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  1. Ok I realised what it is ... the antenna on the lenovo tiny desktop is crap compared to the laptop so I played around and by bringing it closer to router I achived the desired tx rate.. So it was what Herve’ suggested
  2. Hi Herve’ config are the same same version of airportbcmfixup country code is same us and even if I put laptop furthest away it still show higher tx rate What I dont understand is why it worked for a couple of times when I swapped cards or change the cables .. then it reverts to lower speed Im really intrigued...
  3. Just stumbled on a terminal command to see tx rates and this is the output Lower signal is the lenovo it shows is capable of max speed but ...
  4. Ok I will try although the lenovo its closer to router. I thought it did but after a couple of reboots it went back to old speed so it is not the cables...
  5. Hi I seem to have a problem I have same wifi card installed in two different hackintosh machines The card in question is AW-CE123H First one is an hp 9470m running os Catalina and second one on a lenovo m73 tiny os Monterey. On hp good download speed but Monterey does not. I even used same kext bcrmfixup kext and that did not improve. I changed the cards and first boot on Monterey speed was good but after reboot went slow again.. Any ideas why is this happening?? As you can see on photo hp txrate is 867 while on lenovo txrate is 434??
  6. hi I have managed in the end It working good with clover . All I did was to only install patches for graphics cards only nothing else with opencore legacy patcher. Everything works but I think I'm going to stick with Monterey for the time being.
  7. Ok will report back in a fews days with the outcome Thanks for input.
  8. hi guys I have installed ventura no my hp and I read that you need to patch with oc 051 in order for card to work. so I downloaded oc legacy and did that but now when I boot when I reach desktop it stays black....while before it booted with 3mb in the intel hd5500. I tried in putting a few config but results is the same???? Any idea which one will do the trick??? I attach a screenshot on my card id
  9. Hi sorry for late reply Efi was done with help of baio77 and then I changed a few things myself
  10. Thats strange I will have to investigate It would be interesting to try your efi
  11. Ok thanks Ill try that Took me ages to write it in config properly Thanks for help Mark it as solved Hervè
  12. hi I finally managed to boot with Monterey with my hp revolve . Everything seems to work fine except the touch screen. I used first kext that where working in bsur then I updated them but result is the same . Don't know what to do I enclose my config file and my IOReg file, maybe someone can tell me which kext I should need Thanks guys macbook pro.zip config 3.plist.zip
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