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  1. do you format the disk in apfs or journaled? use only in apfs
  2. Try efi for vga To me the Adapter from hdmi to vga does not work, I only work the one from dp to vga .. Strange but true.
  3. https://github.com/Lovely-XPP/Dell-Latitude-E7480-Hackintosh EFI Download https://github.com/Lovely-XPP/Dell-Latitude-E7480-Hackintosh/releases/download/v0.8.4.0/EFI.zip
  4. try this efi and use output HDMI or DP, not use vga EFI.zip if you use VGA try this EFI.zip buy this adapter dp to vga, i own it the same and it works in my dell hackintosh with vga monitor.
  5. Try this igpu patch and use smbios mac mini 8.1
  6. Successfully installed in my Dell optiplex 3020mt i5 4590s 16gb ddr3 igpu hd4600 + Nvidia GT 710
  7. test this kext https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI/releases/download/1.3.4/VoodooRMI-1.3.4-RELEASE.zip in this order: remove i2c hid and vodoops2 input and ssdt tpd1 and ssdt gpi0
  8. Does not work in gpi0 mode, can work in polling mode. He sees it as a mouse, it happened to me on my latitude before the kext alpshid came out, then it was fixed. In your case it is a syna. Write on the gitter of I2c and look for if it is compatible with voodoo rmi I2c. Good luck. But try instead of I2c hid put I2c syna
  9. you are wrong, you use them mouse and trakpad plugins and vodoops2 input, you have to put the kext as in the previous photo: and send new log ioreg NOT use ps2 plugin: input, mouse, trackpad!
  10. Apply this rename acpi : Current Path: \_SB.PCI0.GPI0._STA -----> Find: _STA - 3C5F535441 --> Replace: XSTA - 3C58535441 Current Path: \_SB.PCI0.I2C1.TPD1._CRS -----> Find: _CRS - 08A40A0FA103A4001446085F435253 --> Replace: XCRS - 08A40A0FA103A40014460858435253 see photo rename and add this ssdt SSDT-GPI0.aml.zip And reboot and send log ioreg
  11. that I'm probably missing something to patch. I have to study your DSDT better!
  12. change kext to v 2.7 https://github.com/VoodooI2C/VoodooI2C/releases/download/2.7/VoodooI2C-2.7.zip and add bootarg : -vi2c-force-polling save and reboot and send log ioreg
  13. for last ioreg work to mouse mode? change this kext and reboot and send ioreg VoodooI2CHID.kext.zipVoodooI2C.kext.zip
  14. Write in the chat gitter for support with the dev https://gitter.im/AlpsT4USB-TEST-Room/community
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