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  1. @Jake Lo Have you been able to check the file I send you? thanks
  2. @Jake Lo I already did what you asked me to do. Joran’s MacBook Pro.zip
  3. @Jake Lo My EFI Folder @Bronxteck Yes, but kext ALC no charged EFI.zip
  4. @Bronxteck I already tried with all the numberings declared in the kext but none worked for me, do you know what the problem could be? I still haven't gotten it working.
  5. @Bronxteck Where should I include this patch for ALC282 @Jake Lo This is the generated SSDT. I have also generated other options. @Hervé It is not a distribution. EFI generated from scratch with OpenCore. Results.zip
  6. @Jake Lo The resulting codec ID was: 0x10EC0282 = 283902594 (conversion) When you say patches, do you mean numbering in opencore properties?
  7. @Jake Lo I've been working on the sound for a few days but I haven't been able to solve it. I have obtained the device ID and verified that it is in ALCApple.kext. After I have tried the corresponding "Alcids" but none of them worked for me. I have also obtained IRQ from windows. My IRQ for this device is number 22. The problem is that I don't know what to do with this number. I have also tried to get sound with SSDT HPET, but not yet too new to learn so many things. Could you explain to me what to do with IRQ? Could I somehow make my own profile for my device and include it in Opencore boot's device properties? @Hervé I looked at this page for days, but I can't get a sound. I have the latest version in kext folder.
  8. @Jake Lo If I know about ALCApple. try to get it to work, but there are some things I don't understand. I installed ALC kext in EFI and tried the argument "alcid = 3" and other numbering. but i didn't get the job. Should I put some numbering in device properties? If so, could you do it with the program you describe?
  9. I'll connect the battery and test. Although right now I have enough to be able to navigate. Maybe in a few days there will be a new post to work on the screen. I did not know that MacOS could be handled by touch. Thanks to both of you. @Jake Lo@Baio77
  10. @Jake Lo Finally there is part work with Rehabaman kext. Although touchpad is not detected in system preferences and I cannot configure. This is normal or can it be fixed? In a previous comment you asked about touch screen. Can it be run on macOS Big Sur?
  11. @Jake Lo Rehabaman kext causes startup to fail. @Baio77 I can't select drive to boot with latest EFI
  12. It didn't work touchpad Joran’s MacBook Pro.ioreg
  13. I can't select BOOT Try to activate audio without success
  14. Don't worry, I also use the translator lol At the moment I have disconnected the battery, but it works. Rename XOSI? Sorry, I don't know what you mean.
  15. @Baio77 I did the start, but track pad did not work. Attachment Joran’s MacBook Pro.zip
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