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  1. HDMI works OOB out of the E6230. HDMI connector patch required for HDMI audio. The laptop usually drives/controls the output resolution on cable connection, at least on the 3 x TVs + the few monitors I've hooked my E6230 to. Could be a damaged/unsuitable cable, bad connection or a damaged HDMI port on either side. Start by removing video mirroring on the Hack to avoid potential resolution-related issue on the TV screen. I recommend using Display Menu app for immediate access off the Finder's bar. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/2366-finders-bar-display-tool/?tab=comments#
  2. With MBP11,1 (which is the desired target), use the -no_compat_check boot arg depending on the version of Big Sur you try to install. I've cleaned up your OC config. Try it out: config.plist.zip
  3. Quite surprising and strange that your OS version is stated as unknown... Are you using a full vanilla installation or a distro of some sort? I have to say that I strongly suspect latter rather than former. And what are these boot args? chunklist-security-epoch=0 -chunklist-no-rev2-dev Did you disable hibernation? If not, expect trouble with sleep and wake, especially if you kept settings such as Power Nap or Wake on Network Access enabled. Please consult out FAQ section regarding Sleep/Wake settings.
  4. Last version to support Merom CPUs is El Capitan 10.11. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/2998-min-requirements-for-os-xmacos
  5. There are probably a few things to review given that your config looks like a mix of Dortania's settings + stuff carried over from a previous Catalina setup. For instance: SSDT-EC (which injects a separate EC device), yet your rename device ECDV to EC in your config file. You may also want to revisit those ACPI patches you appear to have carried over in relation to HPET, RTC and TIMR.
  6. No double post on the forum please, especially if you double post for support matters in the Guides section! I don't know what you mean but "error" given that you have no driver installed for your LAN card... According to your Aida64 report, it's a Realtek RTL8139/810x Fast Ethernet Adapter with PCI id 10ec:8136 so clearly a Realtek RTL810x card. It's not natively supported but it may work with this old kext that does cater for 10ec:8136: AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext.zip Possible alternatives: the RTL8139 driver mentioned here with a patch to add id 8136 or ch
  7. Post a zipped copy of your EFI folder so that we check your settings.
  8. Do you use a valid payable subscription or one of those free offers with the purchase of an Apple device? If latter, could be the reason...
  9. Last update: 21 Jan 2021 Here are BIOS settings that are known to work on the Satellite Pro R50-B-116 (4th gen. Haswell CPU with Intel HD4400 graphics) under Big Sur. These settings were tested and verified with BIOS v1.70. Security . BIOS Password: * User: Not Registered or set * Supervisor: Not Registered or set . HDD/SSD Password: * Mode: Master+User or User Only * User: Not Registered or set * Master: Not Registered or set . Secure Boot: Disabled . TMP: Disabled . Hide TPM: Yes or No Power
  10. No difference between OpenCore and Clover in the respect of audio, keyboard/trackpad or graphics settings. If you follow the Dortania's guidance, you'll clearly see it. No further hint to provide until you post your config.
  11. You're using Lilu v1.5.0 and I read it could cause issues. Try with the previous version.
  12. It's been said before and you'll find a few old threads here and at InsanelyMac on the matter: mSATA SSD do not work in mini-PCIe slots. Whilst the slots physically look the same, they're not electrical identical. So, mSATA drives work in mSATA slots only. In the case of the E6x40, the slot supports 3 x usage: PCIe, mSATA and USB. But that's a fairly rare combination. With regards to Big Sur and OpenCore, the differences are minimal between version 0.6.3 and 0.6.5 as far as any config goes. If you need further assistance, just do the needful, i.e. post your stuff. There are existin
  13. For the benefits of other people, please detail the changes you made.
  14. Not a model discussed here. You know the drill, try it out and seek assistance thereafter if you have issues. Don't just rely on other people's work... Roll up your sleeves and follow Dortania's relevant desktop guide.
  15. Big Sur supports most mainstream Intel iGPUs from Ivy Bridge HD4000 to Ice Lake Iris Plus as long as they meet the minimum requirement of GT2 specs. You may refer to Dortania's GPU buying guide for further info on the matter. Haswell HD4600 iGPU has been supported since OS X ML 10.8.5/Mavericks and remains fully and natively supported in Big Sur. There should be no graphics issue on your E6540. Your setup may be incorrect and, with regards to glitches, the Haswell cursor memory patch (increase from 6MB to 9MB) aims to address this though I must say I never needed it on my E6440 whe
  16. Your config contains an error for the HD4x00 Cursor memory patch; you incorrectly entered: framebuffer-cursor 00009000 STRING when it should be framebuffer-cursormem 00009000 DATA Probably proves you don't need that patch.... I invite you to consult the WEG manual for guidance on the syntax of framebuffer patches. Then watch out with Big Sur and that MBP11,1 SMBIOS. Better to switch to MBA6,2. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/14367-big-sur-1101-regression/?tab=comments#comment-104569
  17. Why don't you start by consulting and reading Dortania's documentation for guidance on the OpenCore configuration?
  18. Target macOS release: Big Sur 11.1 This is an OpenCore-based installation (on a SATA-III 6Gb/s SSD) using the standard vanilla method detailed below: Working: full graphics acceleration on Intel HD4400 graphics (with Lilu v1.5.0 + WEG v1.4.6 + usual Azul FB properties injection) multi-display on VGA (OOB) + HDMI (with injected connector patch) brightness control with Fn-Ins/Fn-PgDn (with Dortania's SSDT-PNLF);
  19. What panic message are you getting? What do you use to install Catalina? Clover? Opencore? What versions? How did you make your USB installer, using what procedure? Please post zipped copy of EFI folder.
  20. I found that, with OpenCore, Google Chrome will cause near systematic freeze on wake or a few seconds after wake if it is running when E6230 is put to sleep. As such, make sure it is not running when putting the laptop to sleep or not using the laptop for some time. I've not identified the root cause for this Opencore/Chrome-related behaviour yet. It certainly never happened when using Clover.
  21. Of course, it's one of the Broadcom chipsets dropped in Big Sur as indicated in our Wireless cards inventory last December...
  22. Just check the card's PCI id in IOReg with IORegistryExplorer or DPCIManager.
  23. Apple Airport Card is pretty meaningless. You'll have to state the exact card model to get a proper answer. As Jake said, Big Sur dropped support for even more cards than Mojave & Catalina did so you may have one of those. As usual, please consult our wireless cards inventory.
  24. I'm afraid I can't; you'll have to look that up.
  25. Shutdown issues usually require an ACPI patch, whether through direct DSDT patching or a specific SSDT.
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