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  1. Please stop quoting every message you reply to.
  2. The other cards listed are Key A/E, so suitability of any such macOS compatible card goes without saying...
  3. Can't be a laptop with nVidia dGPU any more. Apple and nVidia divorced several years ago...
  4. TP-Link published a revised Catalina driver for TL-WN727N v5 in January. Use that. Previous versions probably aren't supported.
  5. It's not a partial EFI, it's the set of Clover files that are applicable to the 7490, the rest being what Clover will install according to the version of Clover you install. The pack therefore comes to complement the Clover version provided in the guide you got the pack from. If your 3490 specs are very close to the those of the 7490, then you may proceed with the same guide and setup, except the DSDT of course.
  6. "nk" terminology refer to horizontal resolutions so "2k" refers to a resolution of 1920x1080, aka "Full HD". If your monitor is "2k", 1080p will be the best you can get. 2560x1440/1440p is "2.5k"... You've activated WEG boot parameter -cdfon but I see no enable-hdmi20 property injection in your Clover config. I would suggest you add that, I believe it's expected. If 1440p resolution remains natively unsupported/unavailable, try SwitchResX app.
  7. I doubt it has anything to do with the kexts used for USB ports multiplexing. OP has added a couple of patches for USB to his Clover config (on top of the totally unnecessary AppleIntelCPUPM patch for Sandy/Ivy Bridge...). I would recommend to: remove those USB patches return to USBInjectAll and cache all kexts from /L/E after cache has been rebuilt and system rebooted, run Hackintool to regenerate SSDT-UIAC table + USBPorts kext and stick to what our guides recommend of course...
  8. DW1707/AR9565 is part of those natively unsupported Atheros cards that have poor or limited support with a specially re-written Atheros40 kext. You can search about it, it's been quite substantially discussed and documented over the years, here or at InsanelyMac. Bottom line is that you'd be well advised to bin that card and replace it by a fully supported model such as the DW1560 or DW1820A. Or stick to your Mediatek MT7601 USB adapter if it works.
  9. 7490 pack contains 3 x main kexts related to keyboard/touchpad: 2 x I2C kexts with PlugIns + 1 x PS2 kext with PlugIns.
  10. What you ask is partially incorrect so don't expect much of an answer. Once simply does not "generate" or "create" a DSDT per sé. One extracts the ACPI table from BIOS through whatever method/tools, this usually in order to consult its contents and/or patch it. With regards to SSDTs, specific SSDT tables can indeed be generated as a much cleaner and more efficient alternative to DSDT patching. It's the trend that's been followed these very last few years. If you want to engage in this, you really have to know about ACPI coding and it's for advanced programmers because it's very low-level and tied to hardware. So, if you don't even understand the basics, it's not for you yet. To give you a few pointers, though you probably won't understand much of it, look into the tables that have been posted in recent Mojave/Catalina guides for recent platforms (SKL, KBL, CFL). You'll see such things as very-specific/very-targeted SSDT tables. Now, of course, if you had specified the computer model your request refers to and the extracted set of BIOS tables, you might get more in terms of an answer. Nothing has changed on that respect in the last 4 or 5 years...
  11. Is the entire Touchpad not functional or just the buttons? No solution to date for those but TouchPad is definitely working with the PS2 kexts available in the pack posted in my 7490 guide. Sometimes not functional until a few reboots. All in all, sounds like you simply encounter what we all do...
  12. Folks, do take this into account re: Catalina and later... https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/12385-how-do-i-unlock-catalinas-protected-file-system/
  13. The usual. Please consult our FAQ section for debugging.
  14. If you search for this, you'll probably only find stories of failures; afaik, that card is not supported.
  15. Sounds more like a dirty keyboard... Get it cleaned up.
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