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  1. A lot of kexts are OS independant, yes. In the case of the E6220, you can re-use most of the Sierra add-on kexts, yes. Obviously, remove the patched IOGraphicsFamily + patched SNB framebuffer + patched AppleHDA which were all Sierra-specific. You can apply Clover's on-the-fly patches for those kexts, knowing that: the IOGraphicsFamily patch was different for High Sierra than it was for Sierra and became obsolete with Lilu + WEG which you could use instead you only need to patch the SNB framebuffer kext if you want video outputs such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc. patched AppleHDA + dummy IDT kexts are now obsolete and audio will be supported with vanilla AppleHDA + Lilu + AppleALC (with the appropriate layout)
  2. I wrote a E6220 guide many moons ago; it's in the Guides section.
  3. Hervé

    Dell e7470

    Obviously, wireless needs to be enabled to work... You can refer to the existing instructions in our R&D->Wireless section regarding configuration patches. This is also where you should post if you have wireless-specific questions to raise in the future.
  4. Your setup has several flaws: you're mixing add-on kexts in /S/L/E, /L/E and Clover E/C/k/O folders. Ideally, you should only cache them from /L/E or inject them from Clover (which you chose to select). you're using MBP8,2 SMBIOS which is not the most appropriate one for the E6220. Try and revert to MBP8,1 instead. your Clover ACPI config is slightly incorrect: you're injecting the correct CPU power management SSDT for your i5-2520M CPU, so untick/uncheck/deselect those APSN/APLF/PluginType and DropOEM options you went for. you retained the Sierra 10.12 IOGraphicsFamily kext which is not applicable to High Sierra for which the patch was: Find 0100007522 Replace: 010000EB22 But if you use Lilu + WEG (which you should but aren't), this patch becomes obsolete and irrelevant.
  5. Please search the forum before posting...
  6. Hervé

    Dell e7470

    Not needed on your E7470, no. Use the Clover PlugIn facility/parameters instead.
  7. Hervé

    Dell e7470

    https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/ssdtPRGen.sh Just follow the provided instructions...
  8. There's really nothing to it; it's as described in previous pages, i.e. Rehabman's latest build with uncompressed firmware v5803 posted on p5. Make sure to adjust PCI ids if required of course... Bluetooth_kexts.zip I've remembered I had my 12yr old Vostro200 Bluetooth mouse & keyboard lying around so I connected the mouse via Bluetooth and been using it without issue whatsoever for the last hour or so. SysInfo reports BT firmware v7 c5799, so not sure the targeted firmware actually loads but everything works fine for sure... Edit: no BT mouse disconnection or other issue after over 3hrs. All Ok as far as I'm concerned.
  9. I'm not using any Bluetooth injector kext at all and have no issue whatsoever. TBH, I don't even know where the idea of this injector came from.
  10. A real Mac card may not fit in your E7470; you'd need to check the physical space available. If it does, you'd need an M.2 adapter and, possibly, an antenna kit. You'd have to check the latest wireless cards used on Apple most recent Mac models of course but I understand that Apple used soldered components in some of their latest models. I use the BCM94360CD + mini-PCIe adapter in my older Hacks (Latitude E6220/E6230) and an M.2 DW1820A in my most recent Latitude 7490. In those recent Dell laptops, a compatible M.2 card is, by far, the best solution. Go for the DW1560 if you hesitate in a DW1820A.
  11. Ok, got it. I've reverted to uncompressed firmware file; it's not as if it made a big difference in terms of size...
  12. @wl_michael, quite possible I did something wrong; wouldn't be the 1st time... I simply Gzip'ed the extracted .hex firmware file but, yes, Rehabman's instructions clearly stipulate that the uncompressed firmware can load too. I looked at your files and I see the same 6KB .zhx compressed file I posted. I don't see any uncompressed file in there... Anyway, I've reverted to uncompressed firmware files and the version I seek to load now shows Ok in SysInfo: With regards, to the 2nd firmware file I had found and uploaded, it may not actually be a more recent firmware: even though the extracted file bears a name ending with "xxxx.0221.4688" when the previous one bears a name ending with "xxxx.0095.1707", once I load it, SysInfo displays version v7 c4688. So, who knows?
  13. Where did you find this other version c5083? Or is it just a typo and you meant version c5803 which I posted a few days ago?
  14. Obviously, the E5550 the latest and current macOS version, i.e. Mojave 10.14 . Please refer to existing guides for this model in our Guides section and to existing topics/disucssions in this current Support section. I also recommend you consult our FAQ section.
  15. Please note that the Qualcomm wireless card fitted to your laptop is not supported. You may refer to our R&D-> Wireless section for inventories of alternatives.
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