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  1. Samsung 960 EVO is fully supported under OS X/macOS (I've got one).
  2. You browse the input devices and right click on the listed input devices to browse their properties. You'll see the device ids in the Driver's Info tab. Can't say I understand what you intend to do once you've obtained the PCI id of your Alps I2C TouchPad though...
  3. Yup, I guess you did not set DualLink to 1 as advised above, did you?
  4. ??? If you have Windows, browse Device Manager to identify each piece of HID/mouse/touchpad/keyboard equipment.
  5. Yes, you can.
  6. Let's be honest: Nick Silverstein's so-called Mojave guide for E6x20 is a heap of [censored]! Don't waste your time with it, I'd be surprised if you could even boot the installer with the stuff he posted and actually properly install Mojave. Clearly the guy collected stuff from the Net and made up a so-called guide he must have never used... I really don't recommend running Mojave on those HD3000 laptops. You only get partial/OpenGL-only graphics acceleration and it requires tricks that are getting more and more difficult to apply. Given that HD3000 graphics have always been a little buggy since El Capitan, I'll too advise to stick to High Sierra. You can refer to my updated E6220 to that effect and re-use the pack I posted. You should only have to set DualLink parameter to 1 (true) in your Clover config to get your HiRes LCD fully supported.
  7. I have listed the Dock model I use in my guide. My 7490 is fitted with USB-C port, not Thunderbolt so I've not tested TB. Yes, battery charges normally through the USB-C connector when running macOS.
  8. -> It's shown just above the lines you've highlighted! 8086:9d60 / 8086:9d61 / 8086:9d62 where 8086 = Intel's vendor id These are the various Intel I2C host controllers.
  9. It'll be one of the device ids listed when you click on each of the 3 x I2Cx@yy devices in IOReg.
  10. No, wont work. It's not the same hardware at all and that Realtek card reader remains currently unsupported. This model been mentioned/discussed several times before, please search the forum before posting.
  11. Bear in mind that you have absolutely no guarantee that even the 1028:0021 model will work...
  12. You're expected to try the various solutions/workarounds detailed throughout this thread... Bear in mind that this card is something of a lottery and may simply not work in your Hackintosh. Should that be the conclusion, you'll just have to consider replacing your card by a properly model (eg: DW1560) or a USB adapter.
  13. This works without Darwin injection and check? Because I had tried that exactly + the additional Darwin injection and it did not work. But I did not rename _OSI and OSID...
  14. You would have heard wrong. Now let's avoid the off-topic.
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