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  1. Thanks a lot! It can reboot now. I think it is ready to update to Catalina. Btw, do you have suggestion to improve battery life? I think it's shorter than windows.
  2. It just stop at apple screen. I have bootable installer so that I can put backup config and reboot. Here is clover folder CLOVER.zip
  3. Thanks for your support. Not succeed yet to generate debug files. Oh my problem is I can not reboot Mojave after update clover, kext & change EC. The installation guide said I have to reboot after update clover, kext & change EC. Or should I update to Catalina first before reboot? Sorry for my english.
  4. I did change the comment, find* and save it. But still it can not boot.
  5. My E5470 can not boot when EC0 changed to EC. Any comment, please?
  6. Use hackintool to detect the usb. You can find ways in google. Do not expect sd card slot works in hackintosh ;).
  7. I suggest you use real Mac machine to make the installer.
  8. tinDell

    Starting a E5470...

    Thanks for your response. Well it's not major problem anyway
  9. tinDell

    Starting a E5470...

    Yes, that's what I did, remove the one in L/E. @JakeLo do you know how to use keyboard or trackpad to wake laptop from sleep?
  10. tinDell

    Starting a E5470...

    I did, 1.3.0 version. I use layout id 11, because 28 and 29 got me KP. Finally, found the problem, there are AppleHDA kexts in LE and SLE. So I removed the one in LE. Thanks for your help.
  11. tinDell

    Starting a E5470...

    Just found that is no sound. Already got lilu and applealc updated. Tried to change layout id too & I got kernel panic haha ... Also tried using fakepciid intel hdmi audio kext. Still no sound.
  12. tinDell

    Starting a E5470...

    I'm now using E5470, everything works like a charm. Do I still need to copy ssdt.aml to ACPI/patched folder?
  13. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Where do I add those in kextToPatch? In a new .plist or config.plist file using text edit or clover configurator?
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