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  1. Thanks Jake Lo , darkwake=0 did the trick! Amazing! Next days I will try patching the audio. Not a big deal, never actually use it but for the sake of a 100% working system I will give it a try You guys are amazing! Thanks again!
  2. I tried 3, 11, 27, 28, 29 - none of them worked. Also today I checked sleep/wake - sleep is working, but wake when open the lid is not working. I need to press a button to light up the screen, otherwise it goes to sleep in a few seconds again.
  3. Yes, my mistake..sorry! FixDarwin7 applied, unfortunately doesn't make any difference. After I removed FixMutex and FixHPET my sound and my bluetooth are not working so I bring back those two. IOAHCIBlockStorage patch remove gave me a little bit faster boot time, but still I see the black screen during boot. And now I am trying go get rid of the line input. I cannot get it working, only internal mic works. Also HDMI audio not working...Any suggestions ? Thanks for the help Herve! Appreciate it! EDIT - I managed to fix the black screen during boot. It's easy, I just had to change up the brightness from BIOS to at least 40% so now it's fine. No more black screen during boot. Also managed to fix the HDMI audio with a simple plist edit from Jake Lo. Now the only minor problem remains the line input. Aside from that I am pretty happy with the system
  4. Thanks for the tips! 1. ACPI In Clover Configurator I see only FixDarwin, no FixDarwin7 option. Removed FixHPET and FixMutex (don't know what exactly they do) 2. Boot Fixed 20s boot delay, now is 5s. Legacy field - empty now 3. Devices Nvidia filed looks like I can't delete anything there, grey digits I can do nothing with them 4. GUI Removed all custom entries. 5. Kernel & Kext Patches IOAHCIBlockStorage patch removed Removed FakePCIID, switched to FakeSMC and it's plugins, removed Virtual SMC. RESULTS - Nothing's changed in terms of boot, still the same slow boot + the black screen. Now my sound, bluetooth and battery sensor are not working I am a bit noob at this, probably it's my mistake or I miss something.
  5. Hello! Recently I decided to turn my Windows laptop into a Hackintosh. Thanks to osxlatitude and Jake Lo I found the fastest way to do it. Downloaded the Clover folder from this post as it seems to be very similar to my system and starting from scratch it's working pretty well! I have just a few minor bugs that probably you guys can help me to fix. My system - Dell E5450 14" HD 1366x768, Intel Core i5-5300U, iGPU 5500 HD, 12GB DDR3 , 480 GB SanDisk SSD, Wi-Fi replaced with DW1560 1. The first bug is the boot - right after the clover screen the apple logo pops up and it darkened immediately (but still loading). Stays for 20-30 seconds like this and then I can see the apple and the bar until it fully loads the welcome screen. The boot is painfully slow despite the SSD. I expected not more than 15 seconds boot time...tried different fixes from the web but nothing worked so far. This happen also in Verbose mode. I made a video of the boot - Boot Video 2. The second bug is that sometimes I loose the sound and when I open the System preferences/Sounds/Input screen the sound is back on...that's really weird and still can't find solution. Also the line input is not working, only the internal mic. Internal audio and HDMI audio working. 3. Can't get CPU temperature sensor working, any help is appreciated. Here's my EFI folder. Cheers! debug.zip
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