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  1. I suppose it is something related to the igpu. If I understood correctly, I always have those kind of beeps in all of the 3 hacks that I have. For the record, the desktop one is the machine that particularly suffer of this issue.
  2. From the homepage, I would say that the issue still remains
  3. Hi everyone, as per title (and in signature), I encountered an issue when my laptop updates the bios: latest bios update was quite mandatory (due to a problem with embedded batteries). I'm able to downgrade it but, at reboot, bios starts again to update to the latest version (01.17) without any possibility to avoid the procedure and to stop it. The issue: this latest bios gives me an acpi battery error and shows me no battery at all in macOS (both 11.6 and 12.0.1 RC2). I'm not at all an expert in acpi patching so I'm here to ask you an hand. I already tried to patch it using SSDtime but with no effect. You can find as attachments the current EFI, the acpi tables extracted with OC 0.7.2 debug, ioregistry file and some screenshots (I have a video of boot verbose, if needed). Hope this can help to understand the issue (and to make you solve it). Thank you so much in advance MacBook Pro di Marco 2018.ioreg.zip EFI.zip SysReport.zip
  4. No. Beta 7 and 8 are difficult for me to be installed. I'm waiting for a new final release of OC to try something different, but I will first test it on a laptop
  5. Sure. Here you are on gdrive. Always remember to change MLB, ROM, Serials and UUID Cheers
  6. Update: reverting to 1820A and building the latest (not released yet) AirportBrcmFixup and Lilu managed to work also the wi-fi network. Now the efi is ready for monterey full working environment as my specs in signature
  7. Update: building the latest (not released yet) AirportBrcmFixup and Lilu managed to work also the wi-fi network. Now I just have to re-run the usb map again and it should be done!
  8. Update: 31st August 2021 macOS Monterey beta 6 Installed correctly through software update. I moved through an Intel based Wireless M.2 card (AC-7265) which works good (apart airdrop, unfortunately). Wi-Fi is ok, bluetooth has severe problems with non-Apple devices (especially wireless earphones). @aelsharawi: as previously mentioned, I'm not such an expert. I suggest you to follow dortania's guides about opencore tuning and dGPU installation. https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/ https://dortania.github.io/GPU-Buyers-Guide/
  9. Sure! You can decide by yourself which one is what you need: - OC 0.7.2 - Big Sur ready - DW 1820A - OC 0.7.2 - Big Sur ready - Intel Wireless AC 7265 - OC 0.7.2 - Monterey ready - DW 1820A (NOT FULLY TESTED!) Keep in mind that I'm not as expert as admins..so I will not so able to answer to specific issues. IMPORTANT: remember to use GenSMBIOS to change serials, MLB, UUID, etc. Cheers
  10. I'm on the opposite side of the issue: bluetooth works lovely but wifi is giving me lots of troubles. I agree with your idea of a hardware-related issue. In this scenario, I tried switching to an intel based M.2 card that I had here from a laptop substitution: BT and WiFi (with AirportItwlm) are quite good, despite the lack of Airdrop. This last sentence is a small off-topic, since I'm writing about intel wifi in big sur. I will test it also in Monterey
  11. @Hervé, here you can find the EFI of my E7450 running Monterey on an external hard drive. This archive contains the ioreg file + a screenshot of system profiler: wifi is correctly identified but the driver is not loaded (in big sur it is loaded). Hope you can find something to improve. Thanks a lot!
  12. @Hervé: I continue here my dissertation about wifi M.2 cards In this machine I'm using a BCM94350ZAE (1820A) with random "shutdown" issues both in Big Sur (I mean, with no apparent reason I have a grey wifi icon, with wifi apparent enabled, even after reboots and NVRAM resets) and window: should I consider it deprecated? Thanks a lot
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