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  1. @Maxd13 use my efi on the github but change the kext usb port, you have to use yours since you have an extra internal usb port which is the touchscreen. or look on hackintool that usb HS port is and correct the kext on my repo github. so I make it compatible with touchscreen models. I suppose HS08?
  2. @juico excellent result, but still to fix something. @Jazzoo send a log dmesg for AlpsHID and ioreg
  3. @davidfrei7as add this bootargs igfxagdc=0 reboot and test hdmi display i see your efi, is very BAD you have too many ssdt, I don't think you need them all. you have to use essential patches to rule out problems
  4. @djuby change and reboot config.plist.zip and test brightness key if work
  5. @adam sallimou please try this join in this chat for devs support https://gitter.im/AlpsT4USB-TEST-Room/community kext https://github.com/blankmac/AlpsHID/releases/download/v1.0/AlpsHID.zip in this order and if work touchpad and 2 button, send a ioreg log
  6. https://github.com/Lorys89/DELL_LATITUDE_7280 read my repo, unlock the cfg and modify the dvmt value, see patch igpu and other
  7. @djuby change the igpu patch, your ig platform id is bad use this the dell xps 9500 all have sleep problems, so i don't know if it can fix that.
  8. to me work the 2 buttons under the touchpad downloaded from my repo dell 7280 the kext Alpst4usb and i2c hid, are the beta version before the release of the kext that will be called AlpsHID https://github.com/blankmac/AlpsHID with that version go the buttons and trackpoints
  9. @djuby try this ssdt SSDT-I2C.zip and add the kext in this order and if boot , send a log ioreg
  10. @Maxd13 send ioreg log and then I fix the touchscreen @Maxd13SSDT-DELL-LATITUDE-E7280.zip change this ssdt from acpi folder and reboot
  11. @Maxd13 use this efi https://github.com/Lorys89/Lorys89/raw/main/FILE - TEST/EFI latitude 7280 wifi broadcoam.zip @Maxd13 does efi work for you? keep me update. Thank you. Lorys.
  12. i have some laptop latitude 7280, see the link and use this efi if you have broadcom wifi https://github.com/Lorys89/DELL_LATITUDE_7280 or @Maxd13 try this efi for intel wifi https://github.com/Lorys89/Lorys89/raw/main/FILE - TEST/EFI latitude 7280 intel wifi.zip
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