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  1. @georges29100 what do you mean bad resolution? make sure legacy option rooms is enable in bios
  2. Hit the spacebar, a new boot option should appear
  3. No issue there. Perhaps the VoodooPS2Controller is causing the sleep / wake issue. After replacing the files, did you select 'Reset NVRam' on reboot? Try that, if still no sleep, try restoring both Config and VoodooPS2Controller, do the reset NVRam again. Check sleep issue Post your result. You'll need and external USB mouse for this test unless you know your way around with just your keyboard shortcut. Another thing you could try before this is check your BIOS. Make sure wake on LAN / USB / WWAN/ WLAN are disabled
  4. The new kext worked for you? Weird, doesn't work from mine, perhaps my hardware is different Alps model. How are you sleeping the system? Closing the lid, or from Apple Menu? Both should work. Please post output from terminal log show --start 2020-08-10 | fgrep "Wake reason"
  5. Are you using the files I posted? No movement whatsoever for the touchpad or no gestures? How about the trackpoint? If you are using the files I posted and it's still not working, try replacing it with this one Replace the Config too, had to disable the Input and mouse plugin since it doesn't exist on this version of the kext Alps.zip
  6. Looks like you have an Intel Wifi/BT combo. Add these 2 kext for BT. Looks like you already have Intel Wifi working somewhat. Yes it's still in development. Thanks for the kind works but I'm not a developer. You are using an SMBIOS that emulate a model the had TouchID, that is what's causing the login delay. YOu'll need NOtouchID.kext to fix that issue. I'll attach that too. Add them to /E/C/kexts/Other FixIntelBT&LoginDelay.zip
  7. 1) try closing the LID and reopen, see if the LCD display turn on 2) Sorry, what BT does it have again, hard to go back to read all the post, better you add the system's spec to your signature file 3) There's no support for Alps I2C touchpad so you'll only have basic functions 4) That's no such thing as a perfect hackintosh. You my as well buy a real Mac. 5) M.2, is that a Sata or NVMe drive? If NVMe, try adding NVMeFix.kext for power management. Doesn't work for my NVMe drive though, so drains like crazy 6) Serial #? There's way to many guides about this subject. Just google it. You'll need a unique serial# if you find that other services are not working like iCloud, iMessage, etc. Check our FAQ to answer some of your questions.
  8. system still crashes with HDMI is plugged in? Let's try this one, enable HDMI on port 0x6 config.plist.zip
  9. Click on your name and select Account Settings. To the left is the signature tab to add a signature. Try this one. Had to change you ig-platformid and SMBIOS to MBP12,1, works better config.plist.zip
  10. OpenCore?? Like I stated earlier, add your system's specs to your signature. It'll help speed thing along. Does system have 1 or 2 HDMI ports? Does system have DP port? There's no indication that you have added the patches I mentioned in your Config file. Here, added the patches. See if it works. config.plist.zip
  11. Follow BIOS settings here Clover guide here to create the installer After installing Clover (recommend version v5119) Replace Clover files in /EFI/Clover with Clover folder found in this debug attachment Best to only replace ACPI and Kext folder and Config file Update the kexts in /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other if necessary Mainly Lilu.kext, Whatevergreen.kext, VirtualSMC.kext and AppleALC.kext. You can google for them. Some links https://github.com/vit9696/Lilu/releases https://github.com/vit9696/Lilu/blob/master/KnownPlugins.md
  12. Try this file for OC. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13692-e7470-big-sur-beta-installation/?do=findComment&comment=101809
  13. click on the Patch tab, under info, make sure it's detecting your system correctly, change it if necessary. then go to connectors tab, select busID 0x5, change the type to HDMI. Click on File, export to Config file. Don't mount your drive, just export it to a custom location. Now open the Config file and navigate to devices\properties\PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) Copy framebuffer-con1-enable and framebuffer-con1-type or all of framebuffer-con1* to your current Config under the same location. You'll need you an app like Xcode, Clover Configurator(text mode) or PlistEdit Pro (my preference app), don't use textedit, it could protentially corrupt your Config file Simple?
  14. Personally on my T480, it works really well. Well... as well as it can be on a non apple device right. Only thing I have a slight issue with was the 3 fingers drag and drop. You need to keep all 3 fingers slightly apart, if too close, you'll encounter some jumpy movement. For OC, add the kexts in the following order VoodooPS2Controller (acidanthera or Rehabman's version are fine) VoodooPS2Keyboard Plugin from VoodooPS2Controller VoodooPS2Trackpad plugin from VoodooPS2Controller (disable) VoodooPS2Mouse plugin from VoodooPS2Controller (disable) VoodooSMBus VoodooRMI RMISMBus plugin from VoodooRMI VoodooInput plugin from VoodooRMI ( if you have it elsewhere for something else, don't enable it, will cause error, just need one instance of the kext) VoodooTrackpoint plugin from VoodooRMI (this doesn't work as well, but I can't complain since touchpad work really well) Source file: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI/releases Note: You might have to check if your touchpad is an SMBUS device https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI
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