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  1. Dr Hurt is the author of the kext, not Bronxteck !
  2. Fan noise/permanent spinning is not specific to OS X/macOS. It's the same with other operating systems such as Windows and I believe it results from recent BIOS updates.
  3. Hervé

    DSDT DELL E6430

    Make sure you run with the correct MaciASL version Make sure MaciASL is properly setup https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-maciasl-patchmatic/downloads/ Once you run with the correct version and the right settings, you'll find that the DSDT table you uploaded on post #1 only contains 1 error (that you'll easily fix) and nothing else. This being said, what's the reason why you would want to patch the E6430 raw DSDT from scratch and not use the pre-patched E6430 DSDT that JakeLo gave you?
  4. Not much to tune. Try this config. You may want to replace your USB injector kext by Rehabman's USBInjectall kext. config.plist.zip
  5. Try and re-compile the kext directly under Mojave and for Mojave as target. Contact the kext's author Use an external USB mouse
  6. No, no, no; look this up in IORegistryExplorer.
  7. It seems you opted for a RC version as opposed to the final version. But maybe the kext no longer gets the TouchPad properly recognized under Mojave. I'd need to check on my E6230. Edit: confirmed! TouchPad fully recognized by the TrackPad PrefPane under HiSierra, not under Mojave 10.14.5. I'm pretty sure it was under initial version of Mojave so it must have stopped somewhere between 10.14.1 and 10.14.5...
  8. Clearly, the mouse PrefPane is not going to be of any help for your TouchPad. The kexts I refered you to normally enables the TrackPad PrefPane, provided it's been installed properly. You may have done somethign wrong in that respect.
  9. Erm... you did open the TrackPad PrefPane and enable "Tap to Click", right? Because that's not enabled by default ...
  10. Hervé

    E7470 + Dock

    So it's the port replicator E-Port K07A001 (USB2.0 ports) or E-Port II K07A002 (USB3.0 ports), check the product label underneath. Anyway, with those docks, VGA output is a matter for graphics framebuffer/drivers only. There's nothing you can do about it since VGA has no official support on platforms starting at Ivy Bridge. There's no patch you could apply unlike DVI/DP/HDMI. In all likelyhood, for dual display with a VGA screen, you'd need a DVI-to-VGA adapter + DP or DP-to-VGA adapter + DVI.
  11. If you have a V3 to V5 TouchPad, clearly go for the latest R6 (compiled by Bronxteck) available on p1. V7 and V8 TouchPads are not properly supported.
  12. Hervé

    E7470 + Dock

    VGA is not supported under macOS, so it's highly unlikely you can get it to work as an individual display. It will either work OOB or not at all but there's nothing you can do to make it work if it does not do so properly. I don't know which Dock model you're referring to but it may well be that, like the Type-C current models, VGA only works as a clone to DP/DVI/HDMI in multiple screen arrangement. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11410-dell-latitude-7490-with-i7-8650u-intel-uhd-620-and-1920x1080-lcd-mojave/?do=findComment&comment=90288
  13. They're in the Clover pack available in my 7490 guide. What are the PCI ids of the TouchPad/TrackPoint models fitted to your 7480? On the 7490: TouchPad = 1028:081c (Dell-renamed Alps) TrackPoint = 044e:1212 (Alps)
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