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  1. Give this a try, replace the Config.plist and kexts folder Audio layout-id is set to 11 If still no audio, try these different one alcid=13, 22, 28, 44, 66, or 99. Reboot after each change Archive.zip
  2. Post a copy of the EFI and IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1
  3. try setting NVRam at OC picker, hit the spacebar to see the option
  4. Jake Lo

    Hello !

    there's a tread about it here. if you have the same specs, give it a try with the attached files
  5. here you go, just change the serial, MLB, ROM and UUID. I've never use OC Configurator but from just trying it out, I noticed it upgrade the config file to OC 0.8.3. So if your OC files is still O.7.9, you will encounter error. So either update the rest of your files to OC 0.8.3 or whatever version OC it shows when you launch OC Configurator, or just use OC configurator to generate the serial, MLB, ROM and copy them to your Config file manually. Personally I use Plistedit Pro. You can use Xcode or maybe ProperTree as well. config.plist.zip
  6. there's 3 areas that you need to change System Serial number, MLB & ROM You can use Hackintool.app as well to generated for the model you're emulating
  7. did you make sure it has unique serial #, etc..
  8. look at the device properties and smbios of this Clover config for an Optiplex 9010 AIO with HD4000 Maybe it might work for you too config9010.plist.zip
  9. That's why you should post your full system specs and EFI folder as requested.
  10. start with posting your full system specs And attach your EFI folder for review
  11. attach entire EFI folder what wireless device does it have?
  12. Please post your fix, might be helpful to others with the same model
  13. The behavior is due to the SSDT-TYPC.aml It's a patch to fake Express-card like behavior so that USB-C hot plug works. Without it, you can only plug in USB-C device on boot. Once remove, it'll no longer detect. I think you can remove that SSDT. It's not patch correctly anyway and might not be needed.
  14. 1st off, those files are from my E7440 bootpack with OC 0.7.4. It's clearly stated in the config.plist file. At minimum, you'll need to switch SMBIOS to MBP 11,4, then you'll need to update the OC files and kexts.
  15. Post IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1
  16. try setting SecureBootModel from Default to Disabled in the config.plist
  17. That's for your SDCard or you have USB-C device connected
  18. Make sure to use the same version OC files if you switch to debug version You can switch back to the original files but add verbose mode to the config file under Nvram->boot-args
  19. update all the lilu plugins too https://dortania.github.io/builds/?viewall=true
  20. for Ventura, make sure to use at minimum OC 0.8.2 and latest Kexts https://dortania.github.io/builds/?viewall=true
  21. the 1st Gen Intel graphics is not supported so it's a waste of time hacking it. But if you still insist, you could check out the E6410 guide, however it's really outdated
  22. try this, replace the config file and add this ssdt* Archive.zip
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