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  1. Most of the times, when my laptop goes to sleep, bluetooth works. Rarely it doesn't. I will not spend more time in improving bluetooth: the solution BrcmBluetoothInjector+BrcmFirmwareData+BrcmPatchRAM3 in E/c/k/o seems quite reasonable for my user experience
  2. By now my experience is quite good: I encountered once the issue you described, but nowadays this is the more stable solution I found (even if not working 100% of times). Keep updating this thread with your further experience
  3. First of all, please fulfill properly your signature. Obviously with your system specs.
  4. Update: 23 Dec 2019 I updated my EFI folder after having my bluetooth back to work again. As usual, I share it via Dropbox. In my case, as you might see, I have no kexts installed in /L/E Install the latest clover release, then replace files and folder using my shared ones. It's slightly different from Jake Lo's EFI published on official guide but for my experience this arrangement is working. macOS release: 10.15.2 Feedbacks in case of use are highly appreciated. Best wishes to all of you M
  5. Hi, I don't have this issue but try switching to FakeSMC+ACPIBatteryManager and see what happens.
  6. Hi @dctacsi, first of all let me say to fill in your signature: basically it is important to know your hardware before trying to give an hand. Secondly: why don't you use the EFI folder published by @Jake Lo? Your EFI seems quite different from that one. You can find that link in Jake's main clover guide. Please try first with those and then report. Do you have any kext installed in /L/E? Regards M
  7. Don't worry. I can wait. In the meanwhile, I'm testing this solution (that one I asked you to test, too) and by now it seems to work. But I don't shout too much because I don't know if it is stable or not.
  8. Dear @pafkata, please try testing your DW1560 using: - BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext - BrcmFirmwareData.kext - BrcmPatchRAM3.kext all of them with v. 2.5.0 and all of them in E/C/K/O. Delete those kext related to bluetooth (BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext, BrcmPatchRAM3.kext) in /L/E. Repair permissions and rebuild cache. Please test your system in common use, after a sleep/wake, after several reboots and then please share your experience. Thanks, Marco
  9. Dear @Hervé, I apologize for the wrong orientation of that pic. I will for to rotate it in the proper way next time. Please consider that my E7450 has been formatted and I still don't have my password manager installed there. Without it, I cannot login to the forum. So I apologize again. Do you have any hint about our issue? I mean, mine and @pafkata?
  10. I tried an hard method: formatting anything and perform a clean install of Catalina 10.15.2. Result: no way. I suspect it can be a usb wrong configuration too: I tried to add the HP13 to usb20internalhub (which appears in IOregistryexplorer when I close/open the lid) in USB-E7450.kext through PlistEdit Pro (pic attached) but it’s again useless, probably because I wrote it in a wrong way. @Jake Lo can you please have a check? thanks Ps: if the problem is with no solution, I suspect I will have to downgrade to Mojave edit: in order to be clear enough, I just want to underline that bluetooth works only if I close/open the lid (waiting for the hack going to sleep). But at the first boot (or reboot) it doesn't work.
  11. Obviously I talked too early: after a couple of reboots bluetooth is still not working. I don't know what to do to solve it. Please give me an hand Thanks a lot
  12. I don't want to talk too loud..but after updating to 10.15.2 the configuration seems to be working.. Is that correct to keep the SSDT-UIAC.aml (with proper USB configuration) and UsbInjectAll.kext (this one in /L/E)? If so, and if you agree, I might share my EFI folder with the community in a new git repo. When still on 10.15.1 I tried deleting virtualSMC (and SMCBatteryManager) and replace it with FakeSMC (and ACPIBatteryManager) but bluetooth was not working..
  13. I confirm I have installed the latest version of BrcmPatchRAM (2.5.0) before posting here. So the issue appear with the latest version, but I'm pretty sure I have it also with 2.3.0d3. Might it be a problem of virtualSMC? many thanks edit: a partial solution occurred putting the machine to sleep (by closing the lid) and leaving it there for a few minutes. After waking up, bluetooth is working correctly. Do you have any possible hint? Thanks again
  14. Thanks Jake. I will retry again but previously I had the same issue with 2.5.0 of BrcmPatchRAM. I can try again and I will let you know. But I suppose I will have the same problem
  15. Hi everyone, I apologize about opening this new topic. As I wrote on the subject, I'm still suffering bluetooth issues: it might be available, but it isn't able to connect to anything. Most of the time it doesn't switch it on at all: the icon on the topbar is shaded grey but in system preferences it appears active, even if it doesn't work at all. I also tried to patch the SSDT for UsbInjectAll.kext, with no success. I tried to properly modify the USBPorts-E7450.kext, with no success. I'm still not so good in doing these things..can you please help me? I manually saved the ioregistry file because the install_tool.sh wasn't able to do by itself. Regards, Marco debug_23306.zip
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