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  1. I followed the "i" instruction, and stopped at step 10. I found no keyboard and mouse atttached to XHC. It was listed under PS2K instead of PCI0@0.
  2. Thanks! I just don't know that I had patched AppleHDA. Finally audio show Realtek ALC293 in Hackintool. But still my camera not working, I think it must be related with usb but I don't know which to look in Hackintool.
  3. Here it is. I just realised that bluetooth do not work because wlan card not supported. lol. debug_17999.zip
  4. Which one is debug file should I post? the .zip file or just a particular file inside of it.
  5. I don't know what's wrong with debug generator. It always said unable connect to internet then it failed to generate.
  6. sorry, can not post debug file yet. I had internet connection problem while installed debug generator. Maybe you can inform which kext is responsible for camera and bluetooth?
  7. Now I have problems that camera and bluetooth do not work. What kext should I check?
  8. What is the content? It might help me make my camera enabled.
  9. Finally I can make High Sierra installed and work along Windows. But now my trackpad not working haha.. Also, I had problem that every booting it did not get into Clover.
  10. I think it is quite odd no efi partition. I just followed the steps
  11. The size is 206.5 MB in FAT32. But it did not appear in diskutil list. Is it normal? edit: my mistake… there is no efi partition. : (
  12. Still no luck with clover in post installation, with older or newer version. Should I change something in bios setting before installing clover?
  13. Not yet succeed. When I try to reinstall Sierra, -igfxvesa arg no longer working.
  14. I will try to access with verbose mode. Last time I tried, I still had problem with clover installation. I can open the .pkg, change install location & customize install, click install, writing files and ended with installation failed.
  15. Did you format drive as GPT prior to installation? Yes, I did What error are you encountering? It just said installation failed Which version of Clover are you installing? I was using the latest, v2.4k_r4945 Did you disable security? Yes I did this sudo spctl --master-disable Please post screenshot of error. I think I made mistakes, after clover failed I try to replace bootpack in efi partition with e5450 bootpack, from here: The result is sierra cannot boot after restart. So I can't screenshot the error. Also, I cannot generate ssdt.aml because my processor was not recognized. But, since it said it was not mandatory I am not worry too much The bigger problem, I also lost windows efi (it not shown in clover) & I don't have the recovery media
  16. Thanks for your help. After installed, I met another problem that I cannot install clover bootloader. It said installation failed. What should I do?
  17. I had this problem using E5450 Sierra bootpack (A15). Should I use E7450 bootpack?
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