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  1. Updated for 10th gen Ice Lake platforms.
  2. I've seen some people reporting issues with Sleep/Wake, yes. But I didn't take much note of it so can't give you pointers...
  3. Everything looks fine except 1 x aspect of your Clover config: you've opted for PluginType with regards to CPU power management so remove the dropping of SSDT CpuPm and Cpu0Ist.
  4. Well, 10.15.4 seems to break away from what we had all gotten accustomed to for years now: straight forward/troublesome updates.
  5. I had a couple of issues on wake on my old C2D Vostro desktop after the 10.15.4 update but, other than that, all is Ok. To be monitored in the coming days and weeks... Usual things to check: hibernation settings presence of sleepimage Energy Saver PrefPane settings darkwake boot parameter (optional)
  6. This is a recurring question from many people who want to create an OS X/macOS USB installer but neither have a Mac nor a Hack to do this. They only have Windows and a VM can be a little daunting or not successful. Thank fully, there are tools that can be used from Windows to obtain the desired Graal! We can recommend the 2 x following tools: 1) TransMac https://www.acutesystems.com/scrtm.htm 2) Boot Disk Utility http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/bootdiskutility_exe/0-5 Those who know how to use Google may look up for tutos. Example: https://www.wikigain.com/create-macos-high-sierra-bootable-usb-installer-windows-10/
  7. Those (old) cards are 2.4GHz & 802.11b/g/n only. They work OOB (or not) in OS X/macOS as per stated in our inventories. Obviously, you need to do the needful if you attempt to use those in macOS versions that officially dropped Atheros... I can vouch for this, I still have a couple lying around so they were tested. Those cards are Wifi only.
  8. If it behaves anything like my Latitude 7490, behaviour is erratic and it may take a few reboots for touchpad to work again. I'm nearly exclusively using an external mouse so it's never bothered my that much and never worked to fix it. On the ToDo list...
  9. Have a look at my E6230 Catalina guide. Don't re-use the DSDT and SSDT of course (use your own) but most, if not all, of the settings (Clover config, kexts) should be re-usable for your E6430 if it's the model with HD4000 only, not dual HD4000/NVS 5200M graphics. This being said, why don't you post details of what you currently use (Clover version, EFI folder, etc.)???
  10. Basically, AppleHDA_ALC292 was an injector to be used in conjunction with a binary patched AppleHDA; totally useless on its own with vanilla AppleHDA and obsolete now that Lilu + AppleALC kexts take care of things with vanilla AppleHDA.
  11. If black screen using layout 0x01660004, try other mobile layouts shown on p1 such as 0x01660009. You may then need to apply the following LVDS patch to the Capri framebuffer: \/\/ Find: 010000000200000030000000 --> vanilla LVDS outpout layout 0x016600 00/01/02/08/09 Replace: 050300000200000030000000 --> patched LVDS output /\/\ Did you use DualLink with layout 0x01660004? I forgot to add it in the config I provided. Anyway, just conduct your own experiments/tryouts with the various Capri layouts. You should get there eventually.
  12. 2nd config remains incorrect since it still contains wrong properties injection for device PciRoot(0)/Pci(0x2, 0), i.e. the HD4000 iGPU: And you've not provided the rest of your Clover EFI folder so God only knows what may lie there too... Here, try this config. Call it from Clover main menu->Options->configs. config_RV.plist.zip You'll also need to generate your CPU-specific power management SSDT using Pike R Alpha's well-known generator tool/script.
  13. Intel i5-3220M mobile CPU is fitted with mobile HD4000 iGPU which carries the usual id 0x0166. There is no need to fake anything for that iGPU. With Lilu + WEG kexts, there should be no need to add Inject Intel nor any ig-layout-id in Clover config. Injecting desktop layout 0x016600a seems incorrect to me when it should be HiRes mobile layout 0x01660004. With regards to Darwin injection, it'd be better to select Darwin for Win7 if the computer has USB3.0 ports/controller. Otherwise, there won't be any USB3. KernelPm patch is irrelevant, it's for Haswell and beyond, AICPUPM patch is what's required for Ivy Bridge. The Capri patches found inside the Clover config are probably useless and may contribute to your problems of completing the boot process and reaching the macOS desktop. They should be removed/disabled. Again, details of the patch for HiRes layout 0x01660004 are provided in our HD4000 patching guide in the R&D->Graphics section if required.
  14. With HD4000 iGPU, you can install latest macOS version (Catalina 10.15.4 at time of writing). You'll find it works extremely well on those E6x30 with all hardware elements fully supported, apart from the dGPU of course.
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