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Community Answers

  1. Disable SMCDellSensors.kext in Config file, if that still doesn't work try this for touchpad Make sure to make the changes in the Config file it doesn't have th eVoodooPS2Mouse.kext plugin, so disabling in the Config should work otherwise you'll kP VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  2. post ioreg file using ioregistryexplorer.app v2.1 with HDMI monitor connected
  3. please post IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1
  4. Give this a try Replace the whole EFI folder E5570_OC_0.7.4.zip
  5. Not much info, probably better if you have windows running, post dxdiag.exe file
  6. What wifi does it have? What touchpad does it have? What LAN does it have? Need full system's spec....
  7. Have you tried using ig-platform-id from Idle's file here Built-in Mic, you can try adding CodecCommander.kext Wifi- make sure you're using the correct version of Airportitlwm. There's different version for BS, Monterey, Catalina..etc
  8. Just uploaded OC 0.7.4, give that a try This does not include touchscreen, will have to adjust the subport.kext later
  9. You have IntelSnowMausi.kext enabled in the Config file, the kext doesn't exist in your kext folder. You don't need IntelSnowMausi.kext, IntelMausi is enough. Remove it from the Config file What error are you getting that's preventing it from booting? enable verbose to help you diagnose
  10. voodooi2cHID is a satellite kext that only loads with VoodooI2C, so yes, disable both including the plugins. For bluetooth, there are newer kexts, so update them
  11. According to your Config file, you have Bluetoothfirmware and IntelMausi disabled, enable them should fixed those issue As for touchpad, your touchpad is not I2C as far as I know. Disable those 2 kexts. With Acidanthera's VoodooPS2Controller.kext should enable both trackpoint and Touchpad but without multi gestures. You should have 2 finger scrolling at least.
  12. It's possible your HDMI port is not Con1, could be Con2 or Con3 Please post IOreg files using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1 to better determine
  13. I think Maxd13 is using USBInjectall instead of USBMap or USBPort.kext I can confirm the touchscreen model uses HS08 Try this kext USBPorts_7280.kext.zip
  14. nope still not disabled. try this one SSDT-NoHybGfx.aml.zip
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