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  1. I would like to thank you all for the efforts for trying to help me It seems that after Mojave fans seems to be on constantly I tried with Catalina and managed to get fans working in bigsur but not happy with fans mostly on all the time. My other laptopsHP 840G1 and HP 440 G4 behave very well so it looks like either I stick to Mojave or I sell this particular laptop Thank you guys for the help anyway
  2. @Baio77 won't even boot too many acpi errors. @Jake Lo no change still no battery.
  3. Can you extract the right battery patch from DSDT from bigsur? This way I can test it with my fan working EFi because I use that DSDT I loose the fan Just want to see with the right patch for battery if it appears I have been trying my self but then I get erro when I try to save it
  4. nope I can't boot so many messgs about apci error so quick I can't even read them …That is the ssdt from 810 G1 what I put to start with all it seems different all the ticks are off from config file about patches
  5. hi no luck does not boot at all It seems that you only changed config file as the rest seems untouched there is something different on config this SSDT-8x0G2h.aml which I don't have in the apci Maybe you forgot to put new ssdt in the folder as is not there………as I only have ssdt 8x0G1.aml
  6. I'm getting crazy now with all the tries……. I found this on github https://github.com/rizaldydeta/Hackintosh-Dell-E7440 This laptop is very similar in specs to mine it's like an hp 810 g1 so I thought I try the clover folder which has been updated . maybe these days it's more complicated than before I boot from that efi having changed config and acpi with mine but does not boot nothing not even with Mojave Don't know what to do anymore I know that if I use dsdt from EFI from bigSUR I get no fans If I use the one from Mojave Efi I get no battery I
  7. A little update I found the efi folder when fan is working but battery is not It s a modified hp 840 G1 efi which in specs its almost similar to mine I attach it in case you can figure out something about the fan EFI.zip
  8. Hi Jake Lo I tried to boot with ssdt from Mojave it won't boot I noticed with Mojave after sleep I still have touchscreen while in bigSur I have not As I was saying there was an efi while I was testing with differents config from other hp laptop that fan was working but then no battery I enclose my IORegistry file from both os Archive.zip
  9. Hi that’s the one I’m using so no fan Is there a way with registry explorer to find out where is the fan???
  10. Hi Herve' thanks for the @ suggestion it works now I know hp require lapic kernel patch but all my system which are hp I don't have it and I have no problems with it The only problem with OpenCore setup is the fan While I was playing with differnts dsdt and configs form other hp there was 1 where fan was detected but then I did not have the battery Unfortunately as I tried so many efis I cannot remember which one it was I did write on it fan ok no batt but god knows what happened to it If I cannot sort it there is no option but to go back to Mojave
  11. Hi Hervé I'm glad you have answered the keyboard is French but I do not know what I need to press to get the @ sign Specs are as follows: Laptop Make and Model: HP Revolve 810 G2 CPU: Intel Core i5-4310U CPU @2.00GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400 RAM: 4GB Audio Codec: IDT 92HD91BXX (layout 13) Ethernet Card: Intel® l218LM GbE Wifi/BT Card: WiFi - Intel 7260 / Intel BT More detailed specs here: product-pdf.zip If you need more details let me know
  12. Hi guys I saw on Reddit that someone was successful in installing Big Sur on the above laptop with OpenCore with touch screen working. I managed to buy 1 for a cheap price and the installation went well except that there is no fan detected so fans are almost always on and I cannot apply rehabman fan patch. I managed to find a clover efi folder from Mojave where everything works even fans so I applied the patch. I have been trying Big Sur with OpenCore for a week almost everyday trying experiments, no joy and I'm getting frustrated trying with different ssdt, going to bed late at
  13. Hi Guy I finally managed to install Big Sur on my Probook 440 g4 It took a while has I always used Clover before so there was a lot of trial and error I did start with the efi from acquarius.13 from an HP Probook 450 G5 Then I fine tuned EFI for my Probook I m very happy with the result I use Fakesmc instead od virtual smc because this way I get fan reading etc etc and I use Rehabman battery kext too so I get how many cycles has battery done For wifi I updated to BCM4360 which works OTB although I have brcmfixup for having country code US I really happy wit
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