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    macOS Sonoma is out

    Released Sep 26th, 2023 as announced.
    Version 14.0, build 23A344 (same as RC2 published Sep 21st).



    Sonoma drops official support for Kaby Lake platforms that remained supported in Ventura, Apple raising minimal requirements to Amber Lake and Coffee Lake platforms (with the exception of iMacPro1,1 as in Ventura). However, support for Kaby Lake graphics remain provided with all KBL kexts still present, this in order to ensure support for Amber Lake MacBookAir8,1. By extension, this means that graphics support for Skylake iGPUs can also be retained using those same KBL settings as used in Ventura. For other iGPUs, patches are available through OCLP tool to regain graphics acceleration.
    Officially supported Intel platforms are now limited to :
    iMac19,x (8th gen. Coffee Lake)
    iMacPro1,1 (Skylake Xeon)
    MacBookAir8,1 (8th gen. Amber Lake)
    MacBookPro15,x (8th gen. Coffee Lake)
    Macmini8,1 (8th gen Coffee Lake)
    MacPro7,1 (Cacade Lake)
    With Sonoma, Apple also dropped official support for what they call "legacy" Broadcom cards that remained supported up to Ventura. These include cards based on Broadcom BCM4350, BCM4360 or BCM43602 chipsets. If Bluetooth remains natively supported on such legacy cards, native Wifi support is now limited to those Apple proprietary Broadcom SOCs that have been fitted to the above Mac models. Support for "legacy" Broadcom cards can however be recovered with specific patching using OpenCore bootloader, kexts blocking and OCLP patches.
    Officially supported Broadcom SOCs include:
    BCM4355 (802.11ac): pci14e4,43dc (iMacPro1,1 + MacBookAir8,x) BCM4364 (802.11ac): pci14e4,4464 (Mac mini8,1 + MacBookPro15,x + MacBookPro16,x + iMac19,x + iMac20,x + MacPro7,1) BCM4377b (802.11ac): pci14e4,4488 (MacBookAir9,1) BCM4378 (802.11ax): Apple Silicon Mac models BCM4387 (802.11ax): Apple Silicon Mac models BCM4388 (802.11ax): Apple Silicon Mac models  
    NB: macOS Big Sur is now officially unsupported.

    macOS Sonoma unveiled

    WWDC June 5th, 2023.
    Today, Apple unveiled macOS 14 Sonoma.
    As usual, 1st beta version is available to developers with immediate effect and 1st public beta will be available in July with a final release in the fall.



    With Apple now completing its move to Apple Silicon (Mac Pro now switching to M2, it was the last platform still running on Intel platform), Sonoma appears to drop official support for Intel 7th gen. Kaby Lake platforms, as expected, the iMacPro remaining the exception as per Ventura. We can expect 8th/9th gen. Amber Lake/Coffee Lake to be dropped next year and final 10th gen. Comet Lake/Ice Lake in 2025.
    Minimum platform requirements are therefore:
    iMac19,x (8th gen. Coffee Lake) iMacPro1,1 (Skylake Xeon) MacBookAir8,1 (8th gen. Amber Lake) MacBookPro15,x (8th gen. Coffee Lake) Macmini8,1 (8th gen Coffee Lake) MacPro7,1 (Cacade Lake)

    macOS Ventura is out

    Released Oct 24th, 2022 as announced.
    Version 13.0, build 22A380.



    Ventura drops support for Intel Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake platforms that remained officially supported in Monterey. Patches are available to regain graphics acceleration though. This time, Apple raised minimal requirements to Kaby Lake platforms (with the exception of iMacPro1,1):
    iMac18,1 (Kaby Lake) iMacPro1,1 (Skylake) Macmini8,1 (Coffee Lake) MacBook10,1 (Kaby Lake) MacBookAir8,1 (Amber Lake) MacBookPro14,1 (Kaby Lake) MacPro7,1 (Cascade Lake) On the AMD front, it's Polaris minimum.
    Also released at the same time:
    macOS Monterey 12.6.1 Security Update (build 21G217) macOS Big Sur 11.7.1 Security Update (build 20G918)  
    NB: macOS Catalina is now officially unsupported.
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