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  1. the solution is usually to stop restarting from windows and do a shutdown instead. then turn it back on and boot OSX.
  2. Bronxteck

    [Solved...almost] Optiplex 3040 FULLY working!

    https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/code/commit_browser you can look there for the changes between your old version and the changes made to the newer versions to determine if clover had something changed to impact your results. i would guess if they updated something in graphics detection then maybe thats why it works?
  3. Bronxteck

    Newbie Questions - E7240 with i7-4600U

    " using DETECT mode in the clover, which let the OSX to load Kexts from the L/E first. " That is not completely correct. "Detect" will only work for detecting fakesmc in L/E and if so then load. clover is hard coded to first pull from "Other" folder best option is to use "Inject"
  4. Bronxteck

    Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help

    you can try contacting @ insanelydeepak
  5. Bronxteck

    E6220 Boot failure

    try adding FAT-64.efi and partitiondxe.efi to your clover drivers folder
  6. Bronxteck

    Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help

    Virtualsmc.efi driver is only needed for filevault. for normal booting all you need is virtualsmc.kext in clover/kext/other folder. if you are not using fakesmc.kext.
  7. Bronxteck

    Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help

    smchelper is only needed if you use fakesmc kext. virtualsmc does not need it.
  8. Bronxteck

    Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help

    @Nancy10 you might have removed the Microsoft folder in your EFI volume while testing EFI folders. if you have your old one just copy the Microsoft folder back to your current EFI volume.
  9. Bronxteck

    Yosemite and DW1550

    make sure they are both on the same wifi.
  10. Bronxteck

    Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help

    your PM961 NVMe drive is known to have compatibility issues with osx. if you have access to another brand maybe try with that. or at least check if the SSD is running it's latest firmware. sometimes having windows installed during OSX installation can cause issues with Mojave. you can try pulling the nvme during install and install to an external drive. if it installs then you clone the install back to the nvme after reinstalling it. catmater what SSD are you using in your setup?
  11. Bronxteck

    Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help

    4k alignment should not be an issue.
  12. Bronxteck

    Yosemite and DW1550

    did you try the basic steps like check if the switch on the machine is off or if it is disabled in bios?
  13. Bronxteck

    Latitude E5530 macOS Mojave 10.14.2 (nearly 100%)

    it is possible but you would have to have voodoohda do a iopcimatch to the device id that you want voodoohda to hook to. it can be configured inside the voodoohda.plist. you would have to change IOPCIClassMatch to IOPCIMatch then put the device id you want to hook to. so replace 0x04020000&0xfffe0000 with whichever device Id your HDMI is which you can probably get from DPCIManager app. so applehda will take one device and voodoohda will take over the other. but I do not know if whatevergreen.kext will interfere if you are using it. also you would not be using the applehda disabler as that would kill applealc. and voodoohda does not work with all HDMI. maybe the scenario is reversed and voodoohda is feeding the speakers not the HDMI but since he is running both I guess he has to look at what kext is loading what device. then adjust accordingly.
  14. Bronxteck

    Microphone acting very loud

    if you are using voodoohda then you should be able to adjust the info.plist inside voodoohda. I think it is half volume fix and mic fix. the mic one might be enabled. since it is too loud and maybe need it enabled for speakers if too low. for applehda I guess you might have to try a different layout id the is compatible with your audio device.
  15. Bronxteck

    Latitude E5530 macOS Mojave 10.14.2 (nearly 100%)

    he probably means for you to try layout id 12 for the audio.
  16. Bronxteck

    [Solved...almost] Optiplex 3040 FULLY working!

    you need to have hfsplus.efi and apfsdriverloader.efi for mojave in clover drivers. if you are using osxaptiofix replace it for aptiofixdrive.
  17. do you have trim enabled on the drive? if you do it might not like that. and as it states it is corrupted. try booting with -s flag and run fsck on it.
  18. Bronxteck

    Software preservation

    Hi and Welcome. see if this is what you need http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-osx-mac-os-10-ppc or are you looking to refresh those?
  19. I wound up going with a RX 580. works well.
  20. Bronxteck

    [SOLVED] E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    retry doing it using the recovery partition disk utility or the installer one.
  21. Bronxteck

    E7440 - Mojave - Headphone noise and 2 finger issue

    sometimes changing the Khz value in midi prefpane for your device can correct noises.
  22. you can try making a generic clover boot stick. put the usually needed kexts in clover other. you can try adding lilu, whatevergreen, virtualsmc and some sort of keyboard/trackpad driver compatible with your machines hardware. you can leave smbios section of clover config empty so that it can detect a close match to your hardware for you.
  23. Bronxteck

    Hackintosh on dell latitude d420 hanging

    latest versions of clover have dropped legacy support.
  24. Bronxteck

    E7450 Wifi card DW1820A ?

    here is the info about it https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Broadcom_BCM94350ZAE
  25. legacy option made no difference on the 9710