla-specific special patches and Catalina with Dosdude1's patcher. You can read about those in our Graphics section. But that's maybe for a future stage as it gets a little complicated when High Sierra will fully and natively support your graphics card. Download a copy of High Sierra off Apple (via AppStore or Apple download links) and make your USB installer with basic settings. Look at "Our Picks" side panel on forum main page for that. You can look at fine tuning your build for Ethernet, wireless, audio, card reader, etc. once you've finished the macOS installation. You may consult these old guides for general guidance in the process; obviously the pack are not for you but you can extract the core kexts from them (FakeSMC, Lilu, WEG). https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/12479-dell-latitude-d630-with-core2duo-nvidia-quadro-nvs-135m-el-capitansierrahigh-sierramojavecatalina/ https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10370-dell-latitude-d830-with-core2duo-and-nvidia-quadro-nvs-135m-mavericksyosemiteel-capitansierrahigh-sierramojave/ The one thing that will not be supported for certain is your Intel wireless card and it'll have to be replaced by a supported model. Plenty to choose from and you may consult our inventories published in the Wifi section to that effect. Good luck.
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