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  1. FYI, you shouldn't be mixing different versions of OC files. Your OpenCore.efi, CleanNvram.efi, BOOTx64.efi, Bootstrap.efi, OpenCanopy.efi are all from different dates.
  2. I didn't make any adjustment to the kext section but you could try disabling SMCDellSensors.kext. Known to disable touchpad for some reason.
  3. Try this, completely hot patched without DSDT Add SDCard Reader Added Fn keys for Brightness Enable audio with IRQ fix Replace the Config and ACPI folder. I see your USB Ports have some discrepancy. You have USBPorts and USBInjectAll + SSDT-UIAC.aml and Port limit patch in the Config file under Kernel. USBPorts. kext won't work since it's hardcoded to MBP11,1, and your SMBIOS is set to MBP11,2, but not sure between SSDT-UIAC and port limit patch, which one is working. FixAudio.zip
  4. Can you confirm RealtekRTL8111 is loaded ? Post IOReg file with IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1
  5. With the OOB bcm94360ng, make sure you disable / remove all patches and kexts related..ie BRCM* and Airport* If touchpad stops working, try disabling SMCDellSensors.kext
  6. You could try this guide https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/343172-guide-lenovo-thinkpad-p50-with-opencore/
  7. Strange, you are part of a few that has issue with Brightness control on boot. I don't have this issue on my E7270. As for the Wifi, try turning it off and on or switch it to itlwm.kext + heliport.app (can't say it's better since I don't use it). If possible, replace with a more supported device..DW1830, DW1560, or DW1820A.
  8. For Intel Wfi / BT, just replace config.plist with the attached and add the 3 kexts to the Kexts folder E7270_IntelWifi:BT.zip
  9. Use files from here, but you'll need to make some edits for the Intel Wifi in the Config and add Intel kexts
  10. Weird that you have to upgrade again, the bootpack I attached are all OC 0.6.8 files The buttons issue is due to the lack of support of VoodooI2C..
  11. Which laptop is the fastest (fully compatible) laptop out of your list on your footer?  thank you


    Latitude E7x70, E7450, E7440, E6530, E6430_NVS, E6430, E6230, 6430u, E6520, E6420, E6220,  Precision 5510

    Precision 7510, XPS 13 L321x, HP840G3, T490, Lenovo T410s, M6800, Optiplex 9020, Optiplex 990, Gigabyte GB-BX-i7-4770R, AlienWare 14

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    2. Justin Wallis

      Justin Wallis

      Thank you so much!!! I was looking at that. Do you prefer the Precision 5510 over precision 7510? Wouldn't the 7510 be faster possibly?    Also, I have been using e7450 as a daily driver, is there speed advantages to E7470 (as compared to E7450)

    3. Justin Wallis

      Justin Wallis

      been using your tutorials for over a decade, btw, thanks!!

    4. Jake Lo

      Jake Lo

      No much difference for the E7470 than the E7450.

      Yes, the 7510 is more powerful then the 5510 but I'm not able to get the USB-C /Thunderbolt port to work with hot plug so it's not as compatible as the 5510. And since you can't use the discrete graphics, why waste paying extra unless you want Windows on it too.


      You only join OSXL in 2020, but been following my guides for a decade?

  12. Did you make any changes to the USBPorts kext? Are all the USB ports tested and working? Does it have USB-C port? is it working? hot plug? HDMI port / DP port working? With audio? USB-C with adapter -> display working? Correct Fn keys work for Brightness? You don't need the Bootstrap folder. It's been removed since OC 0.6.6
  13. @GotierLdl Can you post new IOReg file? Just want to see what's else is needed As for the CPU, that's just cosmetics.
  14. Give this bootpack a try Pick the Config for your system depending on wireless device (Intel or Broadcom) Latitude_5590_OC_0.6.8.zip
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