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  1. ive tried but i get something about no vault provided when bboting up on the black screen can you work your magic config.plist.zip this is my 1st attempt editing config.plist , im sure ill work it out soon tho' reason being, ive three E5470s, 1 im selling , i need the other 2 to syc when using messages
  2. mine is a macbook pro13,2 yeah ? can this all be canged using opencore configorator i mean macbook pro13.1,
  3. im using propertree , scrolled along way down and bingo , changed it ! didnt work and i tried your way , getting there , thanks herve
  4. i didnt know, how do i change the serial number then Herve ?? thanks for replying i done a search on google and downloading 2 programs, ill give it a try one for AMD and the other for Intel obviously Intel i will use downloaded but corrupt , wouldnt run what be the next step
  5. both the same ??? both the same EFI, SSD amd RAM , although different OS, one monterey and this one Big Sur, this mac doesnt upgrade or wont upgrade to monterey im really puzzzled as to why ????
  6. how do i find/do that ? i know where to get the serial number from......about my mac but how come its different from my other mascs ?( ive yet to check as i just read this, ill check later)
  7. I've 3 dell latitude E5470s' 256gn SSD , 16gb RAM ,DW1820a 2 running macOS Monterey and this one Big Sur (im on now) all signed into my apple account but one pc this one , I’ve no history of messages, only messges that ive sent since this problem occured ,I’ve logged out and back in (5mins later, tried to sync it and no messages like the on my other E5470s ,
  8. HI ALL, ive a E5470 running Monterey using OC-8.1 WIFI working sound working everything but bluetooth, ive tried the generic kext from here but not working anyone know of a fix or needed kext ive added my EFI folder e5470 OC-081.zip
  9. thanks Herve, i deleted every efi foilder bar my OC8.1 folder, issue solved, will it affect again if i add an android efi to oc ?
  10. Specs Skylake E5470, HD 520 graphics, 256GB SSD 16GB RAM DW1820A. upon booting up and when using the mac , i get update apple settings , i enter my password and it keeps asking me to update my apple settings when i either boot up or start a new task i would like to remove this constant issue EFI OC79.zip
  11. a new ssd eradicated this problem !! cheers
  12. ive put the ssd in the other dell(main one) and the same problem, must be the ssd but why does it boot up when i chose Big Sur ??
  13. it still sticks when booting up Monterey near the end , I've tried from system preferences and install from usb My other. E5470 same specs, no problem at all . confused.com I've tried again to remove it using Herve subjections ls -la /System/Volumes/Data If you see a folder called "macOS Install Data", delete it: sudo rm -Rf /System/Volumes/macOS\ Install\ Data/ (or type sudo rm -Rf /System/Volumes/macOS and press [TAB]).
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