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  1. Don't know, what wifi / BT does it have installed? You could ignor those error if your system boots and battery status is showing correctly
  2. bootarg under NVRam should take precedence alcid=12 But looks like it's coming from the DSDT under HDEF is set to 14
  3. try to see if this boots with graphics acceleration. then we'll fix the rest config.plist.zip
  4. If I'm not mistaken, this model also comes with a discrete card. That needs to be disable via SSDT patching.
  5. are you sure, bottom of list also shows i7-6820hQ which is Skylake. You can easily confirm by checking it in the BIOS
  6. That's because iGPU is enable only if Switchable graphics is enable in BIOS. If you disable it, then only the Nvidia is on but it's not supported. What's the specs of your 7520? Need to determine if you have Skylake or Kabylake processor
  7. Try this, replace Config and add ssdt to /ACPI Enable switchable graphics in BIOS 7520-DisableDGPU.zip
  8. see here about proper tree
  9. @wribeiro change layout-id to 21 as stated by Omerlatif5490 just add to bootarg under NVRam in the Config file alcid=21
  10. TextEdit might have corrupted the file. You may use apps like Xcode, ProperTree, or PlistEdit Pro instead.
  11. you'll need to set DVMT with EFI shell as Bronxteck said above
  12. @joelhanducky According to his IOReg file it's not disable at all. It's still loaded. To disable, add this SSDT . Make sure to have Switchable graphics enabled in the BIOS
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