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  1. it works 200% great in windows and it works in catalina, but there dont work wifi and BT. this intel kext's supported in catalina with clover?
  2. now pressing the touchpad works, but the cursor does not move )))
  3. now touchpad completle not working. keys backlight dont ON, when i touch
  4. i'm stupid to make it... can not understand anything UPD: i download latest archive from here and replace kext in EFI folder. it's not help...
  5. i saw this. what meens "applied GENSMBIOS" ? mb it's a reason for non-working BT?
  6. Hello. it seems I was wrong by not reformatting the disk. formatted, started to install, reboot and everything started. now the installation is going on. but there is one point. ambassadors for opening the configuration and unchecking the checkboxes - the graphical interface in the bootloader disappears. I use opecore configurator UPD: and it works! wifi works great! but bluetooth does not connect anything. and the trackpad does not work. and it gets very hot
  7. until it worked. I'll try again tomorrow.
  8. well, i take clean OC 6.8, then add and replace everything from archive by link. finaly i add intel kext and replace config once again. setup start, but after first reboot and boot from ssd ctuck on this (in attach). and so in a circle... my EFI folder here
  9. hello! can smb give me full big sur OC efi with intel wifi and bt pleeeeeeeease? for setup and boot from disk... i'm noob... i used e7270
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