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Latitude 7480 (Kaby Lake): OpenCore and Clover packs for Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura beta


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Update 23-Aug-2022: Replaced SSDT-USBX.aml; Removed _DSM patch from Clover pack; Fixed freeze seen during OS upgrades.


Update 15-Aug-2022:  See build notes, efi for clover 5148 and opencore 0.8.3 are included.

Same ACPI and currently released kernel extensions were used for both bootloaders.




I have successfully ported Ventura onto a Latitude 7480,
with recent Clover and recent Opencore bootpacks.  Both are attached here.

The bootpacks work for 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12 and 13.
10.14 and 10.15 do not have the point stick working, though.

Several challenges for this port:
1. Kabylake CPU, Skylake era support circuits
2. PS/2 keyboard, I2C trackpad and dual point stick.
3. Letting go of assumptions and old techniques.  Still working on that!

I apologize in advance if I failed to note your contribution.
I want to thank all the people who have made the pieces and provided information
that makes this work so well.  In no particular order:

Miliuco - varied OC EFI
Herve - 7270 Clover efis and OSXL notes
JakeLo - 7490 OC EFI
Mald0n - and Olarila team for I2C how-to for IRQ pinning
Alexandred - IRQ pinning

Lorys89 - similar work done on 7490 that helped me understand where my attempts did not fully succeed



Dell Latitude 7480
CPU i5-7300U, HD 620 Graphics
Alps U1 trackpad + DualPoint Stick [044E:120B]
Intel 8265 wireless adapter
Intel I219-LM ethernet adapter
Realtek ALC 3246 audio
Realtek 525A SD card reader
Sandisk WD Black SN720 NVMe SSD
BIOS 1.26.0, SMBIOS 3.0.0, SKU=07A0, Baseboard=00F6D3

August 23, 2022

Clover pack changes
  Track OC Runtime changes with the OC configuration used to improve memory handling
  Disable rename _DSM -> XDSM
  Replace SSDT-USBX.aml to remove unused external reference to PCI0.LPCB
  Included patched and unpatched DSDT and modified preboot.log for reference

OpenCore pack changes

The system did freeze after downloading a system upgrade and preparing to install it.
With these changes to the config.plist, installs and OS upgrade complete successfully.
The changes were confirmed working for 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12, and 13.

        Was active, emptied
                MmioWhitelist Address FF000000 -> empty

        Were true, set false
                DevirtualiseMmio, ProtectUefiServices, RebuildAppleMemoryMap, SyncRuntimePermissions

        Were false, set true
                AvoidRuntimeFrag, EnableWriteUnprotector, PowerTimeoutKernelPanic















efi-oc_083-7480-alps-2.zip efi-cl5148-7480-alps-2.zip

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Hackintoshes with CPUs equal to or higher than Skylake it is possible to disable HPET with specific SSDT, this also allows you to eliminate the HPET rename in config, so this is a nice optimization. I say this because in the ioreg you have both HPET and XPET and this is anomalous.


DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "OCLT", "HRTfix", 0x00000000)
    External (HPTE, IntObj)

    Scope (\)
        If (_OSI ("Darwin"))
            HPTE = Zero



For the trackpad you should try to change the settings in System Settings \ Trackpad 
https://github.com/Baio1977/DELL_VOSTRO_5501-ICE-LAKE/blob/main/Screenshot/Touchpad Ventura.png

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Sure. You can use settings to loading only some kexts for each macOS version. You only need to set the kernels.

MinKernel -> lowest kernel version your kext will be injected into, see below table for possible values. Ex. 12.00.00 for OS X 10.8

MaxKernel -> highest kernel version your kext will be injected into, see below table for possible values. Ex. 11.99.99 for OS X 10.7



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Thanks! I was looking for this for quite a while now. 


So I'm going to do a dual boot Monterey and Mojave, and the only problem is the Intel wifi kext has different versions depending on the os version. I know that the kexts for Monterey and Mojave would be in the same folder, does renaming the kext is sufficient? Currently I'm using Dell E5470 but planning to upgrade to this laptop. 

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Renaming the kexts is indeed sufficient. For instance:

  • itlwm_mojave -> min kernel = 18.0.0, max kernel = 18.99.99
  • itlwm_monterey -> min kernel = 21.0.0, max kernel = 21.99.99


With Clover, you would have placed the different itlwm kexts in the dedicated macOS version folders (eg: 10.14, 12), leaving the other ones in Other folder.

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So, I managed to boot to Monterey now and I did installed Mojave on another partition on the same SSD. Weirdly, after I put the EFI folder into it's place, opencore can boot just fine but it doesn't seems to read my Mojave partition. Only the one that I Installed Monterey on is listed. 


I used apfs in both. The only way I can boot into Mojave is by using my opencore USB installer.. does that mean that the dual booting osx should be done using different disks? 




All the partitions are on a separate apfs containers. 



-container 1


- container 2



If I make a volume inside the same container like this :

-container 1


   --other osx

It shows up on the picker menu. 





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