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Monterey not booting on dual boot NVME SSD


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Hello All!


I recently had Two installations of Monterey on two different NVMes.  I upgraded one ( my primary disk)  to Ventura and it boots up just fine. I did this using safari and performing a typical mac user upgrade BUT- Now my Monterey will not boot up upon turning on my system and pressing the F12 button and selecting the disk option on which one to boot.  Does any one have any solution?  Thanks


NEW:  Gigabyte DDR4 Aero G Z690, I9 12900K, AMD RX6600 (8 Gb memory) -  32 GB RAM, Corsair Vengence rgb Pro -Samsung 980

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You did not specify if both disk use the same identical Bootloader and/or same Bootloader version. I'd recommend you reset NVRAM before you attempt to boot back in Monterey after using Ventura. That should clear out any leftovers that may cause issues. You'd do the same when booting back into Ventura from Monterey.

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Ok, I thought about that but I'm not sure if that could create a bigger problem or a bigger confusion between a decision to boot into one or the other.  Do you maybe think it's a better idea to go ahead and just install Ventura instead of Monterey on the other drive art this point?  I like having a back up disk for when something goes wrong on one as it often does. 


Also, in answer to the previous post....I am not sure about needing to press F12 to make a selection, I just figured I have to since they are two different NVMes.  I am new to Open Core. Do I not need to do this?  


Also, is it ok to update this installation without it breaking on me?  or do I need to patch it every time there is a security update or feature?  

Thank you both!   

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You should usually update the kexts and sometimes OC to the latest before upgrading.

 If you're not sure, then you should wait to see how others succeed. Always have a working EFI boot disk handy whenever you update. 

You can either update the USB drive to test if it'll boot before updating the harddisk EFI or vise versa.

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