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  1. Okay @Hervé now the module has been detected and seen. What to do next because I can't add it to the network.
  2. Ok Hervé, I see. That's why I asked for help because my WWAN module wasn't detected in the USB section of System Information (SysProfiler). I have done several ways, and one of them is using Legacy_Sierra_QMI_10.13.kext. But until now, the module has not been detected yet in the system. Please help.
  3. I bought WWAN DW5816e aka Sierra Wireless EM7430 for my laptop Dell Latitude E7270. After I install it and install the driver, the EM7430 can work well on Windows and Linux. But, when I used on MacOS High Sierra, EM7430 can not detected. I have tried to follow the methods written on this forum but still can't use the WWAN, because not detected. Hope you can help me. I include debug files my laptop below. In the E/C/k/O folder there is Legacy_Sierra_QMI_10.13.kext that I use after I have successfully changed USBCOMP=8 using Ubuntu (USBCOMP=14 does not support for EM7430). COMMANDS: sudo ls -la /dev/cdc* sudo dmesg | grep cdc sudo apt-get install perl sudo apt-get install libuuid-tiny-perl sudo apt-get install libipc-shareable-perl sudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui sudo perl swi_setusbcomp.pl --device=/dev/cdc-wdm1 --usbcomp=8 debug_30345.zip
  4. Okay Jake, I understand. Now there is no problem. Even now, I have tried using HDMI or miniDP to DP and everything can run well. I don't need to revert back to the old Config. And all of them can make a sound. Thank you very much. debug_30345.zip
  5. Okay Jake, now MiniDP to HDMI to Samsung TV can already make a sound. Same as when using HDMI to Samsung TV directly. Thank you very much. If I may know, what is added or changed from the config.plist above?
  6. This is my full debug files again with the miniDP is connected to an external monitor, Samsung TV. debug_30345.zip
  7. @Jake Lo Ok, I understand Jake. I have checked using the command above, and I found that my E7270 has a v8 touchpad version and does have problems after using the kext from Dr. Hurt and also from Bronxteck. So now I don't use it anymore. And I already considered the problem complete. For this touchpad case I will not find a solution again. Thank you for helping to solve the problem even though I failed to find the best solution. For this I am still looking for the best solution. I have tried several ways but have not succeeded. This is my debug files.. debug_7191.zip
  8. Excuse me, has anyone found a solution for EM7430 on High Sierra? I'm also trying to solve it. I have followed the steps mentioned here, but my EM7430 is not detected at all on my E7270. Help me please?
  9. @vanquybn, could you please share your kext? I need the kext for my WWAN EM7430 on High Sierra.
  10. Sorry Jake, I did not find the version 3 to download in that thread. Maybe you have the file?
  11. Now, the HDMI connection that was previously problematic has now been resolved. There are 2 more which in my opinion will also be resolved. The first is the SD Card Reader, and the second is the Trackpad. Could you help me again to finish both?
  12. Ok Jake, I've done it and succeeded. Now I have been able to connect HDMI to an LCD projector directly without blank screen, and it only takes 1-2 seconds to be able to display both images. I have also tried several experiments differently as a possibility after that and everything went normally without black screen. Thank you very much. Note : If I connect to an LCD projector using a mini-DisplayPort, the time needed is quite long, about 30-31 seconds. That is because the system is looking for the right resolution for the display, which is between 1920 x 1080 and 1366 x 768. And I prefer the resolution of 1366 x 768 because it matches what is displayed on the laptop screen. But that doesn't matter to me, I never or rarely use mini-DisplayPort for mirroring because if use it the sound won't come out (sound is only on the laptop) or no DP audio.
  13. Sorry, do you use High Sierra on E7270 or E7470? Maybe there is a little difference so that the kext can't run on High Sierra on my E7270 because I tried to repeat several times but still with the same results, the screen went blank.
  14. For the time, I used this method to resolve the problem
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