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  1. Upgraded to 0.68 and apply the following patch to get the DVI and HDMI ports working properly. Still trying to make the VGA port work... framebuffer-patch-enable = 01000000 framebuffer-con1-enable = 01000000 framebuffer-con1-type = 00080000 config.list attached for details config.plist.zip
  2. I did add those 3 lines with values according to Dortania, but same colour distortion. If I use the incorrect platform ID and get the correct colour the display info is incorrect. The 24” dell monitor cannot be identified and interpreted as a 31.5” display
  3. @Jake Lo When I accidentally reversed the number to 00005916 I got the correct colour. But if I used correct platform ID, I got the distorted colour as shown in the first post. The second config.plist attached is the one I got the distorted colour but IOReg results did show correct display info.
  4. @Jake Lo Actually I attached the wrong config.plist file. The one attached above gives the correct color but the one that I attach here with the correct platform gives the wrong color. The IOReg for the display is incorrect and cannot identify the correct display device. config.plist.zip @Bronxteck I tried that but no effect. One strange thing is that if I use screenshot to save the screen the resulting image gives correct color. imac’s iMac.zip
  5. Hello, My system uses Gigabyte GA-Z170-hd3 with Core i7-7700 with processor graphics HD630. It boots and installed but the color is distorted as shown in attachment. Any help would be appreciated. ioreg output: imac’s iMac.zip Distorted color: Config.plist: config.plist.zip
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