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  1. @Subash Rogers 'Waiting for root device' is an USB issue. Did you try booting from a different USB port?
  2. Have you tried just removing the drive?
  3. Are you sure your USB installer is working? Maybe try creating a new one with different USB. I see you made some changes, adding a DSDT is not necessary since all the hot patches SSDT are there already. Shouldn't have SMCHelper.efi if you're using VirtualSMC, conflict. SMCHelper.efi is paired with FakeSMC, but I see you have that as well. Use one or the other, not both. If you're going to use FakeSMC, stick with ACPIBatteryManager, but if you're going to use VirtualSMC, then pair it with SMCBatteryManager. I see you have both of them as well. Also you have 2 sets of touchpad kexts: VoodooPS2Controller-R6RC2 and VoodooPS2ControllerR6. 2 sets of Ethernet: IntelMausi and IntelMausiEthernet. You need to know what each kexts are for before randomly adding them. Less is better, not more. Better you start over with a new installer and use the bootpack a few posts up ...EFI_E6540_test
  4. Either guide would work. Yes, there is an mSata port where you can add an additional drive, works just fine as well. High Sierra is the last MacOS to support Atheros, so if you want install newer MacOS than HS, you'll need to replace the kext with that of HS. See here As for docking station, I don't remember which version MacOS last supports it but I know it's no longer working on Mojave and newer, at least not the DisplayPort for external monitor. The onboard HDMI and mini DP does work, just not through the dock.
  5. USBMap.kext? Are your ports not all working with SSDT-UIAC-E7470.aml? Unless you prefer a kext over SSDT?
  6. @sukarechhe Did you remove the NVMe and replace with SSD or you just add an SSD to another slot? If the latter, it still won't work. You have to either remove it or disable it via the BIOS
  7. Oops sorry, glanced at it too fast. Should be fine. Try with this Config config.plist.zip
  8. If you want to install BS, just make sure to use new Clover that has OC quirks added (v5124), and of course update to the latest kexts.
  9. Not familiar with this one. You could try replacing with a regular Sata SSD (mostly supported) and see if the boot disk work for you.
  10. Sorry PM991 is another one of those unsupported NVMe drives
  11. At clover, press spacebar, select verbose + debug 0x100 mode This should show you the KP or where it hang What model is your NVMe? There are some that are known to not be compatible with MacOS, ie Samsung PM981, PM981a, Micron 2200s...etc
  12. 1) SSDT-HPET is required for Audio, it's basically the same for across the board. The extra patches I have experienced to not make a difference added or not. You can experiment adding them 2) I can't remember why I opt for 00001B19, try 00001619. If you lose external video connection switching then that might be why. Also check to see if you get more CPU States switching. Currently for me with 00001B19, I have 30. You can check by launching IORegistryExplorer, under CPU0/AppleACPICPU/x86PlatformPlugin 3) Yes, the 2 values are commented out so they're disabled. They were needed earlier on when testing BS. Latest OC has fixed that, you can delete them 4) You can try MBP13,2 and of course need add NoTouchID to the configuration. Again see #2 if it make a better option 5) No changes needed when switching higher resolution display. Only thing I could think of is if it's a touchscreen, then you'll need to additional kexts (ie VoodooI2C + satellite) 6) When checking the Config file with OC Sanity Checker, it recommends it but I don't see it's needed for audio to work with it already declared in Device Properties... and it's alcid=11, not 1. Post your results when you make those changes. Maybe it'll be better than what I'm using.
  13. The bootpack looks good except for SSDT.aml, remove it. That's compiled for an IvyBridge i7-3630QM. You might have merge your files with that of an E6530.
  14. Open your Config.plist file with Clover Configurator. Under SMBIOS. On the far right is the up/down arrow. Click on that and select the very same SMBIOS you have set, it'll automatically update to the latest. For example, if you current SMBIOS reads iMac17,1, reselect the same model.
  15. Replace the VoodooPS2 with this one. Shouldn't need to be in /L/E Add CodecCommander.kext to kexts folder, make sure to add it to Config.plist under Kernel
  16. so using the OC files you uploaded but only changing the DSDT with mine will cause this issue? But with the other DSDT, you don't have brightness control? Let me compare them, see if it need extra patching or remove some....
  17. Looks like you made some changes to the DSDT I had patched. What did you add or remove? For one you can remove PNLF and RMNE patches since it's already been added with SSDT-PNLF and SSDT-RMNE The PNLF you added to the DSDT is causing brightness issue.
  18. Glad that worked out. I used Rehabman's sample NVMe spoof file to create this patch.
  19. What happened to your display??! Missing the cover and maybe a bad pixel (pink line in the middle). Anyway, what's the source of the installer? Clean vanilla or distro? Do you have the correct BIOS settings set? Try resetting to default and then set to these settings UEFI enable /AHCI enable /Secure boot off
  20. You seem to have combine your files from E6530 with E6540 Download this and then add this to /EFI/Clover/
  21. If that doesn't work, try just adding this SSDT SSDT-DisableNVMe.aml.zip
  22. assuming your Micron is an NVMe drive, your PCI path is incorrect. Should be according to the location of my NVMe drive PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1d,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)
  23. Yes, it should be backward compatible to Catalina.
  24. can't read the real error as it appeared just before that screenshot you posted. You could try making a slow motion video to capture the error. What you could also do is add to boot arg -v -igfxvesa
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