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  1. yeah slice never includes HFSPLUS.efi in his releases i think he also removed APTIOMEMORYFIX.efi so just be aware in case for some reason you loose either updating clover. DID'S clover compiler releases adds those to the installer package.
  2. but injection is a mandatory evil for installations as the install dmg does not have a cache. if using C/K/O path make sure you have clover injection set to true not detect and that you have FSINJECT.efi driver from the clover driver installer selection menu
  3. github cloverhackycolor is the new home of clover. SVN has been demoted did's clover branch is a repository collection of svn clover builds all new development to clover will be from now on hosted on github.
  4. i dont know it might be a bug in there code you would have to troubleshoot with the kext developer or try older or other versions
  5. i had a similar experience with acidanthera version of vooodoops2 last night. my trackpad was super sensitive and the click buttons did not respond
  6. your missing Aptiofix.efi in clover driver or you need to update it
  7. i know on other trackpad kexts there are options within the kext info.plist that can be adjusted like finger z values.
  8. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/339175-brcmpatchram2-for-1015-catalina-broadcom-bluetooth-firmware-upload/
  9. yeah a lot has changed since 2015 when the guide was started
  10. you might need to set your usb up properly and also set your BT as internal usb
  11. you do not need to use the *.dSYM files remove them. you might be having cache issues with the kexts maybe that's why it is intermittent. what bootloader are you using? where are your kexts located.
  12. you can look through this thread
  13. check your bios to see if the options are enabled and also check the wifi switch.
  14. if Herve's DSDT did not work for you then you are most likely on a different bios revision then the DSDT he supplied in the boot pack was made with.
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