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  1. Hervé's post in [Solved] E7270: OCS: No schema errors & OC: No vault provided error was marked as the answer   
    Nope, what you get/see is perfectly normal. Mainstream multi-core CPUs have always been reported as single CPUs with n cores, something that totally reflects the hardware. Here's my own i7-based E7270 SysInfo:

    In no way does "dual-core/4 threads CPU" mean 2 x processors and 4 cores; you misunderstood things.
  2. Hervé's post in [Solved] E6220: Brightness toggle via Fn keys (UP & DOWN) was marked as the answer   
    Look up my recent Mojave and Catalina updates in my E6220 guide. They offer an installation free of patched DSDT, in UEFI mode and the posted pack contains all the SSDT tables + ACPI renamings in the Clover config to cater for brightness keys. You'll find the necessary code for Fn-UP/Fn-DOWN operation in the SSDT-Q66 table.
  3. Hervé's post in Unable to Update mac os big sur on Dell Latitude E6530 was marked as the answer   
    Updates are not offered when running macOS with the -no_compat_check boot arg. There are 2 x pre-requisites for obtaining Big Sur update offers:
    the SMBIOS of a Mac model compatible/supported by Big Sur (MBP11,x minimum). a SIP value that does not enable Apple Internal; it's disabled by default and must be kept disabled (bit #5 of SIP value, see here for details).
  4. Hervé's post in [Solved] Help with HD 4000 on Big Sur was marked as the answer   
    It's the fbmem patch that prevents the graphics glitches and defects as explained in our HD4000 patching guide; so make sure you implement it. You do not modify/patch memory count, pipe count, port count or stolenmem with LoRes/4-port layout 0x01660003, only with HiRes/1-port layout 0x01660004.
    Therefore, your framebuffer patch for [email protected] should set the following parameters to the following values:
    ig-platform-id -> 03006601 // LoRes/4-port Capri mobile layout framebuffer-patch-enable -> 1 // enables framebuffer patching framebuffer-fbmem -> 00008000 // reduces framebuffer memory from default 16MB to 8MB framebuffer-conX-enable -> 1   // enables conX patching, where X is your identified connector for HDMI output port framebuffer-conX-type -> 00080000 // sets conX to HDMI type, where X is your identified connector for HDMI output port hda-gfx -> onboard-1 // for HDMI-audio and nothing else. Target connector will most probably be con1.
    In the future, please post system's specs (add those in signature!) and copy of your bootloader config so that it can be properly read with the relevant tools, rather then leave people use Base64 to Hex/Text converter to decode your patches... Here, we assessed it was a Clover config but also specify this sort of things.
    For a complete and detailed set of information on framebuffer patching, I invite you to consult the Whatevergreen user manual:
  5. Hervé's post in [Solved] Latitude 7400: no success with OpenCore was marked as the answer   
    You appear to have a Micron 2200s SSD in that Latitude 7400. Those are known to be troublesome with macOS and you should consider replacing it.
  6. Hervé's post in [Solved] D620 OS X 10.7.5 Pointing Stick Support? was marked as the answer   
    The track stick is actually supported with the ApplePS2Controller kext provided in the D620 bootpacks once you remove the VoodooPS2Trackpad PlugIn kext.
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