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  1. This in EFI Clover Kext , remove instead SMCBatteryManager.kext no work in Big Sur this release ACPIBatteryManager.kext.zip Edited first post added EFI Clover 5119 that starts Big Sur with OcQuirks 23 driver, custom plist
  2. Edit post one whit EFI Big Sur Clover Bootloader
  3. There are 3 ways to set the bios, try to set the Bios in all 3 available ways and in any case try to start the installation
  4. Post your EFI Now you have to try to reach the desk, after we will think about taking care of every detail, where I can't, certainly the Big of the Forum will intervene .... But at the moment you need ALL the information you can give us including your EFI ..... So take pictures of the block
  5. Tell me about OS and I'll pass EFI to you for your HW What Bios ?? just update it v1.10... Add this bootarg in config plist: Replace in EFI \ Clover \ Kext \ Other USBPort.kext with USBInjectAll.kext And that's it
  6. Specifications: BIOS Version: 1.10 (Latest) Intel 8th gen i5-8265U, 1.6GHz CPU Integrated Intel UHD620 graphics 15" 1920x1080 Full HD non-touch LCD 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM NVME M.2 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 256GB: Catalina + Win 10 Home SSD SATA 512GB Kingston: Big Sur + Dati RTL8100 Gigabit Ethernet Realtek ALC236 layout 11 WiFi Card+BT: BCM943602BAED (14e4:43ba), M.2 3030 key A/E, 802.11abgn+ac 2.4/5GHz 1300Mbps + BT 4.1, BCM20703A1 chipset 1 x 3.5mm universal jack (combo audio) 1 x USB Type C port 3.1 2 x USB 2.0 ports 1 x HDMI port Working: All the components!! DSDT patch: I have personally modified the DSDT in line with the original ACPIs of real Mac peers SMBios, but I have not in the least altered the ACPI by eliminating parts ..... All after careful study of the ACPI Apple ..... original source https://www.hackintosh-forum.de/forum/thread/49311-macos-11-bigsur-dev-beta-clover-patch/?postID=619527#post619527 If you have problems or questions please contact me Credits: I do not mention anyone in particular because this hack is the result of information taken throughout the WEB MacBook Pro di Baio77.ioreg EFI Open Core 0.6.0.zip EFI Clover 5119 Catalina.zip
  7. We have to thank the Hack world for sharing information. To Jake Lo for help in activating I2C, in Mald0n for the modified ACPI and for helping us by providing impeccable support with OC bootloader ...... To all THANKS
  8. I passed the OEM folder with the important files for Clover bootloader, you just need to install clover bootloader and then overwrite those files, which is very important, FW + OCquink drivers DO NOT work on this laptop, so in any case use Aptiomemoryfix
  9. I enclose new files, OEM folder Clover bootloader configurations and Open Core 0.5.6 folder EVERYTHING works, DSDT all Patch, Bios 1.9.2 just updated, a special thanks to Mald0n, has generated DSDT that works on Open Core and I have adapted it to my needs For USB used Kext my laptop don't have Type-C 0DYKNT.zip OC.zip Configurazione ottimale Clover + Open Core.zip EDIT 8\03\2020 Kext for PM CPU management, increases battery life 800 MHZ I5 8265U.zip
  10. NEW Folder OEM Everything works, touchpad, video / audio output HDMI patch for coffelake, audio and microphone, WI-FI + BT, keyboard brightness control 0DYKNT.zip
  11. So with SSDT TPD0 generated by the App + SSDT I2C passed by you So with SSDT you passed me, but in any case I2C working
  12. Your SSDT MacBook Pro di Baio77.zip Thank for all EDIT: I did tests and I can tell you that SSDT I2C enables the touchpad if I add this I can also use SSDT generated by GenI2C with active touchpad result SSDT TPD0 GenI2C App.zip
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