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    • Ok I will try it. I'm kind new with DSDT I don't know if I understand yours advises right. For the BIOS I think it's in EFI everything related to legacy is unchecked and the boot sequence is on UEFI.   To build my setup, I mixed some EFIs together maybe some kexts or else are the problem. I don't kwon if I'm authorized, I upload my EFI on GDrive since it's higher than the max total size allowed. And thanks for the time you spend on my case.   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YPphTD8G62CqwWLNZ1cc95SVfvjlvSjB
    • Just an update, i used rehabman's config.plist for the HD5500, added a few things from the plist provided by Jake Lo, and i finally finished installation.  Still need to figure out how to load the apfs driver, but for now ill just continue using the shell.  Looks like sound is not working yet, and ill have to get the other wifi card, but lan is working.   Ill post my final clover folder, and how im currently having to boot once i get sound working etc..   Thanks so much for all the help!
    • What drivers do you have in your clover driver folder?
    • It appears OP only briefly attended the forum and has not been back since Nov; as such, I'm not sure you'll get a reply. This being said,  Jake Lo provided a Clover pack (EFI folder) + instructions re: Clover installation in that thread...  
    • The console will keep returning that same code; don't waste your time on this. Make sure you've also injected Darwin and modified the ACOS conditional settings in OSID method. Without it, the BRT6 patch will simply not work.   Post your DSDT and state BIOS mode: legacy or EFI; I've got a feeling it possibly impacts the effectiveness of the patch because I had to apply a different patch on my E6220 which operates in legacy mode unlike the E6230, E7250 and 7490 on which the BRT6 patch was successfully applied. I had posted a revised E6220 pack with that DSDT patch in my E6220 Guide last summer. You may look that up too.
    • I also have a dell insprion 14 3458. I tried many ways to install and not to install the hackintosh. When booting into usb, the screen is black. @Vaporeon, you said you can install sierra so can you send me that EFI file?
    • Thanks for yours replies. Unfortunately BRT6 method didn't work.   The console still returns QC66 for the both keys. Maybe I'm doing this wrong:   I opened my DSDT, cmd+f to found BRT6, replace with the proper method and save. I also tried to read more about in the Hervé's guide for E7250, change my VoodooPS2 kext to R6Bronxteck kext but still the same.   Am I missing something ?
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