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  1. I'd definitely say so but don't miss this InsanelyMac thread that fully covers this model (at least for Mojave at time of writing). Catalina will use the same approach but the tricks to obtain graphics acceleration differs a little.
  2. Apologies if this comes up quite late after all those years but I've come to realize I never posted about the trick I've been using for some time to get rid of the small graphics glitches/corruption that inevitably effect the E6x20 HD3000 laptops; I'm talking about those defects such as horizontal black lines or occasional pixelisation that keep appearing over time, especially after repeated Sleep & Wake. Now, for the life of me, I just can't remember where I found it (probably IM but I would not bet money on it) but using a SwitchResX-generated custom resolution with a 62Hz refresh rate fixed the issue on my E6220. I've set this as the default resolution using DisplayMenu app. Details are as follows:
  3. 10" notebooks usually are very low-end and, as such, made of low-end hardware components that are not usually compatible with macOS.
  4. And, given that the nVidia dGPU of the E6410 is Tesla, it's probably best to stick to High Sierra since there is no official or vanilla support for Tesla GPUs in Mojave and Catalina though graphics acceleration can be obtained with tricks.
  5. Remove obsolete/defunct boot args kext-dev-mode=1 and -xcpm. Your Haswell platform only requires to set PluginType option and KernelPm patch. Then set Sleep/Hibernation mode according to the settings detailed in the dedicated topic available in our FAQ section.
  6. Explicit warning posted at top of the thread. Tons of posts about DW1820A. Buy at your own risks. Safest option is DW1560.
  7. Yup, it does not seem that Clover was actually or properly installed on the USB installer... Once you've done it, then copy the pack Jake Lo gave you to the stated folder.
  8. Hervé

    Get Freeze In E6320

    You'll have to post your debug info to obtain any assistance. Details are available in our FAQ section.
  9. What system? What kext are you using? We can't answer unless you provide the most basic information! If, as Jake Lo hinted last week, this relates to a Latitude E6430, we've pointed you to our existing E6x30 guides and by now you should know that you're expected to use Dr Hurt's VoodooPS2Controller kext (version R6, available in the dedicated thread posted in R&D->kexts section) which provides many TouchPad multitouch features. And, as I believe I've told you before in a previous thread of yours, you'd simply have to configure them through the TrackPad PrefPane.
  10. Graphics not initialising, i.e. you need to look into that aspect of your config.
  11. Display shows attached to [email protected], so if that's an HDMI output, set connector-type 00080000 to that 1st port. IOReg shows: [email protected], connector-type 00040000 (i.e. DP), port #5, display connected [email protected], connector-type 00040000 (i.e. DP), port #6, no display connected [email protected], connector-type 00080000 (i.e. HDMI), port #7, no display connected And, of course, no HDMI audio without the associated output port being set to HDMI connector type...
  12. Post an IOReg output too (taken from IORegistryExplorer app).
  13. You can format your target partion HFS+/Mac OS Extended (journaled) to begin with. Indeed, the macOS installation process will convert to APFS.
  14. Are you using HDMI video output? You could be in a similar situation to that experienced with the Latitude 7490 laptop which required a patch of the (KBL) graphics framebuffer as described here. That patch consists on injecting the proper HDMI connector-type (0008 0000) into the framebuffer.
  15. Please post a compressed copy of your Clover EFI folder. There must be something wrong with your settings, most likely in the Clover config. Can you also specify what NVME SSD you have since some models still prove to be incompatible with macOS or troublesome.
  16. The Clover ACPI patch will suffice for USB3.
  17. You've got no patched DSDT and, in your Clover config, you've selected ACPI patch "InjectDarwin" instead of "InjectDarwin7". The former sets the OS to Win XP when the latter sets the OS to Win7, i.e. what you need to activate USB3.0 controller support. That or you patch your DSDT to simply inject DSDT alongside Windows Vista ("Windows 2006") or Windows 7 ("Windows 2009").
  18. Ok, well now I can see that your card shows its default Locale and Country Code why you would have used AirPortBrcmFixup to change those 2 x parameters. What strikes me though is that I still do not see any wireless channels listed at all. Did you check the antenna connections? How many antennas did you connect? All 4? Also, what are the wireless PCI ids and Bluetooth PCI ids shown in IOReg? I beginning to wonder if you would not just have one of those fake BCM94360CD that are known to be sold from a certain eastern location...
  19. What's the likely link between sleep and the computer setting down after 10 to 15mins? Are you sure it's not shutting down for other reasons such as preventive protection due to overheating?
  20. I don't possess that laptop so you tell me whether WLAN can be disabled or not in BIOS. I know it can in Dell laptops where disabling Wireless or Mobile Data means disabling the WLAN or WWAN slots for instance. If you still use add-on kext for Broadcom cards, remove them and make sure you disable any patch you may have enabled in Clover too.
  21. You can't just disable the TouchPad when a USB mouse is plugged in; that's not feasible. You either fully disable the TouchPad or not at all.
  22. 14e4:43ba is expected to work OOB since it's natively supported by AirPortBrcmNIC PlugIn of IO80211Family kext. It would appear the kext did load sort seems safe to rule out anything on that side. Check that there's nothing in your Clover config or patched DSDT or kext set that could come to clash with the vanilla driver or alter it. I would also suggest you check if the WLAN slot is not disabled in BIOS.
  23. DW1830 would not fit and there's no 3rd antenna wire in the 7490 that reaches the WLAN slot. DW1820A is up to you once you've read our many threads/topics related to that model and the associated risks. Obvious recommendation is to go for the safety of the DW1560. Wireless cards are available at the usual well-known (on-line) places selling this sort of equipment; we do not usually provide more information than that; it really is people's own responsibility to source their own hardware accessories, not the forum's, this in order to avoid any potential upset and/or dispute should purchases subsequently turn problematic. I'm sure you'll understand.
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