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    macOS 13 Ventura unveiled

    Apple's WWDC, June 6th 2022.
    Today Apple unveiled macOS next version: macOS 13 Ventura.

    Developper's beta available today with 1st public beta available in July. As usual, general public version will be released in the fall.

    A few good new things to be included. See the Replay and here for details:
    The essential piece of information for Hackintosh platforms is Apple's extended restrictions as far as supported platforms are concerned with nothing older than 2017...

    Minimum platforms are:
    iMac18,1 (Kaby Lake) IMacPro1,1 (Skylake) Macmini8,1 (Coffee Lake) MacBook10,1 (Kaby Lake) MacBookAir8,1 (Amber Lake) MacBookPro14,1 (Kaby Lake) MacPro7,1 (Cascade Lake) so minimum hardware is now Kaby Lake (with Skylake Xeon being the exception) with support dropped for older iGPUs (Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake). On the AMD front, it's Polaris minimum.
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