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  1. @Hervé is you mean this (screenshot), it's just my Pc Name, nothing to do with SMBIOS @Jake Lo, With this kext, the touchscreen is working fine ! Thanks ! @Lorys89, Well I think everything is working now ! Thanks very much for this EFI !! EFI.zip
  2. Hello @Lorys89 I'm sorry because I'm going to ask you basic question, because I play a bit with the config.plist but I'm far from an expert.. -ioreg log: WellI didn't find out yet how to generate it..is this something that I can do with ioRegistry explorer ? if you tell me how I'm happy to do it ( see touchscreen attachement) -SSDT-DELL-LATITUDE-7280.zip: system doesn't boot if I put the file in ( see boot attachment). Normally I have a lot of SSDT files on that folder. -Education: I normally udate Kexts via the tool Hackintool, should I don't do it to avoid losing your specific config ? -Where did you put all the specific config for the model 7280, only on the file above ? Sorry for the question and thanks for your help Max
  3. Hello Lorys, well the "file - test" work like a charm, HDMI output is back. and the full touchpad feature is a dream ! Thanks My model got touchscreen, with your EFI I lost it.. not event sure I want it since I'm not a big fan of it but I will try to compare with my previous EFI. Thanks again Max
  4. Hello Lorys, I have a Broadcom card. I will have a look to your EFI. Thanks ! Max
  5. Hello, I have been migrating from from a dell 5470 to a 7280. I have collected an EFI and adjusted to my machine with the OpenCore Configurator. I'm pretty happy with the congif, but I have 2 questions: - I'm not so sure what is the "Firmware.scap" file on the Apple/Extentions. this is file is pretty big on my EFI foler. I have read that I can delete it and it will be regenrated. Any info on that ? -I have no HDMI output... Any incorrect configuration on my EFI folder ? Thanks In advance for your help Max 211010-OC-0.7.4-7280-1.zip I had to split my EFI folder in 2 zip files. Thanks Max 211010-OC-0.7.4-7280-2.zip
  6. Hello Jake Lo, Thanks for the answer ! I feel Okay with the ApplePS2Controller, it's working fine. I just miss the gesture "Swipe between full-screen apps" but I think I can do a keyboard shortcut for that, or if you have any know trick to share I will clean up the Kexts that you mention thanks.
  7. Hello, Sorry in advance because I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I couldn't find it yet. I'm and happy user of a E5470 on Catalina, but I can't yet sort out the Trackpad logic and right Kexts, right now I have the Trackpad as a mouse so I do not have any gesture. Depending if I use the ApplePS2Controller.kext or the VoodooPS2Controller.kext I get different result on the PrefPan for the track pad , could be "blank" or could be "No trackpad found" I have tried as well the ApplePS2Smarttouchpad.kext but again no success. I have build up this EFI with information from different website, so maybe I'm having incorrect setting and overtaking Kexts ..?? Can any one can guide me to set the trackpad with the right Kext or right actions ? Can any one have a look to my EFI, and maybe advise if thing need to be clean up or adjust ? Thanks in advance Max download_2020-06-15_12-04-24.zip
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