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  1. Using other app like Notepad++ might have corrupted the file. I normally use PlistEdit Pro.
  2. @nhancdn You can dual boot with Windows but booting from OC Picker causes reboot loop. Must choose Windows from BIOS by pressing F10 to choose Windows boot manager.
  3. Does it have a touchscreen? If not, then remove all VoodooI2C + plugins If yes, then remove only VoodooI2CFTE.kext, VoodooI2CSynaptics.kext & VoodooI2CAtmelMXT.kext. Maybe others, but not for certain. Remove VoodooPS2Controller.kext + all plugins, you already have ApplePS2Controller Your error could be due to 2 versions of VoodooInput.kext, so removing VoodooP2Controller which includes their version of VoodooInput.
  4. This only happen after adding the 2 kexts? Post your Config.plist file
  5. Try switching back to an older version from your Clover files. I think I switched it to 2.1.7, you had voodoops2Controller 2.1.5
  6. IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext and IntelBluetoothInjector.kext are causing KP on your system? Make sure you have them added in the correct order, OC is picky like that.
  7. Yes, try using MBP11,1 Try resetting NVRam on OC picker.
  8. Once word goes out about a certain device is MacOS compatible the prices goes through the roof. I bought a DW1560 years ago for $20, now you won't find it anywhere for least than $50 You could try this developing Intel drivers: Itlwm.kext + heliport.app https://github.com/OpenIntelWireless/itlwm/releases https://openintelwireless.github.io/itlwm/FAQ.html#installation
  9. You need to change the ig-platform-id to HD520 instead of using the default for HD620; change 00001B59 to 00001B19, and deviceID from 16590000 to 16190000 and SMBIOS from MBP14,1 to MBP13,1.
  10. Yes, that's correct. Some cloning software might not clone the EFI partition, so just install Clover and copy the EFI folder over.
  11. add -v to Config file under NVRam/Add/7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82/Boot-arg or like a realMac, boot into recovery mode
  12. Fix your USB ports configuration. You could try using the USBPort-E7450 kext found in my files or generate your own with Hackintool.
  13. try this latest oc 0.6.2 E7450_OC062.zip
  14. Make sure BIOS are set correctly. UEFI enable Legacy Rom Enable AHCI Enabled Secure Boot disabled
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