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  1. lion 10.7 would be your last stop but you need to run in 32 bit arch.
  2. try clone the hynix to the western digital see if it works that way.
  3. mac OS does not support optimus graphics. windows does.
  4. OC is not like clover if you put kexts in OC/Kext folder you also have to tell OC that you put it in there by using the config plist. maybe that is why you are having issues.
  5. double check your bios settings. you might have to turn on ahci again or might have to reset your bios to defaults and re adjust your settings. like DVMT if that was needed.
  6. the solution is you have to update your config file to correspond with the version of bootloader you are using. some features where removed and or added / replaced from the version of bootloader you are using and the config you are using.
  7. you can try this. it has a fan read ssdt. but i do not know if it gives control to the os https://github.com/scarymen1325/opencore_hp_810_g2
  8. looks like hibernate mode is set to 3. see if setting it to 0 helps
  9. try using only the boot flag alcid= and add the id you are testing to it like alcid=12 remove any alcid's you have in ssdt's or property injections in config. with OC you will need working nvram if not it will not update your alc id as you test different ones. you will have to manually delete the variable from nvram and enter a new nvram value.
  10. OC will break your installed windows activation as OC will tell the os that is is a mac and not your activated machine
  11. sometimes you have to call apple support to remove you from the spammer blacklist. if you connect with too many different machines as you are by changing values constantly you automatically get black listed by apples servers
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