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Latitude 7490: HDMI issues


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I recently installed Mac OS Ventura 13.4 on my laptop and so far everything works properly except for my external display. (UHD 620 8th gen i5-8350u Kaby Lake Refresh)

If I plug in my HDMI cable after the computer has booted the display works perfectly (Samsung s24d390 1920x1080).


However if I boot while the HDMI is plugged in already then the external display won't be detected at all. Same thing happens if I put the laptop on sleep mode. 

Another issue is when I turn on my laptop while the lid is closed (output on the external display only) then macOS won't boot at all (black screen right before the graphics finish loading). EFI.zip


I'm planning on buying a docking station soon and having to plug/unplug my HDMI every time is pretty annoying. 


I would appreciate if anyone can help me solve my issue. 

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It's a common issue with laptop hacks, you are not alone. I also have this problem with some of the laptops I (use to) have - 5470, 7490, 7400, Precision 5510. The only laptop I've never had problem with the HDMI after sleed/boot was the Latitude 5450. 

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