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  1. Hi sorry for late reply Efi was done with help of baio77 and then I changed a few things myself
  2. Thats strange I will have to investigate It would be interesting to try your efi
  3. Ok thanks Ill try that Took me ages to write it in config properly Thanks for help Mark it as solved Hervè
  4. hi I finally managed to boot with Monterey with my hp revolve . Everything seems to work fine except the touch screen. I used first kext that where working in bsur then I updated them but result is the same . Don't know what to do I enclose my config file and my IOReg file, maybe someone can tell me which kext I should need Thanks guys macbook pro.zip config 3.plist.zip
  5. Good old clover still working good Powermanagment working like a beauty. Could not get that with OC Monterey 12.3.1 just did a fresh install with chris111 clover package @yahgoo I enclose my EFI Folder just in case you want to have a look EFI.zip
  6. here are my files MacBook Pro.zip EFI-640g1mn.zip Haswell platform
  7. Easy if you know how is not only the kexts that would be easy is the config the difficult part
  8. Hi I have a 640 g1 which in bigsur works ok but all efi I tried for monterey no joy it doesn t boot As soon at it start after welcome screen when I choose disk it reboots ... The only thing I can think of is something wrong in my bios setup?? But works with bigsur....
  9. hum it seems that MacBook Pro 12.1 is not good according to this
  10. Hi smbios is MacBook Pro 12.1 I tried with what Herve suggested but still the same. now I have tried MacBook Air 5.2 because my cpu is exactly like it. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3427U CPU @ 1.80GHz The problem is both cpumanagment kext and x86 platform plugin are running If I disable cpumanagment kext then frequency is only 1,7 with both minimum frequency also the same but I get turbo frequencies . I also tried with cpufriend and combinations like Jakelo suggested but no joy. In Mojave with clover and plugin 1 enable works very well. Here is the EFi Im using EFI.zip
  11. @yahgoo hi whatsup is working fine for me on my 9470m on 12.31 That is with Chris111 efi and files what drive me crazy is the fan always on all the time and frequencies always @1.7 I tried all the tricks but no luck with Mojave powermanagment works like a beauty with only xcpm but any os above not too good. It's a shame coz is a nice laptop....but Mojave a bit old...
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