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  1. you can try this. it has a fan read ssdt. but i do not know if it gives control to the os https://github.com/scarymen1325/opencore_hp_810_g2
  2. looks like hibernate mode is set to 3. see if setting it to 0 helps
  3. try using only the boot flag alcid= and add the id you are testing to it like alcid=12 remove any alcid's you have in ssdt's or property injections in config. with OC you will need working nvram if not it will not update your alc id as you test different ones. you will have to manually delete the variable from nvram and enter a new nvram value.
  4. OC will break your installed windows activation as OC will tell the os that is is a mac and not your activated machine
  5. sometimes you have to call apple support to remove you from the spammer blacklist. if you connect with too many different machines as you are by changing values constantly you automatically get black listed by apples servers
  6. make sure you have applealc declared in your OC config and that the kexts are in the correct patch order for loading
  7. if that does not work you might have to set DVMT in shell. you would have to find the values for your system bios.
  8. OC and it's patches affect all OS's system wide as opposed to clover only patching for MacOS. and OC was designed that way from it's inception. so most likely windows and all operating systems will always be affected by directly booting OC. if possible boot windows from the bios boot selection menu.
  9. then you need to figure out whats amiss with your BT kexts or usb bus if it does not show. but thats only if your BT is compatible with osx.
  10. have you tried any of the other layout id's that hackintool suggests in the drop down box with the blue arrow in your pic? another one might work better.
  11. i had similar installer issues with formatting the volume apfs in Mojave. what resolved it for me was formatting it HFS GUID and letting the installer do the APFS conversion.
  12. make sure to select the installer when it reboots. your nvram might not be fully working so it defaults to booting catalina
  13. follow the dortania guide https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/ it walks you through the config.
  14. if you are using latest clover it is now merged with opencore so apfsdriverloader driver would not work you have to configure apfs support in the config plist you can try https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/CloverBootloader/releases/tag/5119
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