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  1. We have to thank the Hack world for sharing information. To Jake Lo for help in activating I2C, in Mald0n for the modified ACPI and for helping us by providing impeccable support with OC bootloader ...... To all THANKS
  2. I passed the OEM folder with the important files for Clover bootloader, you just need to install clover bootloader and then overwrite those files, which is very important, FW + OCquink drivers DO NOT work on this laptop, so in any case use Aptiomemoryfix
  3. I enclose new files, OEM folder Clover bootloader configurations and Open Core 0.5.6 folder EVERYTHING works, DSDT all Patch, Bios 1.9.2 just updated, a special thanks to Mald0n, has generated DSDT that works on Open Core and I have adapted it to my needs For USB used Kext my laptop don't have Type-C 0DYKNT.zip OC.zip Configurazione ottimale Clover + Open Core.zip EDIT 8\03\2020 Kext for PM CPU management, increases battery life 800 MHZ I5 8265U.zip
  4. NEW Folder OEM Everything works, touchpad, video / audio output HDMI patch for coffelake, audio and microphone, WI-FI + BT, keyboard brightness control 0DYKNT.zip
  5. So with SSDT TPD0 generated by the App + SSDT I2C passed by you So with SSDT you passed me, but in any case I2C working
  6. Your SSDT MacBook Pro di Baio77.zip Thank for all EDIT: I did tests and I can tell you that SSDT I2C enables the touchpad if I add this I can also use SSDT generated by GenI2C with active touchpad result SSDT TPD0 GenI2C App.zip
  7. The touchpad still doesn't work but what I see is a good omen EDIT : Initially it did not work, I did maintenance on the system and F11 on the clover GUI and on the next restart perfectly working ...... Thanks 1000 for the help ......... MacBook Pro di Baio77.ioreg 2.zip
  8. Hello Jake Lo , this my folder OEM , touchpad no work .............. I can only tell you that I have tried every possible solution, with DSDT, without DSDT and I have also tested various SSDT-I2C solutions found on the net, but nothing is wrong 0DYKNT.zip MacBook Pro di Baio77.ioreg
  9. Jake Lo thanks for the support, for the brightness adjustment I solved it with USB mouse-keyboard, inserting the receiver and from system preferences I set everything up and it works perfectly always ......... The touchpad is missing and it just doesn't want to be activated
  10. This report whit this file and your SSDT, no work now I put the kext "BETA" 2.1.1 PS2 but same result, I really tried them all, but I can't give up now, I have to insist ...... From the vision of the ACPI origin do you have ideas ???? I have not found any ACPI folder with similar structure among the configurations found on the DELL network I have read in some guides that removing _DSM methods is not good, so I didn't use that rename This is the keyboard for brightness keys MacBook Pro di Baio77.zip 0DYKNT.zip
  11. Good evening I have a problem with this Laptop for days, I have tried all I2C I cannot activate it, plus my keyboard has F6 F7 brightness control as keys, I leave all documentation .. Thank you All File.zip
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