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  1. It works! Everything is fine! Thank you very much for the help!!!
  2. I used USBInjectall.kext. Without rolling back, I won't be able to generate USBPorts.kext?
  3. After installing the 11.3 update, all USB ports stopped working, now I also received a crossed out Bluetooth icon and I can not connect bluetooth devices now. I have updated opencore to the latest 0.6.8, updated lilu, virtualsmc, applealc but it didn’t help restore USB and bluetooth to work. Tell me, is there a working method to return the devices to working mode?
  4. I apologize for the long silence. I tested config.plist from attachment. This time the laptop booted successfully! Sound without distortion! The touchpad works! The card reader is working! USB-C / Displays Port works! HDMI works! The only problem is there is no 4K video output! I connected a laptop to a monitor via USB-C and to a TV via HDMI. What can be done to get 4K resolution?
  5. Copied to a USB flash drive, tried to boot from it, kernel panic ... Screen Log OpenCore
  6. Hi everyone! I have successfully installed Big Sur on my laptop. Dell Latitude 5580, Core i5-7440HQ, 16Gb DDR4-2400, Intel HD630, Big Sur 11.2.1, LG 32UL950-W 4K What works: Built-in screen Wi-Fi (after replacing the stock card and modifying the seat ->) USB 3.0 ports USB-C port Keyboard Sound to built-in speakers What does not work: USB-C DisplayPort HDMI port Touchpad Jack 3.5, the sound in the headphones rattles Can you help me turn on the touchpad, fix the sound in the h
  7. Yes, I heard about it ... If I'm not confusing anything, should I enter some commands using modGRUBShell.efi? Now my system allocates 1536 MB, tell me what commands should I enter and what other changes should I make to my config.plist? PS Sorry for my English ...
  8. Dell Optiplex 3046 SFF, Core i5-6500, 16Gb DDR4-2400, Intel HD530, 2560x1440, Big Sur 11.1, DELL U2718Q 4K I installed Big Sur, the config was taken from some forum, everything works fine except for displaying an image at a maximum resolution of 2560 × 1440. The computer is connected to the monitor via DisplayPort. DELL U2718Q monitor supporting 4K output. Windows on the same computer outputs 3840x2160 60Hz. Can someone help to get to output 4K resolution in Big Sur? EFI_OC.zip ioreg.zip
  9. BCM94360CS2 + NGFF M.2 Key A/E Adapter. I had to cut a little plastic with a hot flat-blade screwdriver, but in the end it works just fine!
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