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  1. That's awesomely great news!!! Thanks for thinking of posting the news here we really appreciate that.
  2. try swapping the keys in the apple keyboard prefpane in settings
  3. when you format the usb make sure to use GUID partition map format not MBR. GUID format creates a EFI volume for you
  4. if you put anything in S/L/E try moving it to L/E instead and then repair permissions and rebuild the caches.
  5. try using the commands from this thread but change them to suit your hardware. i dont think the drivers will work for you so disregard that part i guess. https://decovar.dev/blog/2019/04/17/huawei-e3372-macos/
  6. try one of the older versions first maybe it is too far of a bios jump to do in one shot.
  7. it has happened before in the past with certain machines.
  8. why enter "a710" dont you have to declare the gobi then what you want to do to it?
  9. are both machines at the same dell bios revision?
  10. opencore has added an nvme driver maybe it will hook earlier in the bios then the kext. it is called NvmExpressDxe.efi you would also have to declare it in the config file
  11. you can try it but you might need to use some of the boot flags https://github.com/acidanthera/NVMeFix
  12. if you are using Mac OS you can try with the screen command here is an example for a netgear but should be similar for your sierra https://kb.netgear.com/22923/How-do-I-issue-AT-commands-with-AirCard-modem-on-Mac-OS-X
  13. yeah might be time to bite the bullet and update your wifi-card and stop dicking around with atheros
  14. disable and or remove OC\Kexts\SMCSuperIO.kext but many of your kexts seem to need updating
  15. you would have to look at your codec here https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs and try the different ID numbers
  16. remove those 3 entries from config if you have them.
  17. you can try igfxonln=1 whatevergreen flag
  18. if you can change the value then try 256mb. some have reported that they sometimes have to load an older version of coreboot then move back to the latest. seemed to fix the no graphics loading issues for them.
  19. csr values might have changed which might prevent kext loading
  20. you need to update all parts of your efi that pertain to open core including opencanopy and openruntime drivers you can also use this if you need to update your resource folder https://github.com/acidanthera/OcBinaryData
  21. https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/universal/drm.html#testing-hardware-acceleration-and-decoding
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