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  1. For those who need an extracted copy of Mojave kernels, here are copies of the various kernels that have come out so far. I also include copies of the patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kexts that are necessary on SandyBridge/IvyBridge CPUs. Patches courtesy of Pimentel and his tools as published at IM. Vanilla kernels for Core2Duo/Core2Quad, Arrandale and Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPUs: Vanilla_kernel_10.14.zip (18.0.0) Patched kernels for Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake CPUs: N/A (Clover and Enoch can patch the vanilla kernel on the fly) Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kexts for Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPUs: Patched_AICPUPM_10.14.zip NB: kernels go to /System/Library/Kernels as kernel; patched AICPUPM kext goes to /System/Library/Extensions
  2. Hervé

    Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

    I guess that the key codes probably differ from one laptop to another. You'd need to apply Rehabman's debugging patch in order to identify the codes returned by Fn-UP/Fn-DOWN keystrokes and amend jpz4085's BRT6 patch accordingly. Not done it yet on my E6220/E6440 to verify.
  3. If you read our forum rules, you'll notice that references to those tools and their originating place are not desired, hence filtered out. We do not support those tools either, they have their own web site and forum.
  4. Hervé

    Dell Vostro 5568 - Sierra / High Sierra

    This is a Sierra/High Sierra thread; please open up a new one for Mojave if necessary.
  5. Hervé

    How to change DVMT for Dell System

    The IO addresses for laptops' GPUs are actually standard across the board; it's not just a Dell thing, it's the same for all computers, including Apple's own MacBooks iGPU -> @0x00020000 dGPU -> @0x00010000
  6. Yes, I can see all 3 x displays in the Displays PrefPane at all times; both external displays are properly detected, there's only a resolution issue / conflict / incompatibility. That's shown in my 2nd illustration above. No display preference tool in OS X/macOS Finder's bar since ML. Look here for alternatives.
  7. Can't see what could be wrong with the E7440, sorry. I've been playing a little more on the multiple external displays arrangement and modified the Azul FB patch for dual DVI outputs: I can then hook 2 x DVI screens off an E-Port Plus docking station (the wide model with 2 x DVI ports): However, initially, I reproduced the DVI black screen issue I experienced at home when attaching DVI + HDMI displays to my E6440: The screen that went black was the 19" Dell 1908WFP attached to DVI output #1. @1440x900, it's got a lower max. resolution than the 21,5" Full HD Dell P2211H @1920x1080 attached to DVI output #2. So I thought the issue could be related to resolution. After various adjustments, I found that, in order to obtain video output on both external displays, the larger screen must not be set to a resolution higher than the highest of the smaller screen. Otherwise the screen with lowest capacity goes black or displays snow. But I cannot select just any lower res, some remain incompatible with the smaller screen! I could therefore settle for resolutions both screens had in common such as @1360x768/@1280x960/@1024x768 or set the smaller screen to its max. res. @1440x900 and the larger screen @1360x768: It would also appear that combinations and/or ratios of resolutions applied to the screens may impact video output. For instance, if both screens are set to 1360x768 which is 16:9, I can set the small screen to 1440x900 which is 16:10 and retain full video outputs. I can then set the large screen to 1280x960 which is 4:3 without any impact. If I further reduce the large screen to 1024x768 which is still 4:3, small screen goes black. If I then set the large screen to 1280x1024, I get snow on the small screen. This snow will remain when I return the large screen to resolutions that previously work. If I then set both screens to 1360x768, video output resumes on both screens and I can then set the large one to 1280x1024 without any loss of video! Can make that one out... NB: If I swap DVI outputs and place the large screen on DVI #1 and the small screen on DVI #2, it the large screen that goes black.
  8. Hervé

    Mojave on E6530 - Installation Issue

    Vanilla AppleHDA + AppleALC + correct layout injection either in DSDT or in Clover config. Install AppleALC kext in /L/E to cache it.
  9. Hervé

    macOS Mojave on E7450

    Could these E7470 posts be moved to their own topic so as not to pollute this E7450 thread? Thank you.
  10. Can you list the add-on kexts you've installed in /L/E and/or /S/L/E?
  11. What if you reduce the resolution of the built-in LCD to say 1600x900? Also, it seems you did not remove the WG and Fixup kexts and then rebuilt your cache: they're still showing in the kextcache log...
  12. Try this Clover config with this DSDT, keeping only SSDT-XCPM in Clover's ACPI/patched folder (i.e. remove SSDT-PNLF + SSDT-AppleALC + SSDT-UIAC). Just to test... config.plist.zip DSDT.aml.zip Changes applied to your Clover config: removed all device renaming from ACPI tab removed VBoxHFS from Disable Drivers tab disabled Azul Framebuffer 9MB cursor patch from Kernel & Kext Patches tab renewed serial #/SMUUID/MLB Changes applied to your patched DSDT: renamed EHCx devices to EH0x removed PWR method from GLAN/HDEF/EH0x devices injected power-related parameters to EH0x + XHC devices renamed GFX0 device to IGPU injected desktop HD4600 id 0x0412 + Azul layout 0x0A260006 to IGPU renamed B0D3 device to HDAU injected _DSM method to GLAN device injected _DSM method to HDEF device fixed minor size mismatches between tags and fields 'hopefully, not missed anything
  13. On my side, no DSDT patch required to use the docking station, no. However, note that warm docking and undocking (i.e. when system is up and running) is indeed badly supported. For the rest, everything works Ok. I don't know what to think of your kextcache log/output; it's like all kexts are mentioned twice and I don't understand that. I never have such output. I would have assumed you only have 1 x copy of the add-on kexts in your /L/E folder, right? I don't know how the mixed DSDT with vanilla GFX0 reference + SSDT-PNLF with IGPU references + Clover renaming of GFX0 to IGPU actually operate together. These should all merge in ACPI so maybe there's no issue on that front. Not running with Clover, I had no choice but patch all the ACPI tables into a common manner. What I can say on the ACPI front though, is that, on my E6440, I'm not using any SSDT-PNLF nor any PNLF device in my patched DSDT and that's not causing me any brightness-related issue. Maybe you should try without especially as I wonder if that SSDT-PNLF really is applicable to your system. Why? Because it declares some external RCMF objects that are nowhere to be found in any other table but in that one...
  14. I'll have a look; on my side, there was no DSDT patch required to use the docking station though warm docking and undocking (i.e. when system is up and running) is indeed badly supported. For the rest, it works Ok.
  15. I use none of those add-on kexts. I've not experienced any KP either. If I close the lid, video switches to external display and I can sleep/wake my E6440 without issues when external displays are connected. The only thing I've noticed is that if I connect my HD TV through HDMI (off the laptop) or DP (off the dock), I'm unable to get video on the DVI display. macOS shows 3 x screens but the 2nd external DVI screen stays black saying it supports 1280*1024@60Hz max; yet that's what the laptop is pushing out... Post your IOReg + CloverEFI filde (without Themes subfolder) to investigate.