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  1. Today (end 2023), there probably is very limited interest in running such old and unsupported versions of macOS... Sierra -> 2016-2019 High Sierra -> 2017-2020 Mojave -> 2018-2021
  2. I think it's time you stop. Skylake has no support since Ventura. Hence why we fake KBL graphics for SKL iGPUs.
  3. Headless FBs have no output ports by definition so, no, you can't use them. At some point, I think I saw an EDID injection in your IOReg. Is it something you extracted from, say, Windows on your own laptop or was it a value you collected somewhere?
  4. Try alternative KBL FBs like 0x591B0000 then.
  5. Injecting value 16590000 for a KBL framebuffer is as useful as injecting value 12345678. It's invalid so will not get you anywhere. The list of valid KBL framebuffers is available in the WEG manual here. Reminder: Hexadecimal value 0x12345678 is injected as DATA value 78563412 in a bootloader's config.
  6. Released September 12th, 2023. Build 23A339. Smooth and straightforward update using the same usual principles applied before.
  7. No, you still get it wrong! You inject AAPL,ig-platform-id with hexadecimal value 16590000 when it should be 00001659. This is getting ridiculous not to say tiring when you were provided with all the correct settings on p1 all those weeks ago. It would also appear that you inject: framebuffer-stolenmem with hexadecimal value 26000000 when it should be 00003001 (or no injection if DVMT set to 64MB or above) framebuffer-fbmem with hexadecimal value 00000000 when it should be 00009000 (or no injection if DVMT set to 64MB or above) see here for details and eventual further adjustments In addition, make sure you boot with: latest version of Whatevergreen kext relevant lilu beta boot args (-lilubetaall or -lilubeta -wegbeta -alcbeta) SMBIOS MBP14,1 + -no_compat_check boot arg -igfxonln=1 if necessary (mostly for HDMI output)
  8. Decide which audio layout you want to inject; can't do both, 11 and 28... Re: using/booting multiple versions of macOS, I guess you ignore that Clover supports injecting kexts for multiple OS X/macOS versions... If you look closer in the kexts folder, provided you've properly installed Clover through one of its official installation packages, you should notice sub-folders labelled 10.x or 11/12/13/etc on top of Other. Guess what they're for... You may put in Other folder only those kexts you always want to inject such as Lilu & PlugIns. Of course, and it should be obvious, you can mix use of those version-specific kext folders with the general one. So, to summarise and be crystal clear: kexts/Other -> general purpose folder, kexts that are not version specific kexts/13 -> kexts specific to Ventura kexts/12 -> kexts specific to Monterey kexts/11 -> kexts specific to Big Sur kexts/10.15 -> kexts specific to Catalina etc. all the way down to 10.7 for Lion
  9. Looks like graphics are not initialising and system hangs.
  10. Looks like you did not understand what I wrote...
  11. You cannot "re-route" the output of one connector to another. Connectors correspond to physical video output ports. You can only patch the attributes/settings of connectors, that's all. Why don't try booting your macOS installation, without the framebuffer memory patches, from a USB key ? All you need to do is install/copy your bootloader and existing bootloader's settings on the key, then adjust the config on it to remove stolenmem/fbmem patches.
  12. See here where you'll find a link to Firewolf's old blog article on the matter.
  13. I'm pretty sure you've done other things that you've not mentioned yet and that would explain your predicament. There's just no way you'd have that kind of trouble with a full vanilla build.
  14. In BIOS settings, as usual with all Dell computers. Your posted config is wrong in many respects. Why do you keep adding stuff that are in complete contradiction with each other ??? Proceed as follows: 1) update Clover to latest version 2) adjust your config with latest version of CloverConfigurator app 3) in your config, please remove this: 4) remove this: 5) remove this: 6) remove this: 7) in SMBIOS tab, select a different SMBIOS then MacBookPro12,1 again Then save your Clover config and reboot.
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