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Community Answers

  1. try updating the OC version and kexts You can also try disabling SMCProcessor.kext in the Config file
  2. No seeing any issue...try getting rid of all fakepci* kexts what do you gain adding them? you also have 2 pnl*f.aml, try one or the other
  3. yes, post the EFI and IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app
  4. can you post new IOReg file? I believe it's due to (_SB.PCI0.I2C0) and not (_SB.PCI0.I2C1) from files I posted Those 2 ssdt definitely suggested that
  5. I see some issue with the smbios from your IOReg. Try this config to fix the truncated smbios config.plist.zip
  6. check this out, seems to support your model https://github.com/chris1111/HP-Probook-EliteBook-Package-Creator-OC
  7. do you have more than 1 internal drive? are you installing windows on a separate HDD than the MacOS?
  8. do you have more than 1 disk? try disabling and only enable the one you're installing windows to
  9. Looks like you're trying to install Ventura with OC 0.9.5 All seems to look fine. What brand/ model of the harddisk does it have? Some are known to be not supported. Samsung PM981, PM981a, PM990 and a few others
  10. there were a few error in your config file Fixed and make a couple of minor changes Give this a try, rename to config.plist before using config-7410.plist.zip
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