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  1. Look at the requirements for Catalina here and here https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-vostro-xps-clover-guide/?do=findComment&comment=94956
  2. Try switching layout-id to 13 or 56
  3. Copy all the kexts in /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other/CopyToLE to /L/E Repair permissions and rebuild cache
  4. You can open the Config file with Clover Configurator and edit it under devices/properties. Just delete it. Here, make the edit for you. See if it helps config.plist.zip
  5. Apparently HFSPlus.efi is licensed since it's extracted from Apple kext so he probably don't want any legal issue with Apple. In the recent version v5096 by slice, APTIOMEMORYFIX.efi has been re-introduced back under Memory Fix drivers
  6. Your files are a mess, too many unnecessary kexts. Your I2C touchpad is not working it seems, no kext found. Try replacing the attached contents into /EFI/Clover 5580_Catalina.zip
  7. Do you have the DW1820a wifi device on your system? I see it in your Config file. Make sure to remove it if you don't. You can safely remove drivers64 and drives64UEFI folders, latest Clover uses a new structure (drivers)
  8. I don't have any touchscreen model so I don't know if Catalina remove support for that device
  9. Make sure you only use 1 or the other, not both. If you use the SSDT*, keep USBInjectall.kext If you use the kext, remove USBInjectall.kext
  10. I just built it from Catalina with latest Lilu.kext. Have you give it a try?
  11. You can build from source https://github.com/acidanthera/applealc/releases Here you go. It looks like the same version you've been using AppleALC.kext.zip
  12. Post your Clover files from Mojave for review
  13. Touchscreen is most like USB based. Check to see if it shows up under USB in System information. If not, you might have to rebuild /recreate your USB ports with Hackintool.app
  14. Did you patch something in the DSDT.aml? If not, remove it. When attaching, just attach the clover folder, don't need the Microsoft or Apple folder
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