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    1. Allan Added by Allan Allan
      We were all excited for Apple WWDC 2018 for some updates on mac OS, and also expecting some hardware announcements along to get improved support for latest CPU and GPU hardware. Unfortunately there were no hardware announcements 😟, but we got a nice update from macOS in the name of Mojave (10.14) 😀 (even though its expected every year, but this year they introduced many new user oriented features which are really useful in our day to day activities). It is coming this fall!
      The new macOS Mojave has full of features!

      Here are a list of the new features:
      Complete Dark mode It applies to entire interface Wallpaper changes dynamically in dark mode

      Revamped Mac App Store Redesigned interface similar to iOS with focus on curation, new sidebar for moving throughout categories Includes dedicated tabs for Discover, Create, Work, Play, and Develop. Video previews New apps Apple News, Voice Memos, Home and Stocks Dynamic Desktop Makes your desktop subtly change through the day Desktop stacks Auto organizing your desktop easier by arranging files on the desktop by tag, date, type, and more Can scrub files inside stack with a mouse over

      More security controls Intelligent tracking prevention Safari – Can disable social buttons such as like and share, as well as comment sections
      Greater protection about how apps handle your data, including Camera, Microphone, and sensitive parts of the file system such as mail, messages, and backups
      Misc enhancements Continuity Camera – Capture a photo or video on your iPhone and it will appear on Mac Finder includes new Gallery view with a big preview window and scroll bar along the bottom
      When you screenshot, a new thumbnail in the lower-right corner will popup with markup options, save, delete, and share
      Quick Look, which appears when you tap the spacebar on a file, is now more expansive with features such as markup, crop, and rotate, and trim videos
      A new side bar shows full metadata and includes quick actions like routing, markup, and more
      Side bar is contextual and changes based on file type, such as PDF, images, and documents
      Automator actions in the quick actions menu let you make custom buttons for side bar, such as watermarking a PDF

      Metal GPU offers speed improvements of more than 20x
      iOS Apps on MacOS
      Apple announced its plan to bring UIKit to the Mac as a multi-year project
       Apple is testing the new cross-platform frameworks with its own stock apps
      Currently they ported Stocks, Home and News app from iOS
      It will be available to third-party developers in 2019
      Apple said they are not merging macOS with iOS and more  
      For in depth information, please follow this link: macOS Mojave Preview
      If you have an account at Apple Developers, you'll be ready to donwload it right now. 😉
      Here are the links:
      Developer Users
      Beta Users
      Our crew already playing with the new macOS, and will share their findings in order to help you guys running latest macOS.
      Here is a small update from one of our crew member: Beta status
      We will update you as we progress.
      If you would like to run this preview, and need support then post it here: Get preview support
      What do you think about update ? Let us know in comments. 
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    • I believe I had explained in may guide that combining compatibility with 14e4:4353 injection + boot parameter brcmfx-driver=1 caused issues to me. Try without the boot parameter.   What's interesting though -and that's probably key- is that your system runs Ok if you restrict the card to 40MHz. But is that on the 5GHz or, presumably, the 2.4GHz network band?  
    • For wifi I accidentally able to get full speed (80MHz ~ 867Mbps) when booting via the clover from https://github.com/the-darkvoid/XPS9360-macOS/commit/c7149ab350682310bf2c091bc0a082cc8f9b66b8.(I was using this repo until my DW1520 break). I'm able to boot by just having brcmfx-driver=1 and added pci14e4,4353 device properties.  After boot up I saw that wifi interface was using AirPortBrcmNIC.kext instead of AirPortBrcm4360.kext and I'm able to get full wifi speed, but the system was getting freeze and hang very often especially when it's consuming high bandwidth 700-800Mbps for long periods. Do you guys have any suggestion? b/w I'm back to 40MHz for now because it's very stable and 300Mbps is not bad at all.  
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    • Yes, both bluetooth and wifi working perfectly after sleep&wake 👍.  
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