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  1. Please consult our FAQ section and use the forum Search facility before posting.
  2. Tuh tuh tuh... Big Sur was announced compatible with models not older than MacBook Pro late 2013 and MacBook Air 2013. None of these include Ivy Bridge/HD4000 platforms. Expect support to start at Haswell only... https://www.apple.com/macos/big-sur-preview/
  3. You could work it out, really. It'll be more or less the same pack as, say, Sierra, with the added complexity of: telemetry plugin replacement nVidia Tesla kext installation and workarounds And double check your Embedded Controller of course as per the Catalina requirements thread pinned to "Our Picks" list. Follow what I detailed in my D630 guide.
  4. You probably to redefine your USB ports mapping correctly with Hackintool app.
  5. Nope, unsupported; that'll be High Sierra minimum...
  6. Make sure you're using a vanilla USB installer, not a distro (for which you'll find no support here). If so, please post your zipped Clover EFI folder. Consult our existing guides related to other Haswell Latitude laptops such as the E6x40 or E7x40 family for guidance. You should also read the existing E5540-related threads.
  7. Excellent this screw thingie if it weren't laughable! Though not sure this is what the OP was writing about (no mention of poor system performance). As for iGPU idling at 0MHz, I confirm that it's not possible. If using Intel Power Gadget, maybe OP confused OS required graphics frequency and actual iGPU frequency... Here's the registered behaviour of the HD4000 iGPU of the i7-3540M of my idle Latitude E6230 under Catalina 10.15.6: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/71255/intel-core-i7-3540m-processor-4m-cache-up-to-3-70-ghz.html http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i7/Intel-Core i7-3540M (PGA) Mobile processor.html OP did not indicate anything on his E7240 specs or post an IOReg extract, so maybe it's just a matter of having an AMD dGPU fitted but not disabled... Who knows?
  8. Please read our Catalina Requirements thread pinned to "Our Picks" list on forum main page. Make sure you've done the necessary re: Embedded Controller.
  9. No, iGPU does not run at 0MHz when idle; lookup your CPU specs on Ark Intel web site or CPU World. iGPU frequency range is usually detailed. It's a dGPU that you disable if fitted and unsupported. I'd say your battery drain issue has more chance to result from your incorrect CPU power management settings: You have a Haswell platform so all you need is: ACPI tab: Plugin Type set to 1 PluginType enabled Kernel & Kext Patches: KernelPm (you can keep AppleRTC patch of course!) Nothing else. So remove those incorrect SSDT drops (especially as you're not using any CPU-specific generated SSDT) and those C-States you've enabled. Also, what is that SSDT-PNOT table you use? Not necessary to me...
  10. Pike R Alpha's well-known ssdt generator script.
  11. @Lego, can you please try and write everything in a single post than keep this very annoying trend of posting a new message every 30s? Maybe wait a few mins from now on... Or use the "Edit" button... Thank you.
  12. Everything looks good to me now in that IOReg of yours: Can't see why you'd have Bluetooth issues. Try and disconnect that wireless USB adapter just in case it interferes...
  13. No, Bluetooth chipset BRCM20702 is supported OOB. Do you have any other built-in BT device in that computer? If so, disable Bluetooth in BIOS. Your screenshot does not show any transport controller kext loaded so there's clearly something wrong with the module or, maybe, your OC configuration (can't help you with that)... Did you connect your module to an internal USB port? That's obviously required. Here's what you would normally expect to see in IOReg: I've checked Catalina 10.15.6's BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport kext and it does cover your device (0x821f, i.e. 33311 in decimal) so all is Ok on that side. Could you please post a zipped copy of a saved output?
  14. As stated in our wireless cards inventories, BCM43224 (14e4:4353) cards such as your BCM943224PCIEBT2 are subject to whitelisting; so you either patch the associated kext to replace a supporting Mac model by that of your elected SMBIOS model you use or you change your SMBIOS by that of a model supported by the whitelist. Please consult the pinned dedicated patching guide on this matter which is available in this very Wireless & Bluetooth forum section. Re: Bluetooth, same story as for the Wireless,; it's an Apple card so no add-on kext required, it should be natively supported.
  15. A zipped copy of your Clover EFI folder for instance... I fear you might be using the i5-5300U CPU power management SSDT posted in my pack rather than your own generated one for your i7-5600U. Make sure your BIOS is also configured as per the recommended settings.
  16. Why don't you write a guide describing the procedure you followed instead? And share a copy of the OC EFI folder you used along the way?
  17. No! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express
  18. Model with eDP LCD connector-type it would seem and 3K display. Ace.
  19. As I suspected, I don't see any IO or Bus conflict whatsoever on your SandyBridge HD3000/Radeon HD 6750M MacBookPro8,3 which has no built-in USB3.0 controller. Your card does register against the ExpressCard PCI bridge RP04 but it does so 12 x times! I guess this is where things are wrong. I can't say why this happens but maybe the old Hackintosh GenericUSBXHCI kext v1.2.11 is inappropriate for a real Mac. Or maybe it is improperly installed, you'll have to provide details on that front. Make sure that: you have a single instance of the kext installed the kext is installed in /Library/Extensions folder kext's permissions have been repaired cache was properly rebuilt You must also take into consideration that you're obviously running a patched Catalina build on what is officially an unsupported Mac model though I'd be surprised if that caused the problem. If the kext you use was properly installed, you should look for other kexts/alternatives to drive your EC USB3.0 controller. I suggest you consult Apple Mac forums like MacRumors.com on the matter rather than Hackintosh forums. Here's what things look like in IOReg with my ExpressCard NEC Renesas USB3.0 controller (UPD720202) on my Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge Hackintosh laptops (respectively without and with built-in USB3.0 controller) under High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina, all running with Rehabman's GenericUSBXHCI kext v1.2.11 cached from /L/E: Here's what things look like when I attach an external SSD and a USB3.0 key:
  20. Hervé

    Sunix USB 3.0 ExpressCard

    Not that I want to blow you away, but you come to a Hackintosh forum for a Mac problem... Anyway, would I be right to assume that you have no success when connecting a USB device to the EC card? You've not said anything on that matter. The apparent conflict you report may not actually be a problem. In SysInfo, the EC card does properly register under the PCI section where I can clear ly see "Driver installed: Yes". What about IOReg? I don't think we'll get anywhere without you posting a zipped saved output from the app I mentioned above.
  21. It really depends on which generic USB3.0 kext you use but, yeah, not seeing the card listed as USB3.0 controller in SysInfo->USB section is to be expected in Catalina. However, that's not indicative of the EC controller not working. I've posted a copy of the kext I use in the other thread published in this section. If you appear to have reached the limit of USB port numbers, apply the patch that lifts it. Check what is listed in SysInfo->PCI and lookup your IOReg with IORegistryExplorer app. You may post a zipped copy of your saved IOReg. What computer are you using?
  22. If you already have High Sierra, then it's a "simple"' matter of following the 1st gen Intel HD guide and adjusting the graphics settings for 10.13 and your screen resolution. Discussions about support for 1st gen Intel HD graphics started on p68 in the bible thread. Read on, I'm sure details are provided throughout the subsequent pages. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/?page=68
  23. No such files and/or folders were posted here. Looks like the only proper guide we have for this model is Jake Lo's Mavericks guide which dates back to many years ago. T410s is an ageing laptop with 1st gen Intel HD graphics iGPU or Tesla nVidia graphics dGPU. As you probably know, this iGPU always required specific tuning to be supported on Hackintosh and this support was only under conditions (see Bible on 1st gen Intel HD at InsanelyMac). 1st gen Intel HD graphics are last officially supported in macOS High Sierra; abandoned in Mojave/Catalina due to lack of support for Metal as are nVidia Tesla GPUs and Intel HD3000. There are tricks that can be implemented to obtain partial and OpenGL-only graphics acceleration on those dropped GPUs. My advice would be to go for macOS High Sierra to begin with and build a working Clover setup before you attempt any more recent versions like Mojave or Catalina. Please post your laptops full hardware specs (CPU, graphics, screen resolution, audio, LAN, wireless, etc.) and we'll try and help you build a Clover setup. Is the BIOS legacy only or does it support UEFI mode?
  24. No support by PM or via messages on my profile.

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