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  1. Hi everyone, I enabled the SyncRuntimePermission quirk and this solution worked for my Z240 desktop: I have an HDD with Windows 10 and a PCI-SSD with Big Sur (with OC 0.6.9). OC lays, of course, on the SSD EFI partition. I did not reset the NVRAM and Windows started directly from OC. Thanks @Jake Lo!
  2. Deleting Boot and OC folders and adding Jake's one, I needed to add a new boot entry in the bios (as expected) to opencore.efi Without resetting nvram, macOS booted regularly and bluetooth works. I want to try again to select windows in the picker, but I suspect it will crash as always UPDATE: I'm really glad to say that windows now boots correctly from opencore! I'm now writing from windows booted from opencore picker! Thanks a lot Jake! This is also a great improvement for me! Is this because of the different SSDT you published?
  3. Jake, you changed some SSDTs! Maybe that is the reason why it is now working. I will test it too and report what I will find. Thanks Jake!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing the same issues as eilatuno, both regarding slow boot and bluetooth. I reverted to 0.6.4
  5. Hi, you should try to look at dortania's opencore guide section related to DRM issues. If nothing get solved, use a browser: there shouldn't be any problem there
  6. Hi phil, I'm encountering the same windows-boot-failing through OC, even if dortania says it is supported. I still don't understand why and it's a little bit frustrating.. Jake said some time ago it's a known issue of OC, but I hoped they solved somehow..
  7. Hi everyone, Hi Jake, is there any update about opencore ability to boot both windows and macos? Thanks a lot and happy new year!
  8. Justin, I tried using OC on an external hard drive with USB caddy. I left my primary internal SSD untouched. I was curious to try OC and it was a good mess, honestly. I recommend you to firstly solve your issues with clover, to read carefully dortania's OC guide (read it all, many times) and finally, if you feel quite brave try to "adjust" your files to OC. I suggest also to test your future OC files using an external drive/stick before trying with your primary drive. But, unfortunately, I'm not able to understand your issue. Apologize
  9. Hi @Jake Lo, I tried to boot windows (internal sata SSD, where I host windows and catalina) from the external hard drive (using OC 0.6.0, after resetting NVRAM) but the result I have is always the same. I post it in this video. OC is able to boot both Big Sur (in the external hard drive) and Catalina. And here there are my files. I followed dortania's guide but there seems to be no solutions for this case. Windows is recognized by the picker but I cannot boot windows at all. Do you have any hit? Ps: should I move the topic on another section? Ap
  10. Dear @mehmetuksel, I always used OpenCore 0.6.0, updating kexts as usual with a macos update. Nothing else. So, I don't have neither 0.6.1 nor 0.6.2 efi folder to share. If you want to have a try, please use the already shared one. Regards
  11. @PrabhuR Sincerely, I didn't test it and I will not test it in that machine. On the other hand, I tried to boot my internal win10 (on another pc) through external hard drive with opencore. The result is a continuous bootloop from the very beginning. I suppose this behaviour is related to the way opencore treats windows: as a bootcamp partition. I will not modify my internal windows partition so I will try to do this (and I recommend you to do the same): create a partition on the external hard drive suitable for your windows partition, clone the internal win10 partition to the externa
  12. Specifications: BIOS Version: N51 01.63 Intel 7th gen i7-7700, 3.6GHz CPU Integrated Intel HD graphics 630 (as display, I use a 24" Lenovo ThinkVision T24-i10 1920 x 1080 pixel out of the DP port) 8 GB DDR4-2400 RAM HDD SATA WDC 1TB 3.5": Win 10 Home + macOS Catalina 10.15.6 (clover) HDD SATA Hitachi 160GB 2.5": Big Sur beta 4 (OpenCore) Intel I219-LM Gigabit Ethernet Realtek ALC221 audio layout 11 WiFi Card+BT: BCM4350 Dell DW 1820A (14e4:43a3), M.2, 802.11ac/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz 867Mbps + BT 4.1, BCM2045A0 chipset thr
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