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  1. kext injection is also needed if you are booting from an installer or .DMG image as the cache is predefined and compressed within the installer that is normally not accessible. in the case of an installer the folder Efi/Clover/Kexts/Other should be used.
  2. you probably need to find the new catalina ports limit patch for the usb
  3. try adding a fake device id for the wifi in your clover config devices section 0x435314E4 or 0x433114E4
  4. both of those cards should have possibility of some support but it might be a specific hardware version
  5. maybe the installer is not adding the drivers you need to boot correctly like FSINJECT.EFI you might have to manually select it and other standard drivers
  6. maybe you need to make a new config.plist from scratch. the one you posted was pretty hacked up.
  7. you need the DVMT /stolen ram clover patch for the version of OS you installed.
  8. correct your smbios. it is coded with 3 machine identifiers. MacBook8,1 MacBookAir7,1 MacBookPro12,1 pick an smbios that will work for your machine and that is supported by 10.14.4
  9. try reinstalling with a newer OSX version. you did not specify what version you tried.
  10. ALPS I2c U1 / T4 Vender ID 0x044E Product ID 0x120B Version ID 0x0123
  11. maybe it is treating your display as a secondary extended display?
  12. you can try reset HDA option in clover for the audio issue.
  13. the os might be looking for your IGPU to do the hardware encoding. you can also try updating WEG kext could be PAVP / HDCP issue
  14. what herve said. the kext is Dr.Hurts hard work not mine. i had no involvement in it. i did not have anything to do with writing the code for the kext. i just compiled Dr.Hurts last code he left us with so that we could try it.
  15. do you have at least bios update 1.6 there was a turboboost fix and processor states update at that revision. latest version as of writing is 1.9.3
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