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  1. Hervé

    M4800 - Various issues

    Of course, K2100M is a Kepler card! Kepler was always natively supported, unlikle subsequent generations like Fermi. Most people don't do enough reading or research...
  2. Hervé

    Dell XPS 2720 Sierra 10.12.6

    Guys, can you please move all those support posts to the relevant Dell Desktop Support section and avoid polluting what is normally a guide? Thanks.
  3. Hervé

    Dell E6420 - Install Help.

    Which means you had no graphics acceleration for your nVidia GPU, leading to poor performance and all sorts of graphics defects/glitches.
  4. Hervé

    lenovo yoga 520

    @martoEnglish please! You may use Google Translate if necessary.
  5. Hervé

    battery status

    If you run on Rehabman's ACPIBatteryManager kext, make sure you've installed the latest version v1.90.1.
  6. Hervé

    Dell E6420 - Install Help.

    Afaik, you can't go beyond macOS Sierra 10.12 because High Sierra (and therefore Mojave) does not appear to support the nVidia 4200M GPU any more. This being said, if you got some distro running on this E6420, you may now consider a full vanilla re-installation in order to get your laptop fully supported under macOS Sierra. It may not be the latest version but I'm sure it would meet all your possible requirements or desires. Or you may try to disable the nVidia GPU through DSDT/SSDT patching and run only on the integrated HD3000 iGPU, knowing that this will probably be a little glitchy at times, especially after repeated sleep & wake. Failing that, you'd have to get a different and more recent laptop... Head over here for guidance:
  7. Hervé

    Trackpad problem - E6230 Core i7 Mojave

    No. DrHurt no longer updates his kext but feel free to buzz him on the matter if you want.
  8. Hervé

    Trackpad problem - E6230 Core i7 Mojave

    My i7-3540M E6230 works perfectly with DrHurt's VoodooPS2 kext R6 by Bronxteck. You'll find it on p1 of the dedicated thread. No Clover does not inject kexts placed in subfolders of kexts/Other and those placed in folder called CopyToLE obviously have to be copied to /L/E! Why do you think it's called like that, doh! ?
  9. Hervé

    Bluetooth Firmware Uploader

    So what? Do as suggested or contact the guy...
  10. Hervé

    Bluetooth Firmware Uploader

    0cf3:e005 appears to be Atheros AR3012. It is not in the list of supported devices of p1 so follow the instructions given on that page for such instances. Simple, eh? May not work of course!
  11. This is by no way new or something unique to your BT module. I have the same trying to pair my iPhone SE to the Apple BCM94360CD of my Hacks... You can read this old post if you want to know more about this. Question is: what do you try to achieve by pairing your iPhone to your Hackintosh in such a way? If you want to transfer files, it's best to use AirDrop, if you want to use your iPhone as a 4G modem/router, it's best to use data/connection sharing. Looking at the ACPI tables found in your Clover ACPI/patched folder, I couldn't help wonder why you have created your SSDT-7560-DW1560.aml? It tries to inject the properties of your PCIe/M.2 wireless card to the USB device to which the Bluetooth module is attached. That is obviously wrong and will never work. In any case, you simply cannot inject any properties to a USB controller device/port due to its very Plug'nPlay nature. You can get rid of that table, it's useless afaik and you would notice that in IOReg. At the same time, there is no patched DSDT in Clover ACPI/patched folder and I see no references to the SSDT tables in your Clover config so do they load? They seem to according to your SysProfiler list of PCI devices... If you want to inject the properties of your BCM4352 wireless card, they have to go under the PCIe device you'll identify in IOReg for the card and, looking at the SSDT-PCIList table, it seems you thought this was RP05.PXSX. I guess you got confused along the way, hence it does not appear in the list of PCI devices of your SysProfiler unlike the other chipset elements... The thing is that your IOReg clearly shows your BCM4352 wireless card attached to RP02.PXSX. Now, considering you stated you have a DW1560, I was expecting to see the following PCI ids: Wifi: ven/dev 14e4:43b1, subsystem 1028:0019 BT: ven/dev 0a5c:216f, chipset BCM20702A1 Instead, I see: Wifi: ven.dev 14e4:43b1, subsystem 106b:0623 BT: 0489:e07a, chipset BCM20702A0 In other words, it's not a DW1560 but a Lenovo-branded Foxconn T77H543 and this is also reflected in your SysProfiler: All this being said, your Lenovo/Foxconn card remains nevertheless listed in Rehabman's list of tested PatchRAM devices and both your BrcmXXXX kexts are loaded, so there's nothing further to be done afaik.
  12. Hervé

    Mojave on E6510?

    You'll have to give us some information on your installation setup; like Clover version and a zipped copy of your Clover EFI folder.
  13. Thanks, I've added the TL-WN823N models to the list. All devices are USB2.0 (your screenshot is a little misleading due to obvious lack of USB port multiplexing). Your own device actually appears to be a v1 model (id 0bda:8178), not v2 (id 2357:0109). The version n° is available on the FCC id imprinted on the USB plug: 'could not find any details about the v3 model...
  14. Hervé

    Mojave on E6510?

    Should be possible if you have the nVidia model. Not otherwise as per previous OS X/macOS version due to unsupported eDP connector for the LCD. Mojave should install as per High Sierra.
  15. Hervé

    Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

    If people are interested in further development, I suggest we envisage some sponsoring.