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  1. Bronxteck

    E6430 - Big Sur

    the smbios you are using might be blacklisted for big sur install add -no_compat_check boot flag and see if it passes that error
  2. Bronxteck

    E6430 - Big Sur

    Hi leppy! nice to know 2020 hasn't got you nice to see you around.
  3. in the link it says you can do it in a dos enviroment. Procedure 1. Go into the DOSsub-directory. 2. Insert a blank CD-R disc into your CD/DVD R/W drive. 3. Burn the ISO image into a CD-R media. 4. Insert the CD-R (created from the above steps) into the CD-ROM/DVD drive in the target system. 5. Boot your system from the CD/DVD drive (for instructions, please refer to the manual that came with your system). 6. Please select the targeted drive once your system boots into DOS. 7. The next screen is a warning message. It states the risks and reminds user to backup important files before proceeding. Please click "Y" to proceed. 8. Firmware upgrade will proceed. When the firmware upgrade process completes, the user will be prompted to reboot the machine. Remove the CD-R from your CD/DVD drive, and reboot your system. It will boot into Windows. 9. To confirm the firmware update was successful, open Device manager -> open SSD -> click Properties -> choose hardware ID under Details and check the firmware version.
  4. use an external mouse and keyboard if you have one. that should get you through till you can install the kext.
  5. maybe try updating the firmware for it https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=ycjg9&oscode=wt64a&productcode=latitude-e7450-ultrabook
  6. that seems to be a common issue with Microsoft teams not really a "hackintosh" issue as it happens with real macs as well. you can try what they do and that is Disable Hardware Acceleration from Teams app > Settings > General. if you believe it to be hack related then you can try whichever weg flags you think sound like your issue https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen
  7. what type of hard drive is it. Sata, M.2, NVME ? what model?
  8. there has been changes to clover https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304530-clover-change-explanations/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-2740755
  9. you can also try this free alternative https://github.com/bitgapp/eqMac
  10. did you set PPP? last tab on your first picture
  11. why dont you take the time to read and update yours and share it for others here Mr jony.
  12. check your nvram variables for -v with hackintool
  13. do you really need so many kexts? try cleaning up some of them if not needed first.
  14. DW5810e is a M.2 Mobile Broadband 4G LTE WWAN Card
  15. i did not say your BIOS. i said SMBIOS like the mac your are using to spoof and make osx run? the one specified in your config.
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