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  1. add SSDT-GPRW.aml + patch I assume this system doesn't have a discrete graphics.
  2. what's the wireless / BT device does it have? Post your EFI + IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app
  3. give this a try, replace config and add the ssdt's to ACPI folder BrightnessFnKey.zip
  4. @BillDH2k Correct, no need for Legacy Option ROMS beyond Broadwell system Glad you got it sorted out.
  5. @BillDH2k What model drive does system have? Certain NMVE drive are incompatible with MacOS
  6. works only if it's an M.2 2242 NVME SSDs
  7. Hello! Welcome to OSXLatitude.
  8. what the max display resolution?
  9. See here under Storage Support https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/macos-limits.html#motherboard-support
  10. this may or may not work. I might be wrong about the patch being able to support Catalina, I think it's one version back If this fails, just replace the drive config.plist.zip
  11. here, added the patch to your config config.plist.zip
  12. Looks like you're in luck. runs Catalina 10.15.4 to Ventura
  13. there used to be a patch for this but support stopped some versions back...Catalina maybe? Google this, you might be able to find some info FLBAS bit:4 being set - for Plextor/LiteOn/Hynix
  14. thanks for that reminder Hervé add this under kernel/emulate in the config file Cpuid1Data: EC060800 00000000 00000000 00000000 Cpuid1Mask: FFFFFFFF 00000000 00000000 00000000
  15. give this a try XPS_7390-Ventura.zip
  16. @tazorro why would you attach the app? we don't need the app, just need you to launch it, save, compress and attach the output here.
  17. You'll need to change DVMT. Not sure if the system has the option in the BIOS
  18. Post your eFI folder and IOReg file using IOregistryExplorer.app v2.1
  19. You might have issue with the Hynix NVMe drive, might not be supported There might be issue with the audio also, maybe with the headphone jack for ALC299. But most of the specs are supported, should run Monterey /Ventura pretty well
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