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  1. Thank You arsradu i'll try asap OC, I will post here the results!
  2. Hi Everyone i'm interested to try move from Clover (currently i'm with 5117) to OpenCore on my E7450, there is anyone that already done the swap? Any kind of suggestion? Best Regards
  3. Hi everyone it seems a stupid question but is there anyone who has updated E7450 to the latest bios A23 from A19? I would like to update to the latest version but I don't know if there are problems with Catalina. Thank you so much to everyone for the work you do every day!
  4. Hi all My current configuration is bsed on E7450 with Mojave 10.14.3(and Win10 on other part on same disk) with bootpack from https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8514-dell-latitude-e7450-clover-uefi-only/ . Now i want to enable Filevault to encrypt my data for security reason and i've read some other post regarding FileVault enabling but i cannot found an exaustive guide regarding this operation. I found on another post that VirtualSMC.efi replace completely two components FakeSMC (and all the plugins connected to that kext) and SMCHelper (that address all SMC not managed by FakeSMC). Now i know those component (FakeSMC and SMC Helper) are required to alllow proper booting of my system. Someone can explain to me how can I move from those components to VirtualSMC without issue? Many thanks
  5. Hi, can anyone explain me how I can fix nvram?
  6. HI Jake Lo yes system was installed without CoreStorage. report is in the attached file PS: same results happen with new update 10.13.6.... debug_24092.zip
  7. Hi Jake space is not the problem, i have 52 GB of free space on system volume, i've already tried to delete osx install folder and i've already updated clover to latest version but without success. Same error every time
  8. Hi Jake My E7450 go to panic when I launch the upgrade process. During boot after the line agdcbacklightcontrol: didn't find DPmicro System going in KP and I don't know how to apply the update. I've tried to use appstore upgrade process and combo update PKG but result is the same on both upgrade path. Have you ever experienced this issue?
  9. Ok Jake, i had understood the trick, reboots are required to complete installation process like in the Sierra wizard, now system is working but i've found some things that left me in doubt: Graphics: with Elcapitan when I use the docking station i can use all my 3 monitors (LVDS, VGA on docking, mDP onboard) but with HS i can use only LVDS and mDP. another strange things in graphics is about management of brightness where brightness slider can't match the with current backlight level (sometimes happen that system freeze 2 or 3 seconds when brightness changes) Trackpad: with ElCapitan the middle button of trackpoint permits to use the scrolling feature of that device. It's possible the Smartscroll is the only solution to enable this feature in HS?(some parameter in the ApplePS2Controller...) WAN: on have you even test the WWAN module on HS? Thank in advance
  10. Hi Jake, exactly same error with your pack. If I boot with slide=0 i can reach installer, the installation start but at the middle of setup the installer exit and restart the computer. What can i try?
  11. Hi Jake In attach you can find the dump requested, currently my BIOS is the latest, the A19 version. PS:before you ask me, i've dropped the table MSDM.aml because contain windows license. Many thanks in advance ACPI_Origin_E7450_A19.zip
  12. Hi Jake Yes, latest Clover latest bootpack A19 for e7450 with FixHeaders enabled.
  13. Hi Jake i've already downloaded the corrected EFI and related bootpack for E7450 on HS but this produce the follow error during install process. How can i save the dump to find the exact error?
  14. Hi all i've tried solution reported in this thread but i cannot start High Sierra Installer on my Dell E7450. Now i'm running ElCapitan with latest BIOS A19 with any kind of issue , but i'm unable to boot to HS Installer. Some one can help me? Thanks in advance!!! Dell E7450 A19 Intel Graphics.
  15. eilatuno

    Lenovo T430

    Hi all i'm now able to use external monitor through the miniDP after patching AppleFrameBufferCapri with this ID and using a patched DSDT with intel injection for platform 3 0000000: 0503 0000 0200 0000 3002 0000 ........0...(LVDS) 000000c: 0205 0000 0004 0000 0704 0000 ............(DP) 0000018: 0304 0000 0004 0000 8100 0000 ............(DP) 0000024: 0406 0000 0004 0000 8100 0000 ............(DP) I've tried to patch VGA output but system hang in a kernel panic due error in intel driver, reading in other thread seems the VGA support is missing in this Framebuffer. Note:The DSDT attached has AppleHDA already patched for ALC269 if you want use a patched AppleHDA and the properly IOAudioFamily T430s_FB_Patched_DSDT_platform3.zip
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