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  1. DSDT.dsl is just the source code; to be used in case you want to make further mods and avoid the iASL bug. If the patch does not work, you may turn and add those values Jake Lo had provided for BRT6 method before eventually considering to the patch I injected to the E6220 DSDT. Oh and you probably need Dr Hurt's Alps VoodooPS2Controller R6 compiled by Bronxteck.
  2. You never patched the OSID method, so it could never work... Try this DSDT instead. DSDT.aml.zip DSDT.dsl.zip Your kexts folder is a God awful mess! Get rid of: all those .dSYM files all those dsdt/ssdt files VoodooHDA kext (you're using AppleALC !!!) FakePCIID_xxxx kexts NullCPUPowerManagement kext AppleIntelFramebufferAzul kext USBInjector kext (you're using USBInjectAll !!!) TotallyFixStillWaiting kext (can't see why you would have any issue running disk in AHI mode on an E5440) Then, do you really need ? AHCI_Extended_injector kext (AHCI is is supported on Dell Latitude since the D Series!) AirPortAtheros40 kext \ AirportBrcmFixup kext \ HoRNDIS kext > just what kind of wireless card do you have ? RtWlanbU kext / RtWlanU1827 kext / You really ought to identify what hardware you run with and install only the necessary kexts. Throwing everything you can find in the hope things will work is the best recipe for trouble or disaster... Clover config could be cleaned up a bit too but I found nothing that should cause you any particular problem bootig and running your Hack.
  3. It appears OP only briefly attended the forum and has not been back since Nov; as such, I'm not sure you'll get a reply. This being said, Jake Lo provided a Clover pack (EFI folder) + instructions re: Clover installation in that thread...
  4. The console will keep returning that same code; don't waste your time on this. Make sure you've also injected Darwin and modified the ACOS conditional settings in OSID method. Without it, the BRT6 patch will simply not work. Post your DSDT and state BIOS mode: legacy or EFI; I've got a feeling it possibly impacts the effectiveness of the patch because I had to apply a different patch on my E6220 which operates in legacy mode unlike the E6230, E7250 and 7490 on which the BRT6 patch was successfully applied. I had posted a revised E6220 pack with that DSDT patch in my E6220 Guide last summer. You may look that up too.
  5. LAN card was identified so please search for the necessary driver.
  6. All details of the required DSDT (or SSDT) patch are available in: DrHurt's Alps PS2 controller kext thread (original source of the solution) my E7250/7490 installation guides
  7. I've checked IOReg of my 7490 today with built-in LCD + HDMI & DP off the Dock. Observation: when each output port is used individually (i.e. without the other plugged in), both register against [email protected]/port #6. When used simultaneously, this does not change and only 1 display registers under that output port! I've tried to add patches for [email protected]/port #5 too but to no avail. I guess this is the reason why both external screens display the same picture, knowing that HDMI appears to take priority (it's the HDMI screen that shows under PrefPane/About This Mac/Display Menu app, never the DP screen, no matter the manner in which the displays get connected.). It's a hardware mirror, not a macOS one! 'pretty sure this is the same for your 7480 and more troubleshooting time is required here...
  8. We have various guides for the E6x20 Series in our Guides section; head over there.
  9. Moving this thread to the proper support section, this is getting ridiculous in the long run... @totobike, Installation Guides are clearly labelled "No support here". A little attention would be appreciated.
  10. You need to make sure that Ethernet interface is set as 1st interface en0. You'll see this in IOReg or through Terminal command ifconfig. If it's not, remove all interfaces from your Network PrefPane, delete NetworkInterfaces.plist from /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and reboot. Using Clover Configurator app, make sure you've setup your Clover config properly: make sure you've applied a proper SMBIOS to your Clover config. In your case MBP11,1 or MBA6,2. make sure you've generated new serial + SmUUID numbers in SMBIOS tab make sure you've generated new Custom UUID number in System Parameters tab make sure you've generated a new ROM number (from SMBIOS) in Rt Variables tab make sure you've copied the generated MLB number from info box to the MLB field in Rt Variables tab There are numerous existing posts on these matters, please search the forum before posting.
  11. I believe I was replying to @Pazzeo who hijacked your thread without providing any hardware specs for his own model. It would be quite a mistake to assume he too has a DW1550 since I do not think all E7440 came out of the factory with that specific card...
  12. Same behaviour when I hook 2 external screens to my E7490: 3rd one is mirror of the 2nd, no matter what. Never bothered to look into it to be honest. TouchPad is I2C so look up existing 7480 threads for the correct set of kexts. From experience, the kexts I put in my 7490 boot packs do not work on the 7480; they obviously don't use the same TouchPad models.
  13. Mojave has no official support for HD3000. You'd have to resort to special tricks that also need to be re-applied after each update, including Security ones. Those tricks only provide somehow-limited OpenGL-only graphics acceleration and are not 100% defect free. Given that support for HD3000 has been buggy enough since El Capitan, I can only discourage you to try and run Mojave on this laptop. My advice is to stick to High Sierra, the last version to officially and natively support HD3000 graphics. You'll find plenty guidance for that on the forum.
  14. OP should be able to read his own report and identify the LAN + Wifi card fitted to his laptop, then check our FAQ section as suggested for Wireless. He will then find readily available information about his wireless card in our inventories. The LAN port isn't so well described but it's Realtek RTL810xE Fast Ethernet (10ec:8136); there used to be kexts for this.
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