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  1. what happens if you close the screen and open it again after it blacks out on the main screen? if you shine light on the screen do you still have images showing but with no backlight?
  2. nope nothing i could do off hand. most likely a BT firmware compatibility issue.
  3. sometimes the installer reboots 3 to 4 times before installing. have you waited that long? no i did not watch the video.
  4. you can run the config validator to see what needs to be fixed in your config. should tell you the errors. then you look in the sample config to see how it is now implemented as things change in OC on a monthly basis. make sure all acidanthera kexts are also updated with the same version of OC that is installed. simpler to update to newest stuff since it gets hard tracking what goes with what version.
  5. have you checked the manufacturer to see if it has apple compatible software? usually in the past many csr devices where natively supported.
  6. try resetting nvram in case there are some rough values from the old EFI
  7. it might be trying to update the non existent apple mac firmware. if using OC there is option to not allow it as we do not need that on a hack. i don't recall what it is off the top of my head but it's in the OC documentation.
  8. glad to see your up and around. hope your better after your last scare.
  9. you can try layout id 13 and 29 they seem to be for a asus x55 system
  10. it is not that it is impossible. it is just that none of the devs that would have the skills to code for it have the machine. necessity is the mother of invention.
  11. most likely has to do with filevault. or BT see if you can disable any new vault related features can try with man pmset or pmset -g log to see what is going on
  12. panic shutdown info is stored in nvram that's how it knows your previous shutdown was not successful.
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