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  1. Bronxteck

    Mojave in Latitude E7470

    well something changed because you are not stuck at the same point ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. Bronxteck

    Mojave in Latitude E7470

    try using aptiomemoryfix clover driver. i do not know what you are using as your drivers are not in your zip.
  3. Bronxteck

    [SUCCESS] Sierra on Optiplex 9020

    are both bios at the same revision? look for differences between them. if you want to see if it is hardware or os related swap your drives and see if the issue transfers. these are all basic troubleshooting tips for any system.
  4. Bronxteck

    White apple screen hangs and doesn't boot anymore

    in linux make sure the partition has not changed partition type correct it if necessary . you can check in linux disk utility. g-parted might have issues with it.
  5. Bronxteck

    dell e6430 i7-3740qm

    not sure why maybe you have issues with your permissions or you need to set your CSR values
  6. Bronxteck

    dell e6430 i7-3740qm

    you need working NVRAM
  7. Bronxteck

    E5430 Sierra 10.12.6 Install - Some Remaining Issues

    rehabmans dsdt patch repo for maciasl i think has the parsop fix.
  8. Bronxteck

    Can't fix second stage glitch, nothing helps

    CSM sometimes helps but sometimes makes graphics glitches worse. same goes for legacy bios boot options
  9. Bronxteck

    E7250 High Sierra - Kernel Panic after awake

    IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext has been depreciated. it was replaced by WhateverGreen.kext
  10. Bronxteck

    Can't fix second stage glitch, nothing helps

    there is a boot flag for WEG if you have 2k and above screen. i think its -CDFON as in Core Display Fixup ON
  11. Bronxteck

    E5430 Sierra 10.12.6 Install - Some Remaining Issues

    You can give https://github.com/tekezo/Karabiner-Elements a try
  12. Bronxteck

    Sierra E6230 no audio, not perfect touchpad

    if the trackpad prefpane opens try to change some values or depending where you have your kext located you might have to repair permissions and rebuild caches.
  13. Bronxteck

    Dell Latitude 14/ Vostro 3446 Sierra

    that's the problem with distros.... when something breaks you don't know where to start to correct the issue. that makes things harder for you and the people trying to help you. or another solution is you can ask the maker of the distro for help. as they should know what they produce.
  14. Bronxteck

    No sound

    try with these versions. replace your old ones. Lilu-1.2.7-2018-09-06 16.39.02.zip AppleALC-1.3.1-2018-09-06 16.38.52.zip
  15. Bronxteck

    Dell Latitude E7470 - HS issues

    WhateverGreen.kext plus Lilu.Kext