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  1. the trackpad work but the trackpad buttons do not work here is the ioreg efi trackpad work .ioreg
  2. hello I tried your efi but the trackpad doesn't work with the one I sent you the trackpad works I don't understand why
  3. test this https://mega.nz/file/3PJUBTqb#e5Kvm0Ff_X18iVLyFaZrbC98-JR4rviFEWFIttcYtA4
  4. still doesn't work my Ioreg: MacBook Pro di Adam2.ioreg and online I found an efi for dell latitude 7390 that is compatible with my computer too the trackpad works but the keys of the tracpad do not work correctly and many other things I am attaching it to you https://mega.nz/file/3PJUBTqb the password for mega is: e5Kvm0Ff_X18iVLyFaZrbC98-JR4rviFEWFIttcYtA4
  5. hello thanks to you for your patience and for helping me anyway after putting the new efi you gave me the audio and brightness does not work for me and even putting the new efi still does not work the trackpad
  6. hi guys i tried to add VoodooPS2 kext or change the VoodooI2C for the trackpad but it still doesn't work Thanks
  7. Hi I tried to use the files you sent me, now the brightness works but the trackpad still doesn't work and neither does the audio thank you
  8. hello the efi is the one that Baio77 gave me but in any case I am attaching it to you with my ioreg Ioreg+EFI.zip
  9. hello I wanted to tell you that in my hackintosh don't work many things like the audio the microphone the trackpad and the trackpad keys and it doesn't work the brightness there is a solution thanks
  10. hello I tried to redo the usb with big on and now it works! the problem that the trackpad is not working
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