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  1. I am looking to install Ubuntu and my 3rd partition (1 and 2 MasOs and Windows11) but I know if not done correctly then I could loose both OS Can anyone help me out please II remember a few yrs ago I done this on my e6320 and only used a terminal command/s, that someone helped out ive an E5470
  2. wha do I do (seer chive.zip anyway thanks so far for this ive updated my bios to the latest version , the problem is (me I know) I cannot for the life of me see in bios these add-on SSDTs that Herve sent me , I'm very new to this all , where and how do I add these , I take it the OC ACPI tree but when I boot into BIOS cannot see ( am I looking in the wrong place ? ive just flashed updated my BIOS to the latest version HELP !! jakelo just asked if it was a mechanical or ssd , mechanical it is , so I looked on eBay and 2tb ssd external is £40 ($50ish) problemo sorted sorry for wasting your time mechanical needs more power than an SSD
  3. my WD is fine on my e6320 tho' BIOS usb power settings , ill check now imy WD is fine on my e6320 tho' BIOS usb power settings , ill check now IN BIOS I am assuming under power management , then what do I chosen? what option is related to this cause I can't see it, sorry for being thick
  4. Herve I'm very very new to all this and ive just read it and at present it don't make sense to me, I am learning but this is a bit tricky to me ,can you help me please, I don't mind buying you a beer when I ge paid please also the same issue is with windows11 ,no ext WD showing ????????
  5. did you manage to "fix" my EFI config thing ? I want to learn all this stuff , where can I read about this ?
  6. it used to work a year ago, remember mergesoft ,I know him and it used to work in high Mojave on his EFI, anyway you mentioned 2 x USB port cable , ill buy it !! can you provide a link please Herve
  7. Ive a dell E5470 256SSD 16gb RAM running Monterey with OC 0.7.5 It can't seem to be able to 'see' the external hard drive but when a thumb drive is plugged in it can when plugged in the blue light is on but not flashing as it would do when read/writing It must be a power issue or something as when plugged in to my e6320 ,its fine Thoughts brothers ? Archive.zip
  8. I have back to normal bar the usb issue thank you Herve, problem solved !!
  9. I get this, I deleted the SSDT file and replaced it with the now provided from you. do I open it in in MaciASL and then press patch ? sorry I'm new to this
  10. I have plugged it in 2nd and 3rd USB ports , same as !! Herve , I'm new to this , how do I go about looking into my USB3.0 injected properties ?
  11. my E5470 USB ports work with a thumb drive but not when my external WD 500g is plugged in , it doesn't show in finder nowhere I'm on Monterey OC0.75 ( see attachments) E5470_OC075.zip my e6320 USB ports are fine so its not the drive
  12. I had the same issue 1.5 yrs ago, if you bought from china or ebay stating its a DW1820A but its really a DW1820 (no A), it won't work . a proper DW1820A should cost £50 about $65ish
  13. what is the terminal cmd to install urbuntu along side macOS ,is there a guide ? any help appreciated
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