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  1. But that patch is for the battery, you don't need ECEnabler.kext, that's a DSDT Patch from Mald0n, removed all _PRW methods and more, have you tried if Opencore with that DSDT solves the problems you have ???
  2. To solve the problems you mention it is not so simple, you need the ioreg of my EFI and only after you proceed with attempts to solve the problem, I am an enthusiast I am not a Hackintosh GURU. Regarding the DSDT patch you had in EFI Clover, it would be useful to have it so that you can locate the patches and try it with Opencore to see if it actually fixes the problems.
  3. Test this EFI on USB , ioreg if start. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_OKV6H763P2Q0Hwehu2SMArZzwLxLVJY?usp=sharing OC 0.8.1 + Kext release I found a DSDT Bios of your Lenovo on Github, so I corrected the EFI. I added SSDT in the ACPI folder and some Kext that should activate some features, eg keyboard brightness correction and yogaSMC.Kext
  4. As usual, there is no ioreg of the last EFI essential to see where we are. Then you have to start solving the operating problems. Problems with Safari are probably solved by adding Kext, but for Sleep \ Wake is more complex I need the original ACPIs extracted from Bios: With Clover bootloader or with EFI Debug. I want to clarify that I DO NOT guarantee the result.
  5. I made changes, TB3 should be working now, but sleep \ wake is probably the problem
  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OJNZBVTgV0msVZkWzXEe-BLmRvnhKcWX test this efi and Type C , ioreg . let's get the Type C TB3 working. I need to know what model you have of TB3 check with Hackintool the device section and take pictures of the model. From the photos you have 2 TB3 ports
  7. It is as I thought, the Type C are the TB3 ports so in the ioreg I have to see them, in the last posted ioreg the TB3s are disabled. I have to do a new EFI the TB3s must be activated in Bios.
  8. In my USB mapping SS03 is set as Type C, but I think that's incorrect. I believe you have the Type Cs connected in the TB3 ports. Check if you see a lightning bolt drawn next to the Type C port. In this case the Type C works if you activate the TB3s via the specific SSDT, but you would probably carry with you the known sleep \ wake problems
  9. Last Ioreg posted by you : There is no this kext in the latest EFI on Google ,for this I wrote previously.
  10. Your last ioreg is not from my latest efi, there is still UsbinjectAll.kext here, I have changed the kext to UsbMap.kext to improve the USB mapping. I can't do too many variations on 1 EFI otherwise if it doesn't start I don't know where I went wrong. If you help me by trying EFI I will leave you and by answering with Ioreg slowly we will fix everything.
  11. Technically it is compatible with MacOS, in practice if it has not already been done, an EFI that is functional must be developed. So if you get organized by creating a USB to install Mac on your Dell, we try to make an EFI useful for other users as well. It takes patience to make everything work. There are users who are too rushed and have little patience to develop the EFI.
  12. Type C we can improve, but I need more accurate information. I need to know which doors the mentioned door corresponds to. Hackintool can help us. In USB test this EFI , if start ioreg . I added a USB port mapping Kext based on your previous ioregs. Let them know if it works better https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OJNZBVTgV0msVZkWzXEe-BLmRvnhKcWX?usp=sharing
  13. Ok now ioreg is discreet, test this EFI https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OJNZBVTgV0msVZkWzXEe-BLmRvnhKcWX?usp=sharing. Check if everything works with latest EFI I passed you brightness etc etc. For PS2: Have a PS2 ALPS, it seems that the new kext PS2 is not doing its job well.
  14. Test this EFI in USB , if start new ioreg https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OJNZBVTgV0msVZkWzXEe-BLmRvnhKcWX?usp=sharing
  15. 1 ) PM CPU sets this SMBios MacBookPro13,1 2) Remove rename ECDV to EC you have in ACPI SSDT EC_USBX
  16. Your Dell does not have an I2C trackpad, it needs the EFI you are using now. You have some things to fix.
  17. https://github.com/khronokernel/IORegistryClone use this , Launch this app and then save the log and post it here.
  18. Test this EFI , if start ioreg https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bfSiSD_uf1c31WOiWItiLI88ch2hZREo?usp=sharing
  19. It would be useful ioreg and EFI to be able to fix the trackpad
  20. Happy Easter everyone, here is the new EFI to test, added USBPorts.kext, check if the USB now works. Open ioreg connect \ disconnect USB 2.0 and 3.0 on all ports of your HP then save the Ioreg log and attach it here. For the trackpad keys System Preferences Trackpad sets the functionality there.
  21. Ok try the new efi. Open ioreg and insert in all USB ports of the PC first 1 USB 2.0 then USB 3.0, In all available ports then save ioreg and post it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lFb9l8XcheINBTZJGML78b5pO7BjjoIS?usp=sharing
  22. You need to USB port mapping, you can use Hackintool for it. What graphics problems do you have? What resolution does the screen have ??? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_0uQLe8RAa1mpf48FjkdXH93K3YQU-0i?usp=sharing Test this for WI-FI
  23. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_0uQLe8RAa1mpf48FjkdXH93K3YQU-0i?usp=sharing test this , ioreg if start
  24. Test this EFI if start ioreg https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_0uQLe8RAa1mpf48FjkdXH93K3YQU-0i?usp=sharing
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