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  1. Make sure you're connected via the DisplayPort
  2. Try booting without the SSDT* in the patched folder by going into Option at boot
  3. Give this a try, replace contents into /EFI/Clover overwrite if asked 3040_Catalina.zip
  4. I've seen this when installing Calatina 10.15.4 with older version of Clover, but from your log file, it shows you're running latest v5118. Did you replace the entire clover from another source after install Clover? Go ahead and reinstall Clover on top, it won't overwrite the Config, ACPI or Kexts folders. It'll just update the drivers. Then try again.
  5. Set BIOS to load Default. Apply, reboot and set BIOS to the following: UEFI enable AHCI enable Secureboot disable
  6. Make sure it's vanilla and not full of crap* Use whatever tool that can put the image into the USB.
  7. Forgot to add the embedded controller patch required by Catalina config.plist.zip
  8. Patch for HDMI already set in the Config file, not sure why it's not applying. According to the IOReg file, port 0x5 is still showing as DisplayPort. Are you booting with different sets of files than what is posted? For mic, try different audio layout-id. You currently have it set to 11 Try 3, 13, 17, 27
  9. You're installing Catalina, you'll need a new set of USB Port limit patches. I've included in the attached Config file. Also I don't know where you got the kexts from, but it's a total mess. Delete everything in /kexts/Other but leave the following kexts only: AppleALC CodecCommander IntelMausi Lilu USBInjectAll VirtualSMC WhateverGreen SATA-100-series-unsupported (might be optional) config.plist.zip
  10. Try latest VoodooI2C + VoodooI2CHID. It appears VoodooI2CUPDDEngine might be added https://github.com/VoodooI2C/VoodooI2C/releases
  11. Check for the following: Does the monitor have built in audio? Are you connected via DP / HDMI cable? Did you click on the Sound icon and switch it to HDMI / DP audio? Post IOReg file and state what connection is being use https://raw.githubusercontent.com/black-dragon74/OSX-Debug/master/IORegistryExplorer.zip
  12. In the Origin folder, launch DSDT.aml with MacIASL.app, search for PNP0C09 There you'll find the corresponding Device name ...it's usually EC, EC0, ECDV, or H_EC...
  13. Correct, with WEG and FB patch, they will bypass the error, but for that to work the FB kext must be cache for the FB patch to patch during boot. Usually with fakeID and / or -igfxvesa should be enough to get your installer to continue. You could try adding additional boot arg -disablegfxfirmware
  14. @rcpag1103 There's no wifi device detected and interestingly there is no Realtek SD Card reader detected either. Did you disable them in the BIOS? In other 5480 system I looked at, the wifi and SDCard reader are in either 0x1c,0x0 or 0x1c,0x2 It's probably easier if you restore both kexts, repair permission and rebuild cache. Reboot. Replace the DW1820a with the Intel wifi, make sure it's enable in the BIOS Boot back to MacOS and then export the IOReg file.
  15. are you able to complete the installation?
  16. did you check the root of MacOS for an EFI-Backups folder?
  17. @rcpag1103 are you certain the wifi is located @ (0x1D,0x0)? According to some of the 5480 I had worked on, it's either @ (0x1c,0x0) or (0x1c,0x2)
  18. When you boot the installer, it'll display the version on the lower right or in EFI/Clover folder, there's a txt file Clover_install_log.txt
  19. What version is Clover on the Dmg?
  20. How big was the file? I thought it's suppose to be a full installer, not a recovery installer. Can you try connecting an ethernet cable if you have one
  21. USB issue, so the boot files from the dmg is not right for your system. You need to mount the EFI partition and replace the files. There are many ways to do this from Windows. But here is the easier way Download Minitool Partition Wizard and Explorer++ Mount and assign an used letter to the EFI partition of the USB with Minitool Run Explorer++ with admin privilege and open the EFI partition drive you assigned previously Replace the files
  22. Still errorring out at graphics and seeing that -igfxvesa is not working, you could try going into Clover /Option/ graphics Injector and enable fakePCI / platform-ID = 0x12345678
  23. the boot arg from the screenshot is different from your Config file so not sure if you change it during boot or you're booting from another set of EFI files. From the KP, looks like it's related to graphics. Try boot with arg -igfxvesa As for your kexts, you can remove AppleBacklightFixup.kext (part of WEG now) Remove SMCHelper.efi from drivers/UEFI, you have VirtualSMC.kext. SMCHelper.efi is paired with FakeSMC.kext Once you're able to boot with -igfxvesa to complete the installation. rebuild cache. You should then be able to boot without that arg
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