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E7450 kernel panic on boot


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Hi everybody,


i have a Dell E7450 i7-5600U HD5500 with BIOS A17 and would like to boot macOS 10.13.3.

Ive attached my EFI with stuff. I can boot with USB stick no problem but from harddrive I cannot because of the panic on the pictures.


Ive followed this Guide http://forum.osxlati...over-uefi-only/and many posts on this forum for High Sierra, with bootback and miniDP thing. 


Also a special request how would I enable Clover to detect Ubuntu on the same drive?





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I got it running on previous config without updating bios or installing new bootpack. 
I have a few issues tho: 

1) I dont hear my fan running I tested with Intel Power Gadget and get temperature to 75C and did not hear fan start to cool CPU down. Also my high sierra cannot detect any fans running so even if there is a cooling system it will come from bios not OS, any ideas? 

2) Always on boot, my screen go black until I press luminosity button for screen, the reason for that is EnergySaverPreference does not remember configuration I set on reboot. I have a strong feeling it is smth to deal with xcpu power management, but cannot say more not sure OS. Any suggestions

Also notes:
Do I need to run kext-dev mode on boot?
what about -xcpm? Do I need to run ssdtPRGen.sh with xcpm options?
What does npci=0x2000 parameter do?

Also what about dart=0? 

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