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  1. Thanks for the replies, I was pretty nervous, (felt abandoned in a time of need here ) almost all my systems went out at the same time, I managed to claw back all of them except for the one subject of the topic here at hand...Standby, I will be posting as requested...
  2. Any response please? Or am I to be ignored? If so, why should my need for help be ignored so?
  3. I just found that the other partition on that same drive which I installed Linux mint appears to have all my files from the bad partition which isn't being read as an installation source upon attempting to re- install from a bootable USB. I wonder if I can repair that partition from the Linux side and be able to boot up once again or maybe do a fresh install worst case scenario. Any help to be had or have I been left on my own?
  4. well theres a box to check for single mode but then its a guessing game all over again...screen goes black, then back to apple logo and the progress bar of eternity with no hope, i dont get to the screen where im supposed to type that command.
  5. Screen with apple logo and spinning wheel is on now
  6. ...ok, something happened, the white screen turned back to the apple logo screen (no spinning wheel or progress bar etc..) Standby for update....
  7. Ok...well I was trying to show you the last two pictures I took but the site won't allow any more uploads... I researched how to get into single user mode and still wasn't sure so I tried a couple ways. I typed in that command and now my laptop gets past the apple logo but hangs on the white screen.
  8. Oh by the way, I can access my Linux Mint partition on that same Asus K53E HDD if it helps my case. I wonder if Linux can actually save my Hackintosh partition.
  9. Sorry for getting off topic just very anguished that both my systems coincidently appear to be damaged. On my Asus K53 E I'm running Clover version 3974 MOUNTAIN LION . When I start my Asus, clover appears, but after that the apple logo screen comes up and a progress bar appears, it goes for a long time then nothing happens. I tried to reinstall OS X and the partition will not appear, I then tried to repair the partition and the partition appears as corrupted therefore not appearing as an option for installation source. Can I still recover my data off the partition ?
  10. Trying to get around unifail and tried Myhack on my Imac that I never set up to need a password of any kind upon boot. Myhack won't let me do anything because it requires a "Su Root Password" upon start. There is nothing I can do. MyHack won't let me past opening it! WHY?
  11. PLEASE ! I need help now my desktop is doing the same! I can't get into my desktop unless I boot with -x. unifail doesn't seem to work anymore at all because it gets stuck on copying files. I tried my hack on my other IMAC which doesn't require a password but it want's a SU ROOT before it does anything and I don't know what t he su root is. Multiple guesses get me nowhere! I am completely stuck... I then tried to reinstall chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) on my desktop in safe mode and now it just hangs on the white screen. It won't boot at all !!! PLEASE HELP WHAT DO I DO? My Desktop is a Blackintosh/Customac GA Z87x-OC MOBO 32 RAM Corsair RIpJaws GEFOrce VideoCard Watercooled i7 Haswell 4790k Corsair PSU 1080 Watt I still don't understand clover, I tried to consider how to create a clover usb and I don't know what options to select because nothing is clear about this online anywhere! I'm not a computer programmer! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  12. Ok So I did as instructed here is the result...
  13. WOW! ok, I will certainly try that. Is this something I will have to input each time from now on to boot? ...I will try later today when I get back home! and reply!
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