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    Broadcom BCM4350 Wireless cards

    Good news on the BCM4350 front!
    Further to recent additional findings, BCM4350-based cards such as the DW1820A are now fully supported. Follow our guide, inject the appropriate properties into DSDT or Clover configuration and off you go. No need to patch kexts or anything of the sort. The closest it comes to working OOB... 
    Full 802.11ac speed (867Mbps) + BT 4.1 all supported! 
    These cards come as a great supplement to existing M.2 supported models such as DW1560 and DW1830.

    macOS Catalina 10.15 is out !

    Following the release of GM version a few days ago, Catalina 10.15 was released Monday October 7th, 2019.
    Build is 19A583. It is available off the AppStore for download. Those who run on beta versions through the beta enrolment program should probably 1st revert to default mode before attempting to download as the new macOS version may not be otherwise be offered.



    Our 1st few guides have just stared to roll in so we invite everyone to bring in their new contributions.
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    • Thank you so much @Jake Lo!   Even if this is not a solution, it is a starting point. And I can avoid loosing plenty of time in doing nothing to solve it.   I know that if someone will find a solution, will also post it here.   Regards,   Marco  
    • @verebes can you tell me how to fix the audio issue on the same model
    • Okay, got the follow error when booting with that Clover folder
    • My TouchPad (Alps Electric) is working finally. I remove the all vooddo*.kexts added before and only left the attached one. Thank you so much for your great support. VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
    • Thank you for clarification on VoodooPS2Controller. I followed all instructions from your original thread. Looking quite good except for below mostly minor issues.   Mouse works of course. However, one issue is I cannot use the trackpad on laptop to click. In Settings, when I click Trackpad, it says there is none found, but I think that's referring to the Apple Trackpad - a separate device. So this is the only difference from 10.14 as far as mouse is concerned.   Sleep seems to work. I can put manually to sleep and I can wake it up pressing power button. I can close lid and it will go to sleep. After I open lid, it wakes up but display does not come on until I click mouse. This is not really a problem.   Rear USB does not work,  but the two, one on each side do. I will find out if the rear USB is the 3.0 port. Another thing not too worried at this time.   Sound works.   Camera does not work   Bluetooth not found. I recall I had fixed it by patching kext in S/L/E. I will try again.   So Mouse and Bluetooth pressing issues. Will research more and share CLOVER folder. Camera at the end (unless it is related to bluetooth!)   Much obliged, as always.    
    • Awesome, thank you! The microphone works! Any idea on the others?
    • Try this Config and delete SSDT-HDEF.aml. It's conflicting with your Config file with different layout-id. config.plist.zip
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