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    New driver for Realtek PCIe card readers!

    There's renewed interest on the development of drivers for Realtek PCIe card readers and it's fantastics news!
    Last year, we reported here on Cholonam's work that, building on the original work of developper Sinetek, gave a new life to some of our Realtek card readers. It was pretty good stuff and allowed many of us with, say RTS525a card readers, to finally be able to use SD cards under macOS. Performance was however pretty limited.
    This year, Austere.J (aka Firewolf) has embarked on writing a brand new driver and, my God, is it good! The driver is under active development as we write but Austere.J has started on the RTS525a with super results and he's adding support for other Realtek RTS models too.
    2 x major improvements compared to Cholonam's driver:
    the card reader is now reported as built-in in SysInfo the card's full performance is being achieved  


    You can follow the on-going R&D here at Insanelymac and drivers are posted here on FireWolf's GitHub repo.
    Please join me in helping Austere.J in the testing and give him the support and thanks he deserves.

    macOS 12 Monterey announced

    June 7th, 2021
    Today, at the June 2021 WWDC event, Apple announced macOS 12, named Monterey. 1st developper's beta was released for download thereafter. 1st public beta will follow in July with 1st general release in the fall as usual.
     More details on Apple's web site:
    On the supported platforms front, it looks like Monterey drops support for many Haswell-based iMac/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air models with support starting at 2015 Broadwell models. But the Mac mini from Late-2014 and MacBook Pro from mid-2015 appear to remain supported and, with it, support for Haswell graphics. Probably just because these 2 models were sold until Q4 and Q3 2018.

    So, support starts at the following models:
    iMac 16,1 (Broadwell with iGPU graphics) Mac mini 7,1 (Haswell with iGPU graphics) MacBook 9,1 (Skylake with iGPU graphics) MacBook Air 7,x (Broadwell with iGPU graphics) MacBook Pro 11,4 (Haswell with iGPU graphics + Kepler dGPU)  
    This time -and as could be expected-, support for HD4000 is definitely dropped and no Capri framebuffer is provided. We'll probably see rapidly if this can be as easily patched as per support for, say, Intel HD3000 and nVidia Tesla graphics in Mojave/Catalina.
    Support for nVidia Kepler remains present (Geforce + NVDA kexts still provided), so no apparent change on that front.

    Broadcom BCM4350 Wireless cards

    Good news on the BCM4350 front! Further to recent additional findings, BCM4350-based cards such as the DW1820A are now fully supported. Follow our guide, inject the appropriate properties into DSDT or Clover configuration and off you go. No need to patch kexts or anything of the sort. The closest it comes to working OOB... 
    Full 802.11ac speed (867Mbps) + BT 4.1 all supported! 
    These cards come as a great supplement to existing M.2 supported models such as DW1560 and DW1830.
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