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  1. ok today I tried a different approach I specified pipe and types in config but l gets connected as dp but colours are violet and no audio with dp What's the problem did I do something wrong ?????? I enclose config file ioreg Funny thing Hackintool thinks I am connected with HDMI??? forgot to mention on bootup no display got it after I fidgit with connector in and out a few times. config 3.plist.zip iMac18.1.zip
  2. Im not having much luck It always connects to HDMI instead of DP If I set connector to dp black screen on boot and then I have to figit with dp cable until display work but then colours are violet. hopeless cause also after sleep screen stays black I think putting back windows and sell it again
  3. Hi colour was like violet and if I dont specify connectords it would connet as hdmi and not dp as I checked with ioreg
  4. hi still trying but why is it that when I manage to connect with dp colour is funny???? I enclose ioreg iMac.zip
  5. hi so you are telling not to put device-id and use only AAPL,ig-platform-id The values for connector are copied form whatever green manual???? Maybe I need to delete space in between??? It would help it you could post a facsimile dp config file so I can understand what do you mean.....
  6. ok I understand This is my new dp config I took out 2gb config so If I don't get 4k@60 I just have to try with a different device??? Is that correct???? What about DVMT in bios ??? What should it be????
  7. hi I have a few questions Do I have to specify the connectors or is it just enough with framebuffer-patch-enable 01000000 ??? Also do I have to specify both AAPL,ig-platform-id and device id ???? If I get black screen after boot I need to add igfxonln=1???' You see its very confusing for me This is the config of both hp 800g1 and Lenovo m73 tiny and it seem less complicated ok I changed device to this I booted nothing on both dp block screen then computer rebooted and. this kp
  8. hi I changed connectors to dp did a nvram but now screen stays black omg too complicated I have been trying for ages but the Framebuffer seems too complicated
  9. Hi do you mean to remove all these??? framebuffer-con0-alldata framebuffer-con0-enable framebuffer-con1-alldata All of them??? I did but it makes no difference
  10. Hi Herve' hp 600 g3 ssf Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz intel hd 630 2 dp ports which it connect to my lg 43 tv with dpto HDMI adapter same one I use for hp 800 g1 which gives me @60fps I enclose my ioreg Mac mini.zip
  11. Hi Herve' DVMT is set in bios I tried all different setting 64,128,256,512 MB but still the same result
  12. Hi guys I recently installed Ventura on the above desktop but I cannot seem to be able to get 4k resolution @60fps. I tried different config looked online but I still cannot. Funny thing I can with my hp 800 g1 I don't understand it. Can someone figure it out??? I enclose config I use. Config 2.plist.zip
  13. Hi I fixed the problem. It was that after changing bios ME driver got lost . By luck I found out that doing a reset to default in bios I would get the me driver back and it worked. Merry Christmas everyone
  14. Hi Herve´ I tried that with no spoof for video card and also enabled plugin type but nothing seems to work. I think Im going to install Windows back on and sell it asap
  15. Hi Herve' MacBook 9,1 uses platform id 03001E19 but doesn't work with that. I tried different config for video also spoofed as kabylake but same result. Yes cpufriend made for this cpu I just tried with ssd.aml generated from ssdtprgen website same result. I forgot to mention that videos playing ok after sleep with Firefox
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