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Wifi in Sequoia beta: Patching for legacy Broadcom wireless cards

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It should come as no surprise that the same issue that initially affected legacy Broadcom cards in macOS Sonoma now applies to freshly released macOS Sequoia beta. The OCLP tool will need to be updated for Sequoia.

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The devs have done a good job again and latest nightly builds of OCLP 1.6.0 now provide the fix for Broadcom Wifi in Sequoia. It's basically the same fix as for macOS Sonoma described here.



For Clover users, once you've run the patcher and applied the root patches (Modern Wireless Networking), make sure to reboot with:

  • Latest AMFIPass kext or boot arg amfi_get_out_of_my_way=1
  • BlockSkywalk kernel & kext patch enabled
  • patched IO80211FamilyLegacy + IOSkywalkFamily kexts as available here (same as required since Sonoma 14.4)


Example with my Latitude E7270 fitted with an Apple BCM94360CS2 wireless card:












Caution though because the paint still is a bit wet and I've noticed this on occasions after wake, which requires to reconnect manually via the Wifi PrefPane:


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