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  1. you can disable it @ the Clover GUI by pressing the spacebar and then selecting Block Injected Kexts locate the kext and select it once logged in you can remove it.
  2. Change boot arg to this in the Config file dart=0 debug=0x100 darkwake=0 bpr_probedelay=200 bpr_initialdelay=400 bpr_postresetdelay=400
  3. Describe issue with sleep. Does it wake up instantly?
  4. known issue as Latitude 7490 from Hervé's guide
  5. @marlov No need to quote on every reply. Post your Clover folder for review
  6. DW1820a will work just fine
  7. don't know where you get your files but USB_injector might be wrong for your system. It might not be configure correctly
  8. What wifi does it have? Intel is not supported. Need to be replace with a supported device. See here My recommendation is go with a Broadcom chipset, Atheros has been dropped. For Clover install the latest 5104 / 5103. You'll encounter the message that it's not supported, Just select install anyway. After that, copy the files from you USB EFI over.
  9. The card seems to have an E-Key slot, DW1820a has an A+E key slot, so no issue there.
  10. What ACPI error, post screenshot. Are you connecting HDMI to HDMI? What resolution? or HDMI to USB-C adaptor or Thunderbolt
  11. Try this Config, added 2nd HDMI port patch config.plist.zip
  12. Looks like you're using files from gengstapo, files looks good HDMI - HDMI patch is in place for port 105. Post new IOReg file or debug file with HDMI monitor plugged in Touchpad - According to the IOReg file, it's loaded and working. Check the preference pane Wireless - Your Qualcomm is not supported. Replace with supported device like DW1560, DW1820a or DW1830. Stay away from Atheros...Catalina had dropped support. Sleep - Disable hibernation. Run from Terminal sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage sudo pmset hibernatefile /dev/null
  13. @MrJonesIII What you're describing is USB issue. It's not detecting your USB installer. Make sure you have set in the BIOS the following settings at minimum: UEFI enabled Legacy Option ROMS disabled AHCI enabled Secure Boot disabled Stick with MBP15,2 since you have a Coffee Lake model.
  14. Yeah, support for Alps v7 is limited. Go to /E/C/kexts/Off and move ApplePS2Controller.kext to /E/C/K/Other and remove VoodooPS2Controller.kext With that, you'll have basic 2 fingers scrolling, tab to drag, 2 fingers right click. There's an issue with cap lock. You'll need tab twice to lock and twice to unlock. As for sleep, make sure you disable hibernation. Run this from Terminal: sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage sudo pmset hibernatefile /dev/null
  15. These will work: DW1560, DW1820A, and DW1830 (requires 3 antennas)
  16. @gengstapo Update the 1st post with your updates and bootpack to share with others.
  17. That message has been around since Catalina. Go ahead and select "Install Anyway"
  18. Your wifi device is not supported, replace with supported device like DW1560, DW1820a or DW1830 (requires 3 antennas). Try replacing your files with this, goes into /EFI/Clover replacing the files
  19. Just compress the following file and folders: Config.plist ACPI and Kexts folder You can mention what drivers you have in /EFI/Clover/drivers/UEFI, not necessarily attach them since them can be easily install from Clover.
  20. Files from Hervé bootpack should work, you don't and should leave out the DSDT.aml. The only patch added is for the Fn key for Brightness. That can be accomplish in another way. Once you have the system up and running, we could assist with the Fn key. I believe all newer models comes with I2C touchpad, but Alps I2C Touchpad has minimum support as with the 7490. You'll probably only get basic mouse movement. Read Hervé's guide, there're details about it.
  21. Are you sure your touchpad is Alps? And what version is it?
  22. Try removing FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext
  23. Post IOReg file Run this, save, compress and attach
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