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  1. @Max.1974 There's new touchpad kext that might enable mulitouch gestures...it's call VoodooSMBus. See if your hardware is compatible.
  2. did you select 'Reset NVRam"? Each time you make a change, you need to do that, otherwise no change.
  3. Enable HDMI. See here for example even though it's for HD4400/4600, the idea is the same Post Config file and IOReg if you need help Also add your system's specs to your signature file. Hard to go back and forth determining what hardware you have. It just makes it easier for anyone to assist instead of guessing when stumbling on this thread.
  4. 1) which Alps kext ? 3) what server?
  5. remove or comment out these 2 under nvram/add/7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 booter-fileset-basesystem booter-fileset-kernel
  6. I have never encounter this before. What happens after it crashed? Can you reboot and continue or it continues crashing after creating account again? Did you try removing that boot arg?
  7. according to your debug file, the kexcachelog shows it's not repair properly. Redo the repair and rebuild cache
  8. @ICEGalaxy This thread is for Latitude 5480, not E5450
  9. Those 2 kexts are already in CKO unless you're now using a different bootpack. For the headphone, CodecCommander and SSDT-ALC256.aml are needed. Looks like you also have them both according to the debug files 2 -3 posts back. You most likely need to move CodecCommander to /Library/Extension. Repair permissions and rebuild cache. You can use Hackintool.app under utility to do all that.
  10. I'm assuming you're install beta4 Post your files for review.
  11. Post your files What exactly did you do to fix the Internal audio?
  12. It crashed during language selection? Can you post screenshot or be more specific of the crash? Which version of BS are you installing? Beta1, Beta2, Beta3, Beta4 or public beta? Try removing from boot arg vsmcgen=1
  13. 1) It's a know issue for ApplePS2Controller since Yosemite I think. You can try replacing it with VoodooPS2Controller by acidanthera or Alps touchpad kexts by 1Revenger1. 2) Intel devices are still in development stage, you'll have to check their site for support but it would be wise to add the injector with the firmware.
  14. try them and see if it works better or break anything. Since MBP13,2 and 13,3 models with touchID, you'll need to add NotouchID.kext to prevent slow login issue. No they are not, you can remove them if you like.
  15. put back vsmcgen=1 and add -igfxvesa vsmcgen=1 -igfxvesa remove when done
  16. Looks like the old VoodooI2C plugins does not include voodooInput. You could include it separately. Post new IOReg file
  17. It should if you update OC to the latest release version 6.0, and all the Lilu + plugin kexts.
  18. Copy the VoodooI2C and VoodooI2CHID from your Clover OC. Seems the newer version is not stable for your system. You might have to enable the 2 kernel patches for disabling AppleI2C by Coolstar. As for the VoodooPS2Mouse and VoodooPS2Trackpad, you can restore it in the Config and replace the VoodooPS2Controller from your Clover as well. Looks like the version I attached has them removed in plugins.
  19. I see it now. I made mods to your original Config without checking it clearly. You 2 wrong entry in ExecutablePath for VoodooGPIO and VoodooI2C You have Contents\Plugins\VoodooGPI0 and Contents\Plugins\VoodooI2C, where they should be Contents\MacOS\VoodooGPI0 and Contents\MacOS\VoodooI2C Here's the corrected config, give it a try config.plist.zip
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