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  1. acquarius.13

    E7470 and DW1560 - No Bluetooth on Mojave install

    Good Job!!!
  2. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    When I try to see the log, I have no answers from Terminal. This is not a big issue: I prefer a lot more ApplePS2Controller instead ALPS so I will definitively keep the first.
  3. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    Thanks a lot @viking1304! I have to edit my previous post: currently I cannot make the laptop sleep automatically unless I prevent hibernation using sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 sudo pmset hibernatefile /dev/null sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage I suppose this is caused by the FakeSMC. I noticed a working result using virtualSMC. I might try the netkas branch of FakeSMC to see if something change
  4. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    Ok so I will keep RehabMan fork of FakeSMC. Could you recommend an ALPS kext for the touchpad? I would like to try it, but the topic is a little bit messy for me..can you please suggest the correct one to use? Apart this last thing, I can state that system is ok and running smoothly
  5. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    FakeSMC + ACPIBatteryManager made again working the battery cycles count. Battery % is still unreliable but this is not a big issue. Should I use RehabMan FakeSMC fork or the original one by netkas? Thanks Marco
  6. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    Hi everybody! I successfully installed macOS 10.14.1 Mojave on my primary internal SSD. Everything is running smoothly but I'm still encountering battery percentage issue. I also noticed (even in System Profiler) that battery count cycle is 0: is that because I use virtualSMC + SMCBattery kexts? Should I switch to FakeSMC and ACPIBatteryManager? Thank you in advance Marco
  7. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    Hi @Jake Lo and everybody else! I tried your suggest (removed internal Crucial 512GB and placed Toshiba 256GB as internal) and it actually works! So I will perform the update of the main Crucial SSD as soon as possible. I will also try to add again the boot arg abm_firstpolldelay=16000 since it didn't work for me and I will let you know about battery. When placing the external SSD as internal I noticed out that icons in Latitude clover theme were correctly loaded also for Mojave. So I don't have to change anything. Thanks a lot for your great support! I appreciate it!
  8. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    I will try switching the SSDs and see what happens. I will keep you updated. Thanks a lot @Jake Lo!
  9. acquarius.13

    E7450 macOS 10.14.1: battery and wake issue

    Hi guys! While waiting for an updated Mojave installation guide, I've tried by my own installing macOS 10.14 (then upgraded to 10.14.1) just using the Mac App store on a cloned external SSD, in order to preserve my main internal SSD. I successful installed both 10.14 (from 10.13.6) and 10.14.1, with a good overall performance, but I'm experiencing some issues: 1. even after executing hibernation prevention in Terminal and repairing permissions, I can put laptop to sleep but it hangs when waking (rainbow pointer rotating disc, anything stuck) 2. Battery is not updating at all, even when I plug the AC in. 3. Clover entries are yellow boxes with black stripes (not so bad because clover actually works) For the first two issues I suppose it is a DSDT problem, but I cannot solve it by myself. Here you will find the debug zip file (I would like not to waste all my account storage, so please don't be annoyed by this link). Thank you so much for your support! Marco
  10. I think that @viking1304 can support you the best since he develops also tools for this machine
  11. acquarius.13

    [SOLVED] E7450 - High Sierra - Security update

    Hi, I had the same update and I noticed, as yours, a first reboot without success but a second one with everything that has gone ok. I think that the security update can be related to command line tools. In order to prevent any accident, keep a bootable USB drive with you (i.e. the installer macOS should be fine, with updated clover and EFI folder). You should not encounter problems. Keep us updated! Regards, Marco
  12. acquarius.13

    E7450 boot issue

    abm_firstpolldelay=16000 abm_firstpolldelay=20000 abm_firstpolldelay=8000 or deleting the abm_firstpolldelay gave no results. I partially "solved" using HWMonitor battery % in order to have the correct amount of remaining battery.
  13. acquarius.13

    [SOLVED] A few E7450 problems I'm having

    Hi! 1) this is a known issue. If you want to have a different keyboard behaviour try replacing the ApplePS2Controller.kext with an ALPS driver (for more information, see here) but keep in mind that you might lose the trackstick. 2) This second one in much more complicated to me. Probably Jake can solve it "quite" easy. You can update your kext folder using Whatevergreen.kext instead of Shiki and IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup. You can also delete EAPDFix (also from L/E) since is no more needed. Remember to complete and to show your signature in order to make admins to better help you. Read also this thread to post debug files properly
  14. acquarius.13

    E7450 boot issue

    So I will remove AppleBacklightInjector.kext and the related patch using clover configurator. What about battery %? Should I use Inject kexts = yes instead of Detect in order to have proper battery %? This is, of course, a minor issue. Have a nice day guys
  15. acquarius.13

    [SOLVED] Hibernation keeps coming back

    Did you try to clean nvram? sudo nvram -c Then disable hibernation again