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  1. Well, it would seem that there is something missing or incorrect with regards to your Sapphire RX580 graphics card config then, not the HD4600 iGPU. I'm afraid I won't be of much help on that front since my hands-on experience with AMD cards is most limited. I only ever kept the old ATI Radeon HD X1300 of my old C2D Vostro 200 desktop Hackintosh for a short time back in 2012/2013 given that it was last supported in Snow Leopard. I then replaced the card by an nVidia model for subsequent OS X/macOS versions.
  2. We recently posted an article about Realktek PCIe card readers (click on Home to get there) and there is also a dedicated thread about them in the Card Readers section. Please refer to that. Of course, without an SD card, you won't be able to do/test much thereafter... NB: quoting messages as a reply facility is not appropriate nor desired. Please use the Reply box available at the bottom of each thread. Thank you.
  3. Released May 26th, 2020. Build 19F96. Seems safe to install on our Hacks. Ended up with a macOS could not be installed on your computer error message on the Latitude E6230 and 7490 laptops due to bless tool being unable to set the boot disk. But these are like false alarms because the Catalina partitions of those Hacks remained bootable and were properly updated to 10.15.5. The macOS Install Data folders in /System/Volumes/Data, however, had to be manually removed to get rid of the temp partition so, clearly indicative of a minor problem in fully completing the update at the end of the process. As for 10.15.4, refresh Lilu + WEG kexts and Clover to latest available versions (v1.4.4, v1.3.9 and r5118 at time of writing) before initiating the macOS update. If you cache your kexts from /L/E (or /S/L/E), remember to also update the kexts in the E/C/k/O folder of your EFI partition as the temporary update partition boots only with kexts injection. Security Update 2020-003 for High Sierra 10.13.6 and Mojave 10.14.6 released too (build 17G13033 and 18G5053).
  4. Did you setup your config correctly for HD4600 iGPU? Because the hanging at gIOScreenLockState messages usually means that graphics are not initialising and system keeps retrying.
  5. Check your BIOS settings against the posted recommended ones and adjust as/if necessary.
  6. Up until this time last year, I had a Latitude E6440, a Haswell laptop fitted with HD4600 iGPU and AMD dGPU. The AMD dGPU was not supported and therefore disabled via DSDT/SSDT patching. There never was anything to be done on the iGPU front regarding performance per sé. Booting off the mSATA SSD was just about the same as with any other of my Hacks: ~20s from start to finish. I'm a little surprised to read that, on your Haswell desktop, enabling the HD4600 iGPU increases your boot time by almost 20s. I can't say ever heard of such an impact before. Did you try and analyse what happens at boot time through verbose mode when iGPU is on? Other than my Sandy Bridge Latitude E6220 and it's crappy HD3000, I find no particular performance issue on my other laptops running iGPU: whether it'd be my Ivy Bridge Latitude E6230 and its HD4000 iGPU or my Kaby Lake R Latitude 7490 and its UHD620 iGPU. Same applied to the Broadwell Latitude E7250 + HD5500 iGPU I had for a brief spell.
  7. Darwin 16.0 -> you're trying to install macOS Sierra on a Whiskey Lake platform that's not supported by that version of macOS... Please consult our OS X/macOS forum section where you'll find valuable information about the various requirements for various OS X/macOS versions. Also consult our FAQ section where you may also find answers to questions you may have.
  8. Hervé

    Bug reporting?

    Hi @arsradu, yes we're aware of this recent issue and we're trying to solve this.
  9. Please consult the FAQ section. I'm sure you can do it without assistance.
  10. We have a dedicated thread on the matter in our FAQ section.
  11. Tested with r5118 and confirmed.
  12. I see: no display detected on 1st output port. I would suggest 2 x things: try MBP11,3 SMBIOS inject boolean property @0,AAPL,boot-display (set to 1) to 1st output port
  13. You could possibly try and inject properties for the 1st output port NVDA,[email protected] in an attempt to redefine its properties; can't say if it'd work but nothing to lose really. Also, in order to avoid all confusion on the matter, I'd rename GFX0 (@00020000) to iGPU, then PEGP (@00010000) to GFX0. Try and post a zipped copy of your IOReg if you can.
  14. eDP models were out of luck as far as built-in LCD is concerned (see @nsmartin last post in M4800 thread I linked on p1). I've not seen anything that changed this in the last 4 years. @Xeon3D quite clearly confirms this too... This being said, I remember the days when Precision M4600 with nVidia graphics would too end up in a black screen when using MBP8,x Sandy Bridge SMBIOS. See here (Chameleon/Enoch) and here (Clover) for instance. People obtained a black screen unless they using a specifically tuned MBP6,x SMBIOS where the board-id was replaced by that of nVidia GPU-based MBP10,1 (Credits to @DuongTH from memory). MBP8,x models were either HD3000 (MBP8,1) or dual HD3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6xxx graphics (MBP8,2/MBP8,3). So, given that: MBP6,x were Arrandale platforms running with dual 1st gen Intel HD + nVidia GeForce GT 330M (Tesla 2.0 GT216) graphics MBP10,1 was Ivy Bridge platform running with dual Intel HD4000 + nVidia GeForce GT 650M (Kepler GK107) graphics MBP11,1 was Haswell platform running with Intel Iris 5100 graphics only MBP11,3 was Haswell platform running with dual Intel Iris Pro 5200 + nVidia GeForce GT 750M (Kepler GK107) graphics MBP11,5 was Haswell platform running with dual Intel Iris Pro 5200 + AMD Radeon R9 M370X (Tropo GCN1.0) graphics and that: Precision M4800: nVidia Quadro K1100M is Kepler GK107 nVidia Quadro K2100M is Kepler GK106 AMD FirePro M5100 is Venus GCN1.0 Precision M6800: nVidia Quadro K3100M is Kepler GK104 nVidia Quadro K4100M is Kepler GK104 nVidia Quadro K5100M is Kepler GK104 AMD FirePro M6100 is Saturn GCN2.0 it may be worth looking into the SMBIOS matter again even as a desperate last attempt. Can't remember if that were ever considered or looked into in the past. NB: MacBookPro11,x were last Mac laptops fitted with nVidia graphics to date.
  15. If you're installing 10.15.4, that's normal because my pack contained an XCPM-enabled Clover config. 10.15.4 breaks this as stated in our article about the update. You need to revert to good old SSDT-based power management method using the attached config + your CPU-specific SSDT generated using Pike R Alpha's well-known script: config.plist.zip The guide has just been amended to that effect.
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