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  1. Try this config where I've added some power settings to the HDEF device; no guarantee it'll fix the problem. config.plist.zip You've cached CodecCommander from /L/E (or /S/L/E), right?
  2. TIn order to sustain any further High Sierra update, place those kexts in /L/E, increase their version number to something like 999, repair permissions and rebuild your cache. /S/L/E then remains full vanilla and those kexts with higher version number take precedence at startup/in the cache.
  3. Set Integrated NIC to enable only (no need for PXSE, you're not going to boot over Ethernet) Disable VT for Direct I/O (or use dart=0 in your Clover config).s No support for Intel wireless so that'll have to be replaced by a supported model or a USB adapter.
  4. On the basis of the GTX1080 dGPU, I'd stick to High Sierra just to run on that. It's quite a card... What are you going to gain from Mojave beside the point of running the latest macOS version?
  5. Hervé

    Problem with installing el capitan on e6420

    If memory serves me right, that results from a cache issue; non-existant in all likelyhood. Make sure you've not forgotten to copy the Extra folder at the top of your USB Installer and boot with without cache with boot parameters/boot flags KernelBooter_kexts=Yes -f -v. You can manually specify those at the Chameleon/Enoch prompt after pressing a key at the delay bar or F8 at the rotating character in top left corner.
  6. Hervé

    [Success] Mojave 10.14 on i3-6100 with Intel HD 530

    This section is for guides and bu guides we mean detailed description of a procedure with packs and other useful stuff. If you wish to share things, do so but that form of communication really is useless. You've not even mentioned a computer model...
  7. Hervé

    Problem with installing el capitan on e6420

    2nd generation being named... ?
  8. Hervé

    Dell Precision M4800 - MacOS Sierra

    Do you have the HPET fix in place?
  9. Hervé

    [SOLVED] E7240 tap to click not working

    Yup, those latest R4/R5/R6 versions of the kext as found in Dr Hurt's dedicated thread bring out full support (so to speak) for the TouchPad.
  10. @New2Max, Your Clover setup was incorrect: You were injected irrelevant kexts (SATA-unsupported, RealtekRTL8111) You were injected ATI + nVIDIA graphics and irrelevant ATI + nVidia properties You were applying irrelevant LAPIC + KernelPm patches Your MBP9,2 SMBIOS injection seems incorrect/incomplete (I guess it might have come from an older Clover version) You probably did not have suitable CPU power management in place All in all, you probably obtained that Clover config from somewhere else than here... With regards to Semaj's Clover setup, he's injecting some unnecessary kexts like: VoodooTSCSync GenericUSBXHCI AppleBacklightFixup He's also using slightly outdated Lilu + WEG kexts that should be refreshed to latest versions. Then, his Clover config contains some irrelevant or inappropriate settings such as arch=x86_64, KernelPm patch or injection of Intel graphics + Capri layout-id (not necessary with Lilu + WEG), erroneous CPU PM settings, etc. It would benefit from being clean-up. Eg: E6330_config.plist.zip The Clover setup would also gain from being completed with kexts such as CodecCommander (for audio jack output) and FakePCIID/FakePCIID_XHCIMux to activate USB3/USB2 ports multiplexing.
  11. Hervé

    [SOLVED] E7240 tap to click not working

    You simply set it up in your PrefPane.
  12. It's covered in another thread. Let's not double post, scatter and pollute this one by going off-topic...
  13. You can get it directly from 10.14.2 combo update, using Pacifist app to extract the kext.
  14. Hervé

    mojava on E6430 can't recognition USB

    Please, no need to quote messages you directly reply to, especially if characters get changed to Chinese symbols... Look at the DSDT available in the packs posted here or here. If you don't use those packs, adjust your own DSDT accordingly. Using MaciASL app, look for "Darwin" and you'll see.
  15. You simply install Mojave on that disk as a main OS bootable with Clover and that's the end of it.
  16. Hervé

    mojava on E6430 can't recognition USB

    You need to inject "Darwin" in your DSDT to get USB3 controller recognized. Thereafter, all you'll need will be Rehabman's FakePCIID + FakePCIID_XHCMux to enjoy USB port multiplexing. I would strongly suggest you use the Clover pack available in JakeLo's installation guide (available in the Guides section obviously).
  17. Hervé

    Hackintosh on dell latitude d420 hanging

    What's the relevance with this thread? If you use the Search facility, you'll find a dedicated thread related to mSATA SSDs on D4x0.
  18. Hervé

    Dell D420 doesn't install OS X Lion

    I don't see the relevance of that personal problem to this Lion on D420 old thread. Anyway...
  19. Hervé

    BIOS settings - D420 (Core Duo)

    Here are recommended BIOS settings that are known to work on D420 (Core Duo) with Intel GMA950 under Snow Leopard. These settings were tested and verified with BIOS A04, A06 and custom OSX A06. Onboard Devices: . Fast IR = COM2 . Integrated NIC = enabled . Internal modem = enabled . External USB ports = enabled . Integrated USB Hub = High Speed . Parallel port = off (or whatever) . Serial port = COM1 . PC Card and 1394 = enabled Video: . Ambient Light Sensor = Off . Brightness = max . Brightness (AC) = max . LCD Panel Expansion = enabled . Primary Video = Onboard Video Security: . Admin Password = not set . System Password = set (/!\ Must be set on GMA950 laptops or Kernel Panic (=crash) on or after wake /!\) . Internal HDD PW = not set . Password Change = Permitted . Password Bypass = Reboot & Resume Bypass . Wireless Switch Change = Denied . Wi-Fi Catcher Change = Denied . CPU XD Support = Enabled . TPM Security = Off . TPM Activation = Deactivate . Computrace® = Deactivate Performance: . Multi Core Support = Enabled . HDD Acoustic Mode = Performance . SpeedStep Enable = Enabled Power Management: . Auto On Mode = Off . Auto On Time = xxxxxx . USB Wake Support = Enabled or Off (USB wake only operates when laptop is on mains and may cause Sleep/Instant Wake issues) . Wake on LAN/WLAN = Off Docking: . Undocking Method = Hot Undock . PCI Slot Monitoring = Enabled Silent . Universal Connect = Enabled POST Behavior: . Adapter Warnings = Enabled . Fn Key Emulation = Scroll Lock . Fast Boot = Minimal . Virtualization = Enabled or Disabled (only required to run virtual machines) . Keypad (Embedded) = Fn Key Only . Mouse/TouchPad = Touchpad-PS/2 . Numlock LED = On . USB Emulation = Enabled Wireless: . Internal Bluetooth = Enabled . Internal Wi-Fi = Enabled (/!\ keep to Disabled if you have an Intel card, they're not supported and need to be replaced /!\) . Internal Cellular = Enabled . Wireless Switch = All . Wi-Fi Catcher = Enabled The above settings are compatible with sleep/wake operation (hibernation mode set to 0).
  20. It's a distro, you'd have to ask the place you got that from . We don't support distros here, they're just trouble.
  21. Hervé

    [Help] My hackintosh can't shutdown

    GenericUSBXHCI kext is hardly ever required these days. On a Haswell platform, injecting Darwin should suffice to enable the USB3 controller.
  22. Hervé

    Clover Bootpacks for Dell Latitude E5430

    Guys, again! Not in the Guides section which is clearly labelled "no support here"! Please move this thread to the Dell support section.
  23. Hervé

    Dell Precision T1650 with Mojave 10.14.2

    Indeed, no support for Intel HD 2500 graphics...
  24. Yup, cheap Kepler cards (chipset GKxxx) like nVidia GT710, GT720 or GT730 will do perfectly and work OOB. Make sure you do not go for Fermi-based models of the 600/700 Series. You may look here or here too. And of course, it'll all depend on the budget you're ready to spend.
  25. Hervé

    E6540 - Mojave 10.14.1 no Audio

    Feel free to experiment with key stroke identification for subsequent remapping as detailed here: