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  1. Select Save all Information and attach the file. The above images only tells me what graphics cards it has. I thought this is a Precision laptop, but it's actually a Desktop. I'll move this to the proper thread for desktop. With the exported file, we'll be able to get more detail of what other hardware it has...like sound card
  2. Please post full system's spec If you have Windows, you can run dxdiag.exe and attach output here
  3. Have you tried reseting NVRam? I just updated to 11.5.1 with OC 0.7.1 as well without issue. Lilu = 1.5.5 AppleALC = 1.6.3
  4. why did you remove SSDT-TYPEC? This is for the USB-C / TB port..might not be hot pluggable. The SSDT-TPDX is for the I2C touchpad. Sound like the USB-C is not hot pluggable. It only works on boot up.
  5. Replace with this EFI, update to latest OC v0.7.1 Configured for Intel Wifi / BT If you have other, you'll need to make the adjustments. EFI.zip
  6. Add this to ACPI folder and Config file Then post new IOReg file SSDT-TPDX.aml.zip
  7. Probably not for the Alps I2C touchpad. SD Card should work. Use either Sinetek-rtsx.kext or RealtekCardReader.kext + RealtekCardReaderFriend.kext
  8. BCKM includes PNLF in the patch so no need for the other. Do you get full range when adjusting the brightness? Have you tested to see if thunderbolt works?
  9. Seems like USB issue. Do you have UEFI and AHCI enabled in the BIOS?
  10. Which version of VoodooPS2? Can you post a new IOReg file with the WD15 connected? If you want a system with better touchpad support, you should look for one with a Precision touchpad or Synaptics (SMBus). The Precision 5510, maybe even newer comes with Precision touchpad and supported by VoodooI2C The Lenovo T14 and T490 has Synaptics touchpad which is fully supported by VoodooSMBus. I have a guide and bootpack for both of these systems. But for the 2 Lenovo's, unfortunately the wifi card are Intel and soldered to the system board. There are some support for the Intel but not very stable for me the last time I tested them. I guess you could go back one model T480 where it still can replace the wifi card.
  11. Hmm, could be VoodooInput.kext that's making the difference because I switch it to the latest VoodooPS2's Input.kext in the Config file instead of what you had before which was Input.kext from VoodooI2C (older version). You could try putting back the latest VoodooPS2 but switch to VoodooI2C's Input.kext to confirm. The ethernet on the dock, do you know what model or brand is it? Maybe need to add a kext if existed? For thunderbolt, give this SSDT a try, just add it to the Config file. As you know, it'll only work on boot if it works at all, but not hot-plugging. Post a new IOReg file after adding this SSDT file SSDT-TYPEC.aml.zip
  12. Try this, upgraded to OC 0.7.1 7310_OC_0.7.1.zip
  13. You'll need to generate a new USBPort* kext perhaps. The one in the bootpack was from Hervé's Clover bootpack, not sure if the docking station USB ports added.
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