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  1. Farewell old girl.... she was the last bastion of our original "D" series that started the whole OSXL endeavors..
  2. if you do not want windows then you do not need the microsoft efi folder.
  3. i do not think OC boots Linux yet. oh another thing is that bootloaders will only boot properly from default paths. so if lets say you have EFI/OC/ and try to boot from lets say a backup of efi EFICopy/OC from a bios menu it also will not pull data properly as it will still pull from EFI/OC wich also causes the issues i posted above. it is not only OC but also Clover
  4. what type of drive do you have sata or nvme? if nvme you might need the OC nvme efi driver installed. also are you booting from HDD or USB. if using both as when trying to troubleshoot. bootloaders will default to using the config.plist and kexts /efi drivers from the internal HDD. so if the internal efi has issues it will always have issues even when booting off usb with the correct working files. keep that in mind when troubleshooting.
  5. usually you have to transfer your EFI/microsoft folder or back it up then put it back if you already where running windows.
  6. i ran sanity checker on your config. you need to fix your config file https://opencore.slowgeek.com/?file=haswell055qvRQ8Q&rs=haswell055
  7. make sure you have HFSplus and apfs driver loader on your boot device as well as on the usb. clover sometimes gets overridden and might boot from usb but when it finds an EFI on the HDD it will pull the files and folders from there first. if the files are not there or corrupted then it will behave as you described.
  8. you have to configure the opencore config and add the kexts and the efi drivers to the list if not it will not load them if they are not stated or enabled in the config file. OC is not as simple as clover is.
  9. your probably better off using Catalina. maybe use that as a goal. make a boot able catalina installer.
  10. you really should just start with a new usb or backup what your are testing. put a fresh clover make a new config file with a new smbios of the macbook pro. use only the most basic config and just let weg do all the work. only use the basic kexts needed to boot. make sure you have not messes with L/E or S/L/E and no ACPI files or dsdt files. maybe you have just over worked your existing setup trying so many things. if your still having issues then you might have to set DVMT in shell.
  11. right now it looks like it is stalling out on audio. disable whatever you are using to load the audio and see if you get further.
  12. have you tried just using latest lilu and weg and let them do the graphics injection on there own?
  13. update your kexts especially LILU and WEG if your still having issues try some of the flags that pertain to your setup from here https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen
  14. i have had to use shell command to set DVMT allocation on the 7050 SFF and the 7060 Micro the 7040 Probably requires the same.
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