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  1. Ok, It looks like this is a permanent problem on Dell laptops with linux based os. I searched on the internet for some solution but wake up from s3 only works when AC is connected:( On Lenovo laptops this problem was solved with bios update.
  2. I am trying to figure it out but till now without success. When connected to power cord wake up from sleep works but when disconnected (battery only) then always ends with black screen with backlight. In this case I have to restart my pc. My system has igpu4600 and dgpu k4100m. Many thanks in advance!
  3. all I had to do was to apply Haswell patch for brightness (using Maciasl) and voila brightness now works perfectly -> solved
  4. I used address found with Hackintool so I think there shouldn't be a problem related to pcie address. Is it possible to change intensity of brightness control, maybe through ACPI? I would like to remove this gap of nonworking brightness that I explained earlier. Can someone point me in the right direction for a solution. Thanks!
  5. I updated to 11.4 and off course right away I lost brightness control but after I enter above mentioned patch brightness control apears. Only down side is that it is not completely functional (there is always something no matter what). When moving slider from right to the left screen doesn't dim until the slider passes halfway. Can this be fixed? Thank you in advance!
  6. Thanks man I appreciate it a lot for your effort to help me. Due to lost brightness back then I have decided to go back to 11.2.3. Probably today I will update my machine and give a shot with a mentioned patch. I will report back how things went in my case. Thanks again for all the help. Regards, Milan
  7. What I wanted to say is that Kepler’s nvidia gk104 on laptops with edp connector = black screen no matter what. I wonder if this fact will continue also on macos12 or there is a hope. Sorry If you feel like I asked you stupid questions but not all people are present in hackintosh community for soo many years like yourself. I am still learning basic facts about how things are going on here. Thank you for understanding!
  8. Sorry for noob question but do you think if Kepler’s cards could get support for edp internal screen?
  9. I am using opencore. Does this matter? I can’t open efistudio. It says that needs to update. Anyway I added nvidia path in device proprieties with injected NVCAP but after reboot pc stuck at Apple logo (during loading). I used manual from dortania. During my testing I was always connected to my tv with optimus disabled. Should I eject also EDID of the internal screen? In this case I must enable optimus back again to get EDID of internal screen?
  10. Please find enclosed ioreg file while Optimus disabled, with Nvidia only. I used my TV for external screen, connected through HDMI. FYI. I was also trying with smbios 11.3 in the past but that didn't help either. Thanks! MacBook Pro_optimus_disabled.ioreg
  11. @Hervé If I understand well then this guy did it (user by name @areos gave a solution). Please take I look here on this link: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293967-solved-asus-rog-laptops-with-kepler-cards-not-detecting-dp-2-connected-lcd-display/page/6/ Firstly sorry for my noob questions but do you think I can use this EFI string? Where exacltly I should put this in? Thank you very much!
  12. Yes, you are right again. With disabled igpu, only dgpu but black screen after apple loading screen. This is known story, edp screen & optimus disabled is no go
  13. This is why I ordered it from China. I was skeptical right from the beginning Thanks for explanation!
  14. I am not sure where exactlly should I look. Please be so kind. Thank you in advance! MacBook Pro.ioreg
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