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  1. Following BIOS update to v1.16.0, I revisited the patched DSDT since it was (finally) also causing a reset to me. I dumped all tables from BIOS and came to realise I had applied the brightness keys patch to a Clover pre-patched DSDT! I therefore re-applied the patch to the raw DSDT. My 7490 now boots Catalina without reset and brightness keys are fully operational. I've also updated the patch code above to return those Clover pre-patched lines to full vanilla code (XOSI returned to _OSI and XSID returned to OSID). Patched_DSDT_Lat7490_BIOS-1.16.0.aml.zip I invite Latitude 7490 users to test this revised patched DSDT and feedback to me by PM so that I can update the bootpacks accordingly. In case of issues (system reset), select BIOS.aml DSDT table in Options->ACPI patching->Dsdt name at Clover main boot menu to load the raw DSDT at macOS startup.
  2. Updated statement about BCM4352 being dropped in Catalina. There is contradictory information on the matter so clarification is required.
  3. Refer to the E6540 Big Sur thread posted in this very section.
  4. No need to update Clover to r5122, r5119 is fine. You cannot use the SSDT generated for a CPU different that yours; that's is most likely the cause of your issues. Download Pike R Alpha's well-known SSDT generator script and generate your own CPU-specific SSDT. We'll then look at removing those incorrect settings of your Clover config in a 2nd phase. Make sure you properly read the guides next time!
  5. It's an issue local to your computer/Internet connection; check your network and/or browser settings, security filters, that sort of things.
  6. You're not using exactly the same Clover config as that provided in my guide... A few questions: which BIOS version is your E6230 running? If it's an older one, make sure to update to latest which is A20 afaik. which version of Clover are you running? r5119 highly recommended though I must admit that, after putting r5120 aside due to issues/bugs; r5122 appears to run Ok. what CPU is your E6230 fitted with? Your Clover config is using an SSDT generated for an i7-3540M CPU for power management purposes.
  7. Works perfectly for me and several others. Verified this from Safari/Edge/Chrome/Brave, on my E6230 Hack + a couple of Windows PCs, logged in and not. I suggest you clear your browser(s)'s cache and retry.
  8. For Mojave and later versions of macOS, use the following kextcache command: sudo kextcache -i /
  9. Hervé


    No, never used it.
  10. Same exact process, no difference whatsoever. It's totally CPU/keyboard independent.
  11. nVidia GeForce GT610 is Fermi and has no support since Sierra/High Sierra; last fully and properly supported in El Capitan. Start by replacing your graphics card by a supported model. Only nVidia Kepler cards are supported under Mojave and Catalina (eg: GK208-based GeForce GT710/720/730 and other previous model).
  12. The PS2 controller kext I included in the packs of my guides provides adequate and suitable TouchPad sensitivity to me. I do not have to press very hard to tap and/or double tap. But tap is not enabled by default, you have to enable it in the TouchPad PrefPane. With regards to lid closure not leading to computer sleep, this can take several seconds (on occasion, a minute or two) during which you'll see disk activity before the power LED starts fading in & out but this requires that the hall sensor inside the laptop is : present properly connected to the motherboard's hall connector Check it out in the E6230 owner's manual. I've seen the wire disconnected from the sensor itself in the past...
  13. Your system freezes during startup due to something missing or very incorrect in your setup. Try and revert to your previous config file.
  14. DW1520 is fully supported, just not natively. All appropriate details in our Wifi forum sub-section (inventory + AirPortBrcm4360 patching thread) if you care to search... NB: your Clover config needs serious revisiting.
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