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  1. Im left with one last issue of Bluetooth not working, it connects and disconnects instantly... i have bluetooth headphone i use on windows all the time for meetings.. can you please help
  2. now im facing another issue, i disabled the hibernation and laptop wakes up even after 12 hours but Trackpad goes off ... now i have to manual restart it.. can you please help..
  3. i used Vanilla and always do that.. these boot arguments are not actually there in config.plist config.plist.zipthe OS version should show as its showing in system info as well. Can you please help
  4. HI, im facing strange issue, my laptop sleep for few hours and then restarts... if i shut the lid, it stays on sleep mode for few hours, if i keep it that for whole night, it shuts down.. when i start in morning, gets attached error report, can you please help. Error.zip
  5. Hi Bronxteck hi Jake, my hack freezing issue isnt resolved yet. Can you check if i have anything suspicious or non required in my EFI folder.. I have attached my config and Kext folder screenshot. config.plist.zip
  6. HI Jake, is there any way around, i did stress test of the laptop but it doesnt freeze but on Microsoft Teams calls, it freezes.. Can you please help.. or i should downgrade to Catalina
  7. Hi Jake, My hack freezes randomly when.i play video or do Microsoft Teams calls, i have tried everything, even installed fresh Hack also but problem remains. do you a workaround on this.
  8. HI Jake, one thing more need your help when i boot my mac the brightness stays zero which i have to do manually, second i can increase/decrease brightness only when i do sleep and wake of my hack.. otherwise keys work but brightness does not change. Can you pls help Thanks in advance
  9. removed the kexts, KP gone.. but BT still not working.. it shows the devices but doesnt connect. Touchscreen i have but wasn't able to work it
  10. if you can suggest the non needed kexts, can remove.. little anxious while adding and deleting kexts..
  11. Got kernel panic after removing and adding the kexts as per link
  12. The BT is Intel only... Wifi is working on my hack.. Tried this one as well but got kerne panic. https://blog.kulman.sk/using-intel-wifi-bt-on-macos/
  13. Hi Jake, my hack is complete now with just small bugging point.. My bluetooth doesn't connect with my audio device and at boot menu, i see all drivers which is normally visible only on pressing spacebar. Can you please help one last time
  14. just one last thing, i upgraded the Opencore and lost the boot GUI.. can you pls help to reconfigure that.. Thanks in advance config.plist.zip
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