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[Solved] Dell E5440: no HDMI audio


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Hello. I have Dell E5440 with BigSur 11.7.2 installed with OpenCore 0.8.8. Everything works fine except HDMI Audio (I don't know how to figure this out) and Touchpad is not being recognized in the settings (I'm not sure if it changes a thing - I don't have battery in my laptop). Please help. Thank you in advanceConfig.plist.zip

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Your posted IOReg shows:

  1. external display on con2 (FB @2), not con1 (FB @1)
  2. con1 patched to HDMI type (as per your OC config) -> [...]con1-alldata 01051200 00080000 ...
  3. con2 patched to DP type (as per your OC config) -> [...]con2-alldata 02041200 00040000 ...

If your external display on con2 is indeed HDMI, you need to patch its type accordingly, i.e. not to DP (0x0400) but HDMI (0x0800).


NB: No need to patch fbmem or stolenmem for Azul frame buffers (i.e. Haswell iGPU HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/etc.). You can remove those from your config and only retain the cursormem patch if you found it necessary (in case of cursor graphics corruption).

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