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  1. latest update to DrHurts release-6 code (as of the date of posting this) is available here https://github.com/1Revenger1/VoodooPS2-Alps
  2. i did not notice if you mentioned what the card actually is like make and model other then maybe a chipset maker. have you tried going to it's manufacturer webpage to see if they even mention OSX compatibility or drivers? if it is not compatible its not compatible.
  3. try adding the pci device path to your clover or OC config. you can use Hackintool to export your device paths
  4. you can unenroll by changing the last part to /seedutil unenroll DeveloperSeed that will stop the updates from showing
  5. latest opencore is at 0.5.9 you also might want to run your config through the OC sanitizer
  6. BCM94360NG runs native so remove all hack wifi patches / SSDT/ boot args and kext same for BT all it needs is to be seen on the usb bus
  7. Intel wifi not supported in OS X
  8. XCPM might have been corrected in clover as of rev 5117 needs testing
  9. does the usb and ssd share the same machine smbios? I ask because you state the usb config works but your existing does not.
  10. pull the card and make sure its edge connector is clean. then reseat the card. also make sure you don't have any wifi enabling third party kexts in L/E like rehab man or acidanthera kexts.
  11. try this kernel patch for KP on wake Find: 63 6F 6D 2E 61 70 70 6C 65 00 5F 5F 6B 65 72 6E 65 6C 5F 5F 00 Repl: 6E 6F 74 2E 61 70 70 6C 65 00 5F 5F 6B 65 72 6E 65 6C 5F 5F 00
  12. maybe you can use an app like this https://cloudclovereditor.altervista.org/cce/index.php from your browser to edit the resolution
  13. make sure you have a hfs driver in your efi driver folder
  14. try disabling network access from energy saver prefpane in system preferences.
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