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  1. Hervé

    e6420 install mac Os high Sierra Guide

    It's best to stick to High Sierra until you're more familiar with building a Hackintosh; you'd be struggling to update Mojave on your unsupported HD3000 platform for the moment since you'll have to apply special tricks.
  2. Hervé

    E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    Just created a FAT partition on my SSD containing a legacy HFS+ partition for HiSie and an APFS container for Mojave, the disk running on a GUID partition scheme. In Mojave, I proceeded as follows: 1/ Opened Disk Utility 2/ Selected to show all devices in View menu 3/ Selected the actual disk (not a partition) and clicked on Partition button 4/ My disk partition map was displayed 5/ Selected my HFS+ partition as target for resizing and clicked on + button underneath 6/ A new partition was created with default settings (size, format, name, etc.) 7/ Adjusted the new partition to desired settings (name, ExFAT (or MSDOS) format, size) and clicked on Apply button 8/ Confirmed desired repartitioning by clicking on Partition button 9/ Repartitioning executed and completed Ok with creation of a new FAT formatted partition at SSD root level (not in APFS container)
  3. Hervé

    E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    I think the issues relates to the fact that the partition creation is attempted in the logical drive containing the APFS partition. You may have to try and reduce the logical drive if that's possible and create the new partition at root level.
  4. Check your hibernation status and, if necessary/desired, adjust your settings according to the detaisl posted in FAQ section.
  5. BrcmPatchRAM2.kext is for Bluetooth, not Wifi. The wireless part will work with or without patching, depending on the model you run with.
  6. I meant this. The suggested Clover patch should do the same. I recommend you use Clover Configurator app rather than text editing your config.
  7. USB3 ports just require to inject Darwin in DSDT.
  8. No, that's the AICPUPM patch for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge laptops; useless for anything else. OP would be well advised to tune his configuration with Clover Configurator app rather than a text editor...
  9. eC//FrEaK is mistaken on the BIOS matter. Leave it as it is. If you update, you're highly likely to end up with garbled graphics, like other E6x30 models, unless/until you re-patch the raw DSDT of the latest BIOS version like I did for the E6230 (A19).
  10. Try this config where I've added some power settings to the HDEF device; no guarantee it'll fix the problem. config.plist.zip You've cached CodecCommander from /L/E (or /S/L/E), right?
  11. TIn order to sustain any further High Sierra update, place those kexts in /L/E, increase their version number to something like 999, repair permissions and rebuild your cache. /S/L/E then remains full vanilla and those kexts with higher version number take precedence at startup/in the cache.
  12. Set Integrated NIC to enable only (no need for PXSE, you're not going to boot over Ethernet) Disable VT for Direct I/O (or use dart=0 in your Clover config).s No support for Intel wireless so that'll have to be replaced by a supported model or a USB adapter.
  13. On the basis of the GTX1080 dGPU, I'd stick to High Sierra just to run on that. It's quite a card... What are you going to gain from Mojave beside the point of running the latest macOS version?
  14. Hervé

    Problem with installing el capitan on e6420

    If memory serves me right, that results from a cache issue; non-existant in all likelyhood. Make sure you've not forgotten to copy the Extra folder at the top of your USB Installer and boot with without cache with boot parameters/boot flags KernelBooter_kexts=Yes -f -v. You can manually specify those at the Chameleon/Enoch prompt after pressing a key at the delay bar or F8 at the rotating character in top left corner.
  15. Hervé

    [Success] Mojave 10.14 on i3-6100 with Intel HD 530

    This section is for guides and bu guides we mean detailed description of a procedure with packs and other useful stuff. If you wish to share things, do so but that form of communication really is useless. You've not even mentioned a computer model...