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  1. add the path to your efi folder to the machines bios boot menu set it as default boot path.
  2. skylake GPU support has been dropped in ventura. you will need to add the old framebuffers from a previous OS as ventura only supports kaby lake and up. you can try using ventura kaby lake of coffee lake framebuffers but i am not sure how well that will go.
  3. it might be an issue with your bios version. try updating it to latest from dell support site.
  4. https://github.com/Cememer/VMwareOpenCore https://github.com/paolo-projects/unlocker Maybe try those
  5. what bootloader are you using and is it updated? OC has fixed some issues with filevault over the revisions
  6. "OCS: No schema for AllowNvramReset at 0 index, context <Security> !" "OCS: No schema for AllowToggleSip at 2 index, context <Security> ! " this means you need to remove the entries from your config file. the version of OC you are using no longer needs those values. or they have been moved to another location in the config or renamed. so in the security part of config you can locate both AllowNvramReset and AllowToggleSip
  7. https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/troubleshooting/extended/userspace-issues.html#stuck-on-your-mac-needs-a-firmware-update-in-order-to-install-to-this-volume
  8. if the kext have the same name from the previous config entry then no you do not have to change anything in config. if you are adding new kext or removing unused kext's then yes config has to be edited to reflect the new changes
  9. he mentions V8 has support a few posts up so maybe there is a setting you need to modify in the kext.
  10. looks like codec commander is either missing dependencies or it's entry in config is in the wrong order causing it to load before its dependencies are loaded...
  11. i think you can select coordinated universal time for time zone in windows 11
  12. as of this moment .079 is what is available for download . but you can check here https://github.com/acidanthera/OpenCorePkg/releases
  13. have you tried to run a myfix from terminal if using myhack?
  14. does it work in windows or linux? I remember on the old dell DW BT modules they had to be activated / initialized in windows before they would ever work in OS X
  15. the other option is to go back to an OS that still supported the card.
  16. if i remember correctly to get sleep using the docking station it required to generate a USB ports kext while the docking station is connected then always using that port for the docking station since the path would change if you use a different USB port. herve had a thread on docking stations but that might have been for the old E-series not the USB docking station. for BT if it shows in your usb bus then it needs a driver or firmware uploader.
  17. there is a big probability that the USB dock might be keeping the machine from sleeping. any USB device connected to the machine that does not want to sleep will not let the machine sleep.
  18. it could be one of your USB devices keeping it from sleeping. maybe you need to declare the USB port of your BT as internal. same might go for if you have internal webcam.
  19. That's awesomely great news!!! Thanks for thinking of posting the news here we really appreciate that.
  20. try swapping the keys in the apple keyboard prefpane in settings
  21. when you format the usb make sure to use GUID partition map format not MBR. GUID format creates a EFI volume for you
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