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Community Answers

  1. the txt files are debug files generated each time you boot. you can disable it in the config file under debug set to NO appledebug applepanic DisableWatchDog Set Target = 3
  2. i assume you have windows install currently. run dxdiag.exe and post the result which version macOS you're trying to install?
  3. Did you try selecting ADATA to boot?
  4. it's the voodoops2controller found inside the zip file
  5. disable the dgpu, add this to bootarg -wegnoegpu
  6. Post full EFI folder and IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app
  7. You'll need to: disable SIP. Just change csr-active-config to 03080000 Add this to bootarg as well amfi_get_out_of_my_way=0x1 On reboot, reset NVRam Download OCLP 0.5.x Selected "Post Install Root Patch" -> Start Root Patches Rebooted system - > full graphics acceleration
  8. Did you run the OCLP? It's needed since this gpu is no longer supported in Ventura
  9. I think the hynix drive might not be supported. Try another drive
  10. Re work on your USB ports kext, might've left out the correct connector for the touchscreen
  11. post IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1 while HDMI display is connected
  12. Try platformid=00001B59 but keep device id = 16590000
  13. No, in the config file I added the patches. Go ahead and disable these since you already have DVMT set. If it still doesn't work, then increase it. framebuffer-fbmem framebuffer-stolenmem
  14. Give this a try, I see your audio and ethernet is also not working. I changed the layoutid and corrected the correct ethernet kext Archive.zip Post new IOReg file if it works. Might have other fixes needed
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