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    [SOLVED] E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    retry doing it using the recovery partition disk utility or the installer one.
  2. Bronxteck

    E7440 - Mojave - Headphone noise and 2 finger issue

    sometimes changing the Khz value in midi prefpane for your device can correct noises.
  3. you can try making a generic clover boot stick. put the usually needed kexts in clover other. you can try adding lilu, whatevergreen, virtualsmc and some sort of keyboard/trackpad driver compatible with your machines hardware. you can leave smbios section of clover config empty so that it can detect a close match to your hardware for you.
  4. Bronxteck

    Hackintosh on dell latitude d420 hanging

    latest versions of clover have dropped legacy support.
  5. Bronxteck

    E7450 Wifi card DW1820A ?

    here is the info about it https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Broadcom_BCM94350ZAE
  6. legacy option made no difference on the 9710
  7. I tried a Asus GT640 on a Precision 9710 and it said metal supported so i lucked out on a GK model 640. only issue I had was that I believe the 9710 needs an UEFI flashed rom video card as I had no graphics at all until it was in OS. the factory NVS 310 gave me GUI interface because of UEFI bios but it is not metal supported.
  8. you can search our forum archives there where many projects here regarding fan control. but they would probably need updating for the current round of OS's.
  9. Bronxteck

    OptiPlex 7040 - Mojave Install Help

    was it the same CPU or did they change the model I ask incase IGPU is different.
  10. Bronxteck

    OptiPlex 7040 - Mojave Install Help

    looks like its making a folder. so do you have a new boot entry that you have to choose to finish installing? you can hit F3 at clover prompt to see if you have any hidden entries.
  11. Bronxteck

    OsX Intel HD

    HD4000 is ivybridge cpu. i believe your machine is a core2duo and has Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD. so that would be a no. it is not supported in any OSX versions.
  12. the intel i5 7400 uses HD630 graphics. have you tried adding latest lilu and whatevergreen kexts to your clover/ kexts/ other folder
  13. Bronxteck

    OptiPlex 7040 - Mojave Install Help

    you can try updating your bios to latest 1.11.1 also maybe use aptiomemoryfix.efi instead of OSXAPTIOFixDRv. on my 7050 i use lilu and weg to support my IGPU on mojave and igp is connected via HDMI but mine has HD520 graphics as opposed to your HD530
  14. Bronxteck

    How to access EDP

    yes it seems to be off line. the project is hosted at https://sourceforge.net/projects/edp-osxlatitude/ but the installer is offline
  15. Bronxteck

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    thanks for your time and enjoy your Mac. our doors are always open 24/7 feel free to stop by.
  16. well make sure the slot is clean and the ram contacts as well. you can use a pencil eraser to clean the ram contacts as for the slot make sure the spring clips are locking onto the ram card properly and use a can of compressed air to make sure there isn't any dust bunnies in the corners of the slot preventing the ram from being fully seated it might be slightly cocked preventing the retainer clip from fully locking it in.
  17. Bronxteck

    [SOLVED] No Wifi, but card is detected in E5520.

    no clue as that noise is probably hardware related. loose coil or transformer somewhere maybe or maybe backlight inverter.
  18. have you checked dell bios updates. maybe they have corrected this issue in one of them.
  19. Bronxteck

    Optiplex 9010 AIO - Mojave Install

    glad you sorted it out and happy holidays.
  20. If you like scripts https://github.com/corpnewt/Lilu-and-Friends compiles 44 kexts of your choosing
  21. Bronxteck

    E7450 Wifi card DW1820A ?

    check your bios settings and also check your wifi switch.
  22. Bronxteck

    D630 Sierra

    maybe you have to set a timeout in the plist compare both.
  23. Bronxteck

    OptiPlex 7040 - Mojave Install Help

    i have a similar machine the 7050 SFF with skylake HD-520 it runs very well on Mojave.
  24. hmm that is opposite to what happened on my E5420. i can boot and run fine on battery but once i connect the charger the machine goes crazy. even the backlight starts to strobe on and off rapidly.