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  1. BCM943602BAED DW1830 AC BCM943602 NGFF M.2 1300Mbps BT4.1 WiFi Wireless Network Card. Yes, I did. I selected 'Clean/Reset NVRAM'. Am I wrong? Is that a problem?
  2. Well, I've done that, and I've got the debug files. I attach the debug file below. Please help. opencore-2020-11-17-152020.txt.zip
  3. Thanks @Jake Lo, but after I used your config, the result is still the same as this :
  4. 1. After I enabled AppleDebug in Misc / Debug and then I booted again using USB Installer, and when the error occurred again, I didn't get the log file on the root of EFI. Is there any other way to get that log file? 2. After that, I then returned to try the second method, switching VoodooPS2 with ApplePS2Controller + plugins that's included in the EFI and changing the config like this : and the result after rebooting again is like this : only until there the boot process.
  5. I have created Big Sur USB Installer and copied the EFI Opencore that @Jake Lo uploaded to EFI on my USB. After I booted, what appeared was like this : Is the EFI valid for the E7270 in general? Please help so I can install Big Sur on my E7270. Thanks.
  6. Sorry @Hervé, I'm not asking about "what is airplane mode". I know what Airplane mode means. What I'm asking is how it should deactivate the airplane mode. Not what Airplane mode means, but how do you turn it off? That's what I meant by the question "Airplane mode?" Btw, all the instructions (or at least, almost all) that you have given above I have done before. And all I ask is only if I miss what I have done, because so far there has been little by little progress from the first I consulted. Maybe right, what I haven't done is tape a pin to allow it to work as @Bronxteck said. I've read the instructions about tape a pin to allow it.
  7. Airplane mode? What kind of incorrect WWAN profile? Can you please tell me.
  8. Of course I have my SIM card inserted. I can use it when I boot using Windows or Linux. But if I use Mac I can't use it.
  9. But there has been little progress. The WWAN menu on System Information -> Network -> WWAN has appeared WWAN Information after I have changed the kext in the Product ID and Vendor ID fields with the contents 0x81cc and 0x413c (Dell Inc.) But until now it still can't work. Any idea?
  10. Thank you for your instructions @Hervé but after I used that kext, my WWAN DW5816e / EM7430 still can't be used. There is no change from before.
  11. Ok. Thanks for your suggestion. But according to what you know, it's compatible right?
  12. Thanks for your answer @Hervé Because there are some people who doubt it. And there are also argue that the Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 NVMe has the PCIE3.0x4 protocol while the E7270 only supports the PCIE3.0x2 protocol. That's what makes a lot of people doubt because SSD sellers also don't want to open their purchase box just to try. In addition, the problem is capacity limitation. In some cases, laptops that are installed with a 2TB SSD capacity can only be read a 1TB by motherboard. And the SSD seller in my place no one has ever tried it on a Dell Latitude E7270. So, Samsung 970 Evo is really compatible with E7270 right? If so, I'm determined and confident to buy and install it.
  13. I am so sorry I late to answer the question because I was sick last time. I didn't change anything. The problem appears after I update with Security Update 2019-007 (High Sierra). A then when reboot I can't boot to desktop.
  14. Excuse me, I have a problem when my dell boot today. The problem is like on the picture. Please help me.
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