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  1. Maybe the tap to click which is not enabled by default. Mentioned many many times before...
  2. You've got no patched DSDT and, in your Clover config, you've selected ACPI patch "InjectDarwin" instead of "InjectDarwin7". The former sets the OS to Win XP when the latter sets the OS to Win7, i.e. what you need to activate USB3.0 controller support. That or you patch your DSDT to simply inject DSDT alongside Windows Vista ("Windows 2006") or Windows 7 ("Windows 2009").
  3. Ok, well now I can see that your card shows its default Locale and Country Code why you would have used AirPortBrcmFixup to change those 2 x parameters. What strikes me though is that I still do not see any wireless channels listed at all. Did you check the antenna connections? How many antennas did you connect? All 4? Also, what are the wireless PCI ids and Bluetooth PCI ids shown in IOReg? I beginning to wonder if you would not just have one of those fake BCM94360CD that are known to be sold from a certain eastern location...
  4. What's the likely link between sleep and the computer setting down after 10 to 15mins? Are you sure it's not shutting down for other reasons such as preventive protection due to overheating?
  5. The principles that apply to any older laptop fitted with an nVidia dGPU unsupported in Mojave and Catalina but still supported in High Sierra apply to your E6410. Install Catalina with the usual minimum requirements + nv_disable parameter set to 1. Once Catalina is installed, for the sake of simplicity for those non-experts, I suggest you download Chris1111's legacy GPU package that will install all the required deprecated nVidia kexts and other files (frameworks, etc.) that you need on your E6410. That'll allow you to run with OpenGL-only graphics acceleration and it'll be mostly Ok but you will experience graphics defects/glitches from time to time and in certain applications (eg: Clover Configurator).
  6. I don't possess that laptop so you tell me whether WLAN can be disabled or not in BIOS. I know it can in Dell laptops where disabling Wireless or Mobile Data means disabling the WLAN or WWAN slots for instance. If you still use add-on kext for Broadcom cards, remove them and make sure you disable any patch you may have enabled in Clover too.
  7. You can't just disable the TouchPad when a USB mouse is plugged in; that's not feasible. You either fully disable the TouchPad or not at all.
  8. 14e4:43ba is expected to work OOB since it's natively supported by AirPortBrcmNIC PlugIn of IO80211Family kext. It would appear the kext did load sort seems safe to rule out anything on that side. Check that there's nothing in your Clover config or patched DSDT or kext set that could come to clash with the vanilla driver or alter it. I would also suggest you check if the WLAN slot is not disabled in BIOS.
  9. DW1830 would not fit and there's no 3rd antenna wire in the 7490 that reaches the WLAN slot. DW1820A is up to you once you've read our many threads/topics related to that model and the associated risks. Obvious recommendation is to go for the safety of the DW1560. Wireless cards are available at the usual well-known (on-line) places selling this sort of equipment; we do not usually provide more information than that; it really is people's own responsibility to source their own hardware accessories, not the forum's, this in order to avoid any potential upset and/or dispute should purchases subsequently turn problematic. I'm sure you'll understand.
  10. Then you may try and experiment with darkwake boot arg.
  11. Did you disable hibernation after upgrading to Catalina? If you did not, please refer to our FAQ section.
  12. Nothing to worry about those ACPI errors; you may just need some additional tuning re: DSDT/ACPI patching
  13. Your patched DSDT did include the appropriate Darwin injection that enables USB3.0 capability. However, you have an additional USB-related SSDT and a few USB-related patches on your Clover config. I suggest you proceed as follows: 1) remove the USB-related SSDT + USB-related Clover patches. 2) assuming you've removed all those unnecessary kexts you had, reboot with only USBInjectAll kext for USB ports. 3) upon reboot, run Hackintool app and generate the SSDT-UAIC table + USBPorts kext. 4) you may then reboot with either USBPorts kext on its own or USBInjectAll + the generated SSDT-UAIC. All your USB ports should be operational and with USB3 capability. Check your SysInfo->USB section to that effect.
  14. From a pure cache rebuilding point of view, it is correct. From a kext point of view, well, I question the relevance of some of those kexts you've chosen to install (VoodooTSCSync, NullCPUPowerManagement, etc.). You're clearly not using the pack Jake Lo gave you...
  15. -> Topic moved to its own thread. Please don't hijack/pollute existing threads with unrelated matters and/or unrelated platforms. It's been mentioned a few times before that, as per previous Clover OS X/macOS installations, you can update directly through your Software Update PrefPane; just make sure to apply the Embedded Controller ACPI device renaming to your Clover config or patched DSDT, as per our published requirements for Catalina or the info available on p1 of the thread you previously posted in.
  16. Warning can be ignored, it's of no consequence to rebuilding the cache.
  17. Moving this thread from Installation Guides section (where it's got nothing to do) to OS X/macOS section. Please make every effort to post in the appropriate section(s) in the future... I don't think anyone will understand what tool you're talking about but rest assured that there never was any need for tools on the matter, whether in Catalina or any previous Mac OS X/OS X/macOS version, especially as those tools clearly appear to keep people in the dark with regards to what's behind and how things work. You may consult our FAQ section where you'll find details of the Terminal commands you may use to repair permissions and rebuild you cache directly.
  18. Bronxteck recently reminded us of links Apple publish in relation to creating bootable installers for OS X and macOS from El Capitan 10.11, so here's a link to the related main page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372 Very useful as a replacement to the old AppStore method that allowed registered users to re-download an OS X/macOS installation package if they had already done so in the past. 12GB required for USB keys/flash disks. Whilst the information is obviously meant for Apple Mac computers, it's nevertheless 100% relevant to the 1st phase of creating USB installers for Hackintosh computers, the 2nd phase being the necessary installation of the bootloader (Enoch, Clover or otherwise).
  19. Unbrick? What are you talking about?
  20. Wrong pack, you need to use the Optimus A23 one.
  21. I can only assume you mean Jake Lo's guide. Which bootpack are we talking about here because there are several and 2 x of them are Optimus ones, i.e. those you'd need depending on BIOS version.
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