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  1. Hi, please help me, i installing Ventura for e5470, i am using efi folder e7470 and config.plist e5470 this post, not working brightness control

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    2. Saidahmad


      thanks, not working

    3. Jake Lo

      Jake Lo

      did you reset nvram after updating the files?

    4. Saidahmad
  2. try this, updated OC and kexts to the latest7490_OC099.zip
  3. Did you input it into the config file too? Not just to the kexts folder Same KP?
  4. try adding this kext CtlnaAHCIPort.kext.zip
  5. post the ACPI folder, it's missing from your EFI above
  6. you're using a desktop SMBIOS, try switching to MBP15,2
  7. try setting your BIOS to load default. Save, reboot. and then go back to set BIOS to UEFI Enabled AHCI enabled Secure boot disabled Legacy Option ROMS disabled if still not boot, try disabling your internal drive. Some NVMe drives are not supported. If it boots up with drive disabled, then means you'll need to replace it with a supported drive.
  8. download ioregistryexplorer.app v2.1 launch it, save it, compress it and then upload it
  9. You need switchable graphics enabled in the BIOS for the Intel graphics to work. I think you can mod the BIOS like my Precision 7510. Download my Precision 7510 ventura files. Inside the Boot folder is a folder call DVMT Copy that whole folder into your Boot folder Go to the your BIOS and create a boot option, point it to /EFI/Boot/DVMT/boot.efi, call it DVMT or whatever. Reboot, select F12 and select this new boot option. It'll load the modified Grub At the boot menu, select 1, this will enable the Intel Graphics and disable the Nvidia, change the DVMT pre-allocated to 96mb. With this you can disable these in the Config file framebuffer-fbmem : 00009000 framebuffer-stolenmem : 00003001 After that, you should not have to keep re-enabling Switchable Graphics manually. If you look in the grub.cfg file with textedit, you'll see it does work for both 7510 and 7710.
  10. Set BIOS to Default. Apply. The go back and set to UEFI / AHCI enabled Legacy options ROMS disabled Secure boot Disabled Then try again
  11. IntBTPatcher.kext is not enabled in your Config file Also try moving it and BlueToolFixup before intelBluetoothFirmware.kext
  12. check to see if the screen brightness can be increase. you can check by using a flash light on the display
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