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  1. Bronxteck

    M4800 nVidia only

    im not sure but i guess you can always disable the intel injection from config or clover GUI. basically you just have to try it to see what direction you need to go in.
  2. Bronxteck

    Dell 5480 i5-7300U HighSierra 10.13.4

    ok i see. are you sure you are formatting the SSD properly with disk utility maybe it is not showing up in the selection menu and you are accidentally installing to the 16gb usb installer which is not enough room to install macos too?
  3. Bronxteck

    Dell 5480 i5-7300U HighSierra 10.13.4

    so what's the issue? make more room.
  4. Bronxteck

    Mojave on E6510?

    are your bios at at least A09?
  5. Bronxteck

    Dell 5558 Mojave Help

    reset nvram by pressing F11 at clover boot GUI
  6. Bronxteck

    battery status

    I had a similar issue reseting the power profiles works for a bit but I ended up having to reinstall Mojave clean since I had upgraded from Sierra I guess there where bad permissions somewhere.
  7. Bronxteck

    M4800 nVidia only

    you might have to connect an external screen then install the Nvidia web drivers from Nvidias site.
  8. you can try fusing both drivers to see if it helps. use the voodoops2controller kext with the keyboard that works and swap out just the trackpad kext inside the plugins folder with the one that works.
  9. Bronxteck

    Install High Sierra on HP 250 G6

    yes clover config plist is what controls clovers features. you can try booting clover in verbose mode by hitting the space bar at the clover prompt. for editing the clover config you can use clover configurator app. the app makes the config.plist a bit more user friendly.
  10. Bronxteck

    Mojave on E6510?

    ok if it gets stuck on waiting for root device then that is most likely caused by the USB port dying during load so try different ports. or try pulling it out and putting it back in at that point on another port.
  11. Bronxteck

    [Latitude e5430] Need assistance w/ setting up HW

    according to https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/tree/master/Resources/IDT92HD93BXX layout 12 is the correct layout id. are you sure you dont have other audio related kexts that are not the apple stock ones in maybe S/L/E or in L/E also check the clover kexts os version your booting folder. i believe also clover rev 4700 has also injection issues. if you are on that version update it to latest also
  12. Bronxteck

    Install High Sierra on HP 250 G6

    you drop the kexts in to the clover kexts other folder in the EFI partition after installing clover.
  13. Bronxteck

    [Latitude e5430] Need assistance w/ setting up HW

    make sure to have latest lilu and applealc. some older versions of lilu had injection issues. also make sure they are in clover/kext/other folder. and that you have injection set to yes not detect in clover config.
  14. the issue is the firmware for those models DW1510, DW1550, DW1560 probably a few others are outdated. dell has not released any new firmware's for them as they are manufacture specific even though the hardware States 2070a.
  15. Bronxteck

    Mojave on E6510?

    root device being? USB thumb Drive? internal HDD/SSD? CD-ROM iso, ect....?