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  1. DW1510 is no longer supported in Catalina and as such you'll need to restore kext(s) from Mojave. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11138-inventory-of-supportedunsupported-wireless-cards-2-sierra-catalina/ For 10.15.0, you'll only need IO80211Family.kext replaced from Mojave copy to /L/E For 10.15.1, you'll need both IO80211Family.kext and IO80211FamilyV2.kext from Mojave copy to /L/E Repair permissions and rebuild cache
  2. I recall 5580's I2C touchpad is Alps and it's not fully supported by VoodooI2C.kext. You'll have basic functionality only. You can post in the developer's page for further assistance but I don't think he has the hardware to test and implement the feature for Alps. https://gitter.im/alexandred/VoodooI2C
  3. No issue with v5100 on my E7470. I'm using this version of Clover with the following settings Install for UEFI booting only Install Clover in the ESP UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers ApfsDriverLoader AptioMemoryFix AudioDxe DataHubDxe FSInject HFSPlus SMCHelper (leave off if you have VirtualSMC.kext in bootpack) Additional drivers PartitionDxe Themes (Optional)
  4. @narigondelsiglo What wifi device does it have, I believe the default is Intel. If that's the case, it's not supported in MacOS. You'll need to replace it with a supported card, I recommend DW1560 as what the OP is using as well.
  5. Did you reboot with the USB installer and then selecting the newly installed drive? After which you have to install Clover to the new drive and copy the Clover folder from the USB installer.
  6. Only reasons you need to update DSDT are: Update BIOS version Change BIOS settings Hardware changes System goes straight to sleep on boot
  7. Yes, that's a known requirement for Catalina. Reason I don't have it stated in the New Installation is because all my Catalina bootpack already have that added.
  8. You might be able to check it in the BIOS, if not you'll need to take off the back cover and find it physically. Even though it's not being install to the NVMe drive, just having it detected causes issue. Try disabling it in BIOS and see if you could get the Installer to advance.
  9. Some NVMe drives are known to cause issue on MacOS like Samsung PM981. What NVMe drive does this system have?
  10. Restore the Config file and replace attached SSDT.PNLF.aml to /E/C/ACPI/Patched SSDT-PNLF.aml.zip
  11. When you press F12 or F11, do you see the brightness display icon? post debug file
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